Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Illamasqua Week - Loose Powder review

Usually you can only buy about 3 shades of loose powder (pale, medium, dark) at the most, or in a lot of cases only one, a one-shade-suits-all 'translucent' which is usually pale and so perfect for me and my pale caucasion buddies but can make darker skins look ashy and odd. Illamasqua sell loose powder in a fantastic array of shades, they have the usual 'translucent' but then a shade of powder to match basically every one of their foundations. The colours range from snow white to pure black, with shades for tones from very pale to very dark and with different powders to match different undertones. 

However the one powder i own (LP 005) isn't a skin shade at all, it isa pale, candy-floss pink colour. The idea behind this strange coloured powder is that the pink shade lifts and brightens your skin tone and it really really works.


It was really hard to try and capture the difference this powder makes on camera. To get it to show up at all i had to use a much, much thicker layer than usual so my skin did take on a slight pink tinge, usually you wouldn't be piling it on like i did so the pink does not show up.

My face with just foundation and concealer, no powder.

With a thick layer of powder over the top.

So I don't know if you can actually see much of a difference at all, but in real life, when used properly this evens out my skin tone brilliantly. Shadows, redness and imperfections blend in with the rest of my face and it imparts this brilliant 'brightness' to the face. I really don't know how to describe it, but it just makes my skin glow and look a lot healthier. It is also matte, getting rid of any shine, and will set your foundation just like any other powder.

The pink powder is incredibly soft and finely milled. It has a slight scent, basically like baby powder mixed with... something i can't put my finger on. Usually i only use this very lightly and it does just make my face light up somehow. I prefer to use the powder puff that comes with it than a powder or kabuki brush as i find i have a lighter touch when using the puff and with this stuff you really only do need the tiniest bit.

The powder comes in some more practical, classy, but not particularly innovative packaging. A clear, round pot with a black lid and a nice quality white, velvety powder puff in the normal Illamasqua black box. The powder has a sifter which does seem to let a bit too much powder out in my opinion, but is basically your basic powder pot. 


My only problem with the product is the price. This stuff is pretty pricey for a powder at £19 for 15g, but it is a unique product and you get a lot for your money. I also don't imagine this would work as well on people with dark skin tones, however they do other colours that would be suitable. 

So it is expensive, but i am happy i own it.


  1. Sounds like a good product - I have quite a bit of illamasqua products and have just ordered my first cream blush form them - I got it in the colour Rude. There are a few other colours I want too :)

  2. Beautiful :D I've heard a lot of good reviews on this and definately one I'll be looking out for now :)

    Have just posted my Illamasqua haul, really loving this brand xx

  3. It looks like it does brighten your face.

  4. Dang, I'm betting this wouldn't work with my skin tone. I already wear foundation, concealer and powder which are too light - yes, I'm aware of it =P - so I think this might be pushing it. It definitely seems to work for you, though!

  5. I feel like it makes your skin look MUCH nicer!

  6. How interesting... Looks like a really good product.

  7. Hey! I nominated you for a blog award!

  8. it softens your face with the powder, i must try this!

  9. Happy1234:
    Oooh i've not tried their cream blushes but i really want to! Rude is meant to be really pretty.

    Nymphette Beauty:
    Let me know how you get on with it if you do try it! :) I ADORE Illamasqua, i think they're very special.

    I think it does, it's a good powder.

    Aww, i generally wear foundation and powder that's too dark for me :P

    Thank you! I think in the photos i look a bit too pink, but ordinarily it just evens out my skin.

    It's pretty cool.

    Thank you! I've got it saved in my tabs, i promise i will do it soon :)

    Awww! And you're too sweet! :D

    Ha ha, i think my face is probably soft enough already! :P No, seriously i know what you mean, it sort of does a 'fuzzy lense' effect doesn't it?


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