Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bits n Bobs

Hi everyone, i'm taking a break from my Illamasqua week for a couple of days as i have been/will be busy with family things because of Mothers day tomorrow. Reviews still to come include powder eyeshadows, sheer lipglosses, cream eyeshadows and medium pencils as well as more Illamasqua heavy FOTDs.

I've had a rather horrid last few days. On thursday i put my ipod on to charge and when i removed it it just had this big red X on it with a website for ipod support. I went on and the website told me to put it into 'disk mode' by pressing certain buttons in a certain order, this didn't work so i figured it was just being tricky and, as there is a new apple shop in wimbledon, thought i'd just ask claire to take it along and get the support techs to do it for me. I didn't think anything was seriously wrong as the website implied it was just a simple problem that would be fixed by 'resetting' it. But no, the support people told clare that the hard drive inside it is completely broken and, as there is a tiny tiny dent (so small i hadn't even noticed it) the warranty is void.

Now this would be enough to upset anyone, but to me it is particularly awful because, possibly due to my social problems, i actually cannot bare to leave my house without music (i have a super retro walkman i keep for emergencies, but it has gone missing :( ) and so this was a very horrible blow for me as it means i have to save £180 for a new one asap.

You may remember about a month ago i wrote a post detailing some financial problems i had (here if you're interested) and am just about to start paying back the loan i got from my Mum to bail me out. So i was already unhappy because it would take me a few months to save enough for my ipod and mean i would have literally no money to spare for fun and frivolity.

But then the story gets worse. I went to check my bank details, hoping my money from the government might have came through early. It hadn't, but i found that my bank has again put charges on my account. For a lot of money i don't have to spare. And while last time it was a mistake on my part but i was to blame, this time i have absolutely no idea what i could have done to deserve these charges. I have been so, so careful with my money since the last time and i know for certain i haven't gone over my overdraft again.

I am hoping that i will be able to get these funds overturned but am frightened i won't because my mum says everything will have to be done face-to-face at a bank. I can't go myself because of my phobia and i fear because bank details are so private they won't allow anyone to discuss the problem on my behalf.

As such i might not be able to post my giveaway prizes for a little while. I don't think it's fair to end the giveaway but make the winners wait for their prizes so i've decided to extend the end date to the 1st of april. To apologise for all this everyone who has entered/will enter will now get 2 chances to win (people who did blog posts about it will get 3). I hope this makes it up to you and i am so sorry for any inconvinience. If you still haven't entered and would like to please just enter here

In non-depressing news i'm about to finish my current book, Pride and Prejudice. I am very proud of myself as it is the first book i've read in years not written for children (i just prefer childrens books to adults, they're more fun and have more interesting plots for me) and i have been very much enjoying it. I actually did P&P for my english GCSE's but never bothered to read more than the first few chapters (just learn the themes, a few select quotes and watch the video - bish bash bosh A* for me! XD). Next i am going to read Twilight as a 'know your enemy' thing :P No offence to any twilight fans reading, one of my best friends adores it.

Love to you all


  1. Sorry to hear about your iPod and the hassle with the bank! I don't think I could go without some sort of music player either.

    I had similar problems with one of my previous bank accounts and it took ages before I finally made myself go in to sort it out. Sometimes the longer you leave it, the more charges they'll heap on. I hope this doesn't happen to you, but just a heads-up.

  2. *hugs* I'm sorry sweetie. I hope things get better for you. Apple can be such douches some times. <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm sorry Lillian, I really hope things start turning around for you. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Gosh that makes for a long day, I hope you get an ipod soon. Mine did that but on the screen it had a mini ipod and it had X's in its eyes.
    I thought it was a joke but it had passed away to ipod heaven :( Not fun at all because i lost a lot of my fav music. All my best dear, hope it goes better

  5. Really sorry to hear about all of this and just wanted to say I really relate with what you've said about your social phobia.

    I hope you manage to find a cheap way of getting music again <3 until you can afford an ipod again.

    Rooting for you.

  6. Apple are ridiculous... Once they offered me a free case because my iPod was broken... Which is stupid. My mum bullied them into giving me a new one.
    Bank charges are one of the most mysterious things on Earth. They seem to be arbitrary. You can do telephone banking with most banks, that might be less stressful than going in branch?

    I'm sorry it's been such a shit time lately :(

  7. Do you have a gamestation shop nearby or something simmilar? They often have pre-owned ipods for decent prices and they come with warranties so may be something for you to look into! x

  8. Simone:
    Thanks for your sympathy :) I'm going to get my sister to try and bully the bank for me :P

    Thanks so much, i'm feeling better now :)

    Thank you so much, i hope so too :P You're so sweet.

    Yeah, it was a pretty tiring day :P
    Poor you, it sucks doesn't it? Stupid Apple! Luckilly all my music is saved on my external harddrive so i'll be able to get everything back when i can afford a new ipod.

    Thank you so much for your support. My girlfriends lending me her ipod mini for now :)

    Thank you :)

    Ugh! How awful! Good on your Mum though! :D
    I can't use the phone myself, but i am getting my sister to do it. Thanks for your support.

    Jewlie McKechnie:
    Ooh i think one just opened in my town recently! I'll have to check it out, thanks so much for the idea!


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