Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Aromaleigh Sonic Rocks Swatches

So as you may have seen from my last post featuring my first Aromaleigh haul i bought a lot of the Sonic Rocks eyeshadows. These differ from Aromaleigh's other eyeshadows as they are not entirely mineral based, as a result you can get some really bright, neon colours in mattes, shimmers and glitters.
The Rocks shadow formula is being reformulated so currently you can get 35% off, also Aromaleigh are having a 20% off everything sale to celebrate the owner, Kristen, finally getting to have her honeymoon (http://blog.aromaleigh.com/blog/2010/02/aromaleigh-is-closing-shop-.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MissKsAromaleighBlog+(Miss+K%27s+Aromaleigh+Blog)) , so in total you can get 55% off Rocks shadows right now :)
Here are swatches of all the colours i currently have. They are all named after songs which meant that as i swatched i kept irritating Claire by singing the namesakes :P Come on everyone! I'm an alligator! I'm a mumma-papa coming for yoooouuuu...

Big Neon Glitter, Atomic, Livewire, Velvet Goldmine, Agent Orange.

Heart of Glass, Helter Skelter, Peekaboo, Suspect Device, Pretty Vacant, Coral Fang

Lady Stardust, Blue Orchid, Boiling Point, Hit Or Miss, Spellbound, Funky Town, Body Electric, Purple Rain

Vive Le Rock, Raspberry Beret, Pretty in Pink, New Rose, Personality Crisis, Teenage Kicks, Psychocandy, Fanclub, I Want Candy, Lookin for a Kiss

Jigsaw Feeling, Lazy Sod, Poison Ivy, Venom, Just like Heaven, Strychnine, Googoomuck, Greenhell, Estranged

Destination Unknown, Planet Earth, Bluespark, Moonage Daydream, Ozone, Ocean Rain, Endless Sea.


  1. wow, you got a lot!
    I think i need to go make another order.

  2. 8 more arrived yesterday and they were ordered before the honey20 code and I forgot Googoomuck so my brain is saying BUY BUY BUY DUMMY BUY!

  3. So much pretty!! Haha I nearly have the whole collection now XD But I see a few more I want now!

    Do you get stained from them, though? I wore coralfang to work on Sunday and it's Tuesday and my lids are STILL orange!!!

  4. Need to place an order... I see colours that I can't believe I don't have D:

  5. Holy guacamole missy! Did you buy the whole range or what? =D (I totally approve, by the way.)

    I'm waiting for my Rocks! order to arrive. I only got ten, though. So I'll have thirteen all in all.

    Ooh. That's unlucky. Maybe I should buy more?

    Re: Lisa Kate's comment: Yeah, I've found that Helter Skelter stains my eyelids as well, but it does go away with some extra cleansing effort (or just after a couple of days...) and you can apply eyeshadow to cover it. It doesn't bother me very much.

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE AL! Specially rocks!
    My fav is googoomuck!
    Some colors from rocks! stain my eyes, but I don't really mind. The only stain I can't stand is lip stain!

  7. Argh I want Blue Orchid and Estranged, but am trying to stick to my no-buy right now :(

  8. you don't get 55% off. it's 48.8%

    and if those pigments you said were not mixed properly, you should get them replace. They should not be like that!

  9. actually sorry, i was wrong. it was 52%, not 48.8 or 55

  10. I was sure I ordered boiling point and then I realized I don't have it... thanks for the swatches, it made me realize I must have it! And peekaboo!

  11. Zoë Danger Awesome:
    Well i'm sharing it with Claire so it's not as big as it seems... but it is still a lot :P

    Ha ha ha! Googoomuck is gorgeous and they're so cheap now you must buy! :P

    Lisa Kate:
    I want the whole collection too! And full sizes of all the ones i only got samples of! :P
    Not all of them stain me but some of them do, particularly the pinks, reds and corals. I don't really mind but it can be a little bit irritating.

    Ha ha! I'm a terrible enabler :P

    Not the WHOLE range, just the majority of it :P Some of them are samples though and i need full sizes now XD

    I love googoomuck too, it's gorgeous!
    I'm like you, i don't really mind the stain usually :)

    They're sooo bright!

    I'm meant to be on a No-Buy too, but they're on sale so i may find myself failing :P

    It was only 2 shadows and as i'm overseas it would be a really big hassle to get them replaced, if i had to send them back it would cost me more money.
    How did you work out that it's not 55% off? I'm terrible at maths. But if it's 35% off rocks and 20% off on top of that how does it end up at 52%? So confusing! :P

    Ha ha ha! You must get it then, it's gorgeous. And on sale! :P Peekaboo is beautiful.

  12. YourAhhh! Awesome swatches. They actually inspired me to hurry up and get my order through with already. Hehehe. I love the Rocks! Though I find someone of them have a bit too much fallout for my taste and prefer the texture of some of the other Aromaleigh shadows better. So glad they're being reformulated :)

    BUT I went ahead and placed an order for 6 full sizes that I've been needing to get! Hah!

    Blackangel, Planetearth (favorite blue eyeshadow EVERRRR), Moonagedaydream, Helterskelter, Psycho-candy, and Estranged.

    You've got a really great collection going already though. Yay for BRIGHTNESS!

  13. I totally just ordered a couple shadows because of this blog post.. Thank you!


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