Monday, 15 March 2010

Illamasqua Week - Cream Eyeshadow Review

Illamasqua sell both powder and cream eyeshadows, as well as loose pigments. I own a selection of the cream and powder variety (review of the powders is coming up). Their are fewer varieties of cream shadows than powder, currently there are only 14 cream shadows available. They retail at £15 for 2g. The cream eyeshadows i bought were from Illamasqua's end-of-line sale so they were half price at £7.50 and i got 7 colours.

Pretty, pretty ice cream and candy colours.
Top row: Crumble, Midas, Stir
Bottom Row: Stimulas, Suck, Love, Outcast

Swatches of all the colours are here

The colours are beautiful and what you see in the box is what you get on your skin. The formula is lovely and... creamy :P Soft and silky and highly pigmented. It's easy to sheer out or apply heavily for a brighter colour. They have a slight sheen (stir is shimmery, the others aren't) but it's not very noticeable.

They come in the same packaging as Illamasqua's powder blusher, only smaller.

I've said before what i think about the packaging, so i won't say it again. The reason my pots are so messy in the first photo is because i've been applying the majority of these with my fingers, and i'm a clumsy and messy person. I applied Outcast with a blush and you can see it's nice and tidy :)

Now onto the wear of the products.

Freshly applied over eyeshadow primer and set with powder. Stir on browbone, Midas on main part of eyelid, Outcast as eyeliner.

After about 5 hours.

As you can see, even with primer and powder to set, the colour on the main part of my eyelid has faded and creased like MAD. The eyeliner colour has faded a little, but it's ok and the highlight colour on my browbone looks about the same.

So would i repurchase? Hmm i'm not really sure to be honest. There is only one colour left (Amour which is a gorgeous duck-egg pale blue/green) that i really like and honestly i think £15 is too much for a product that creases so badly. If they were discounted i might think about buying more. They make a good eyeliner, and may well be good for other parts of the face, but it is sold as an eyeshadow and i personally don't think it's great for that use. The colours i have are gorgeous but i don't know how often i will wear them simply because they fade and crease so badly :(


  1. AHHH suckssss. i've got monolids so if eyeshadows crease, it's OKAY, but still, ugly.

  2. Y:
    It does suck quite a bit. The colours are so pretty but i can't wear them properly! D:

  3. I'd like to try Illamasqua but sooo expensive... I guess with your half off it wasn't that bad. I hate cream shadows, I've only ever used one, and it creased so badly. I really don't see how a cream shadow COULDN'T crease.

  4. They look like they'd make the PRETTIEST bases underneath a powder shadow - I particularly like the yellow, blue and purple.

    But yeah, I could never use a cream eyeshadow as an actual eyeshadow :| maybe they should call them something else LOL

  5. I've never found a cream eyeshadow that doesn't crease, to be honest, so I guessed that you might say the same about Illamasqua's. What a shame, though!

  6. Heather:
    They are really quite expensive, but i think some of the products are worth it. Some, like these, are not. I think you're right, i've never found one that doesn't crease either, i guess they are just born to crease :P

    Thanks for the tip, i hadn't thought of that! I must give it a try!

    Yeah. i feel i was a bit hard on Illamasqua in my review now as i've realised i too have never found a cream eyeshadow that doesn't crease.

  7. Hi honey. I have the cream eyeshadow in Amour (I swear I love the color) and I was so disappointed when I saw it creases. Now I think I will use it as an eyeliner, or in my inner/outer corners to give light to makeup, because they only have a problem in the socket line so....we'll see. I shall try and put some fotd's soon.

    Sleek will run the same comp next week ;) Take your chances and watch the clock veeery carefully. I clicked on "share" 10 seconds before 4.30 ;)

  8. Lydia:
    I love the colour Amour too, it's the only one i don't have that i would consider buyin. You're right, you could wear it in the corners or above or below the socket line without problem. :)
    I'll have to try again tomorrow, i was using the countdown on the sleek website but apparently that wasn't perfect :/ lucky you anyway :D

  9. I have also tried to work with the color "suck", and yes it does crease and melt off, but I think I was putting it on too thick. I just went into my bathroom, put a dab of primer on my whole lid, then a good flesh tone powder shadow, then I put a thin coating of the cream shadow all over my lid, so I'm trying this out to see if I just need to tweak it a's so worth taking the time to make this work because where on earth would I put a blue cream shadow except on my eyes??? Right?? I'm trying because I love the brand :)

  10. They are such gorgeous shades


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