Sunday, 14 March 2010

Feeling a bit better today

Happy Mothers day all you mothers out there!

Thank you to everyone who left me kind and supportive comments, i really appreciate it and am about to do a huge amount of replying to comments. I try my best to answer every comment i get, but they tend to pile up and if i'm busy i get a huge backlog, so if you leave a comment and are hoping for a reply please just keep checking back, i promise i WILL get back to you :) (Blogger really needs a reply feature to notify you when your comment is replied to)

I'm feeling a bit better today. I realised that even if i do have to pay the whole amount of fees in one go i still won't go over my limit (which means i won't get another fee for paying my fees!) and, after showing the info from my bank to my Mum and sister, they have both said it's unreasonable and my sister who is balshy and brave is going to ring up and shout at the bank and not give up until they at least agree to spread out the fees so i don't have to pay them in one go. And lovely Claire is letting me have her ipod nano until i can afford to buy a new one of my own :)

Also someone bought a painting of mine on Etsy, it was only $7 but it's the first painting i've sold since last year so i'm very pleased. I bought my first holographic polish a while back (GOSH 549 holographic) and it's beautiful, i love my space-age nails. And Snakes On A Plane is on :)

To top off my happy evening i've discovered i have reached 200 followers! Thank you so, so much. I started this blog just for fun and, i know i say this a lot,  i am absolutely honoured and amazed that so many people take the time to read and comment on my little ramblings. I really hope you're enjoying it and i can continue to entertain you.

Now i shall go back to my Illamasqua postings! xxx


  1. You have an etsy???? <--- I hate when people use a million question marks but I feel I have to emphasize my surprise... what's the link? I LOVE your art, I would buy some in a second.

  2. Oooh congrats. I hope you get somewhere with the bank...

  3. Heather:
    I have 2 actually! This one is my paintings (though i really need to get to work putting more up, this is less than a quarter of my portfolio :P):

    and this one is for clothes i make:

    If there's something you've seen that's not on Etsy that you really like i can hold onto it for you (i know you dont have much money right now) or we could do a comission if you wanted?
    ... Gee i probably sound really greedy and mercenary but it's just so exciting when someone likes my art and as it's what i want to do for a living i have to pounce :P

    Thank you, me too.

  4. I have been getting tons of hours at work, I actually have the money to spare right now. :D Sorry if I sound silly but I don't know what a commission is. A while back you did a post with some children's book illustrations. I'm looking at it right now, I love Pedro the elephant so much. My favorite is the one where he's on the trapeze. I love all those pictures from your children's book, if I would be able to get the one of Pedro on the trapeze, or maybe a couple others too, that would be amazing. I am really enamored with artwork of cute animals :P

  5. Good to hear things are going better for you :3

  6. Heather:
    You don't sound silly, i didn't know what a comission was either until i sw it on a tv program :P
    It means basically you tell me what you want and i paint it for you. So if, for instance, you wanted a picture of Pedro the elephant you could tell me what you'd like him to be doing, what background colour and pattern you'd like, the size and so on. Or if you like my style but would like another animal you can just ask me to paint that instead. It basically just means you pay to tell me what to paint instead of choosing something i've already made

    The one you like best, with him on the trapeze is actually damaged a bit (i used rubbish paper because it was just a test) but if you really love the picture i could easily make you a version that is perfect :)

    Thanks so much for your interest Heather, it means so, so much.

    Thank you :)

  7. OH MY GOSH I WANT TO DO THAT! I would really like 2 pictures, one for myself, and then one for my friend. She just turned 18 and I want to give her something one of a kind. She loves animals so I was like :D

    I would LOVE a version of him on the trapeze! I also like the one where he is on the tightrope, it is so cute. I would rather have you choose all the little details so you can be more true to your artistic vision :) I think those are the 2 I would like versions of. I am really excited! I am going to frame mine and put it up in my apartment when I move :D

    I'm not really sure about paper or canvases and whatnot. I was looking at your etsy shop and I was like $80 *_* lol that's a lot for me but I'm sure you can give me a price reasonable for you and accommodate your materials and papers and thing to fit the budget, if that makes sense?


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