Friday, 5 March 2010

Trouble with Eyeko

Eyeko is a fun, drugstore-priced Uk based brand. I only own a few of their products, 3 colours of their new Nail polish collection: 'Cosmic' a black with multi coloured glitter, 'lilac' a lilac colour (shockingly :P) and 'vintage' a pale green with a hint of blue. I really like these polishes, the colours are lovely, they apply nicely and last well. My Mum uses their Eyeko Cream which is a moisturiser, eye cream and highlighter in one and loves it. I bough the nail varnishes through when they were on sale. As i was happy with my polishes i decided to try a couple of their other products. I found out that the official Eyeko website nearly constantly has special offers or discounts on so i decided to buy from them  directly. I bought a set of 3 Line and Shine eyeliners which were (and still are) on 3 for 2 which was £8 and a nail polish from their old collection, Pastel polish (a pale blue) for £3. At the time there was a special offer on, 10% off if you spend over £10 plus a special surprise free gift. So i ended up getting everything for about £9, which i was happy with. There was also free shipping.

However i had huge problems getting my order. I paid via paypal immediately and got a receipt, but never got a notice to tell me my order had been shipped. The shipping was meant to take about 3 working days.
After two weeks i still had not seen head nor tail of my order. As i work from home there was no way i had missed the postman so i sent Eyeko a very polite and friendly email to tell them my order hadn't arrived and asked them when they had sent it.
After over a week i still hadn't recieved a reply so i wrote another, much more grumpy email about it, saying i was very unhappy and probably would not shop from them again and would have to make a claim via paypal if they did not reply.
This time i recieved a reply the next day, which just told me to wait until the next monday and if the order still had not arrived they would look into it. This slightly irritated me as by that time i had waited 3 weeks for my order. So on the monday when there was still no sign of my order i emailed again. After a few days the guy i had been discussing it with told me he would reship my order but again i recieved no notice to tell me it had been shipped. I waited another 2 weeks and there was still no sign of the order. It had now been almost a month and a half since i made my order. So i sent another email and as i didn't get a reply for a few days i started a paypal claim. I got a reply the following day asking if i would like them to resend my order again or just refund my money. I asked for a refund and recieved it a few days later, nearly 2 months after i first made my order.

The problem i had was not so much with the fact that my order never arrived but with the customer service i recieved. I did end up getting a refund on my money, but i did not like having to jump through hoops or have to threaten them with paypal claims before getting a reply. The fact they never replied to my first email really soured the experience, though they were polite in their replies.

As i said before i really like the products from them i tried, their prices are fair and i'm sure it was just a one off problem with my order, but i was really not happy with how my problem was dealt with, so i won't be repurchasing directly from Eyeko again, though i may try the products if i find them on another website or instore.


  1. What a shame! It's great that you can still find their products on other sites, however. ^_^

  2. bad customer service is a killer and really turns me off certain brands. I dont really like Eyeko, it all just seems like kiddie stuff =0/

  3. That's rubbish :( There's never really any need for bad customer service - it's just lazy!

  4. I hate when companies do that, if individuals can manage to keep buyers up to date if there is a problem with their order, why can't they manage it?

    I liked the look of some Eyeko stuff but the reviews and prices put me off, then they did everything for £1 and I missed it, I thought Superdrug were discontinuing it but then they had it back on sale last week at normal prices so I don't know what's going on there.

  5. I like their Fat Balms so I'm really sad they've got such crap CS... It could have been the royal mail being slow with your order, but if they'd sent you a shipping notice then you'd know which to blame wouldn't you?!

    I want to get the strawberry Fat Balm because I've only got raspberry, but every time I go into Superdrug the display is so disgusting. I don't know why but they don't clean Eyeko! I'm serious, stuff doesn't move for days.

  6. Some time ago (around 6 months) I ordered the old set of nail polishes (vamp, disco, punk, red, pretty and pastel) and never got a mail when the things were shipped :/ The colors are amazing but the disco nail polish (now they don't sell it anymore) has already dried! Ah

  7. That sucks! I've ordered from Eyeko once and I got my order in just a couple of days (which is quick for overseas customer). Maybe their heads have gotten too big?

  8. my friend had the same experience! she ordered from the eyeko website, her order didnt arrive, and she had no email correspondance so she had to claim through her credit card company! i dont know what it is with them, maybe they genuinly dont receive emails or whatever but my order was received within 3 days! strange!

  9. I've placed three orders with them of wich two was sent to me really quickly (since i don't live in the UK it took 1-2 weeks, but i think thats ok.)but i've had trubles with my last order...
    I placed it on the 23rd of november (!) and haven't and i still don't have it, no email about it being shipped. I emailed them sometime in january asking about my order and they said that they had been very busy due to getting lots of orders around christmas. But still no sigt of my order... Your post reminded me of it, had almost forgotten about it.
    I think i will order my eyeko stuff from asos from now on :/

  10. Ew how horrible D: if I ever order from them it'll be through ASOS or something


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