Friday, 26 March 2010

Illamasqua Week - FOTD 6

Very very squinty photos because it was too bright for me (i have a problem with my eyes, they let in too much light, i have to wear sunglasses all year round).

Face: Illamasqua Powder blush in Nymph, Avon tinted moisturiser.
Eyes: Illamasqua powder eyeshadows in Dizzy, Grope and Geisha, Jelly Pong Pong wakeup makeup (on brows), colorstay 24hr eyeliner, Lancome Oscialltion mascars
Lips: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Fume.


  1. I really like this, your skin looks so flawless and that red looks perfect on your skin.

  2. That lip colour is just beautiful!

    Sian x

  3. Cute! I hate too much sunlight when I'm driving, althrough it is better than headlights

  4. You have thee best lips. Amazing!

  5. Perfect lips!

    What is your eye condition called? I can't get my photo taken without squinting either.

  6. Gorgeous lip colour! I really need to get myself one of those lipglosses - the colour pay off is fab! :) xo

  7. Those red lips are sooooo yummy looking. I seriously have a weakness for red lips. Just gorgeous! You look lovely.

  8. Do I smell absolutely GORGEOUS? Your skin looks positively flawless here, and it's amazing. Also, you have one of the prettiest lip shapes I've seen. :D

  9. Ooooh you make such a gorgeous pinup!

    I can't believe that lip colour is a gloss...

  10. LOVE the red lips!! hmmmm, tomorrow might be a toned down eye bright lip day for me thanks to these photos... ack, if I only had those lips! :) you look beautiful!

  11. Charlie:
    It's a really beautiful colour, but very different than it looks on the website on me!

    Thank you so much :)

    It is isn't it? Love those lipglosses.

    I don't drive luckilly, i wouldn't be able to cope.

    cheers lovely :)

    Aww you're so sweet! Personally i don't think they're the best lips but they go well with my face :P

    Glowing Doll:
    Thanks! :D
    Umm well light sensitivity is called Photophobia but it's caused by lots of different things so chances are yours is caused by something different than mine. I went to the opticians about it 2 years ago and he couldn't find any problems with my eyes so he thinks it's because my eyes are so pale and (no idea why) but the more pigment you have in your eyes the less sensitive they are to light. Because of my bleached hair and light blue eyes he actually asked if i had a form of albinism :P

    Thanks! And you do, they;re the best glosses ever ever ever and there are so many lovely colours!

    Aww thank you! I have a big weakness for red lips too, i go through phases of wearing other colours lots but always come back to the red.

    Awww thank you so much! I have good skin but i think it's the light that makes it look so flawless here.
    And sorry but i don't know if you smell absolutely gorgeous :P

    Awww you big sweety!
    I know, it's so insanely pigmented. I loooove them.

    hee hee! bright lip days are the best!
    And thank you, you're too kind :)

  12. That lip color is to die for. Looks lovely on you.

  13. your lips are gorgeous!
    you know what i just found your blog, and i'm thrilled to find out you're at WCA too! i'm studying time based media, love it. maybe i'll see you around. awesome to find another beauty blogger at the same uni (and it is tiny). can't wait to read more of your blog xoxoxox

  14. Um, so I am completely dying over how gorgeous that intense lipgloss is right now O_O I need it in my life. And I may just wear it every day of my life.

    I think i may have a similar eye problem to you - I havent had mine checked out yet (Im lazy) but I cannot go outside without sunglasses these days. I tried to take natural light photos yesterday and just failed because I couldnt stop squinting.

  15. How do you get your lips so perfect! Gorgeous :)


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