Friday, 1 July 2011

OOTD - Bunnies!

I've been ill again today. Had an awful sore throat and have just felt exhausted and rubbish all day. Grump grump grump!
Here's some pictures from a less rubbish day! 

Top: Next
Skirt: Miss Selfridges
Tights: Generic pink fishnets
Shoes: Office

I was very pleased as the skirt didn't fit me even when I bought it (I kept it to slim into because I like it so much) you can't see the pattern well but it's bunnies too!

And here is my face:

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in SB02 (review coming soon, but basically I LOOOVVE it)
Eyes: MUA glitter eyeliner in Shade 7, black mascara
Lips: Models Own Lipstick in Plum

I've added a swatch of Plum to my Models Own Swatcharama :)  

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar decided he needed to be picked up when my photo was being taken.

Beautiful thing <3

Now have some outtakes!

I am the beastie!

Apparently I am also a little teapot (I swear I got into this pose without realising)

And even Digby got an outtake of Digby!



  1. Bunniiiiieeeessss! That top is so good, and you look so cute! Love the glitter liner, too :D xx

  2. The bunny sweater is so cute!

  3. your dog is so so cute!
    oh and i'm completely in love with your hair. it's amazing.


  4. Cute outfit! Love the makeup with this! And such a cute doggie! :)

  5. lol you can't derp Digby! haha

    your sunglasses look great, I also really like the idea of a wing liner drawn with something else other than black, I've been wanting to experiment with that.

    ^ ^
    () ()
    = ' =

    a dwarf bunny with tiny ears!)

  6. haha it didn't look so spooked and scary before I posted haha, they stretched it out!

  7. I love it...the entire outfit is positively sweetness!
    Love the outtakes!

  8. I love the liner and your puppy. together = cuteness!

  9. Oh Digby! I want to hug him! He's so cute! And you aren't too bad yourself, ma'am! :) Oh, and that purple liner is gorgeous. I can't even think of anything like that from the drugstores here.

  10. Haha, you make a wonderful teapot. Feel better soon!

  11. Great pictures all. No post with dogs is gonna pass me by. Love dogs.

  12. completely in love with your lips :)
    gorgeous make up!! x

  13. Lauren D:
    Thank you so much!

    It really is, I love it! I wear it all the time, I kind of want to try and find a backup :)

    sweet findings:
    Thank you! And wow, I thought my hair looked terrible that day!

    The Peach:
    Cheers! :) And yeah, he is a lovely thing!

    Sometimes I call him Derpby :P Thank you! I love eyeliner, it makes my face look so much better, even if I'm not wearing any other makeup. I love wings of glitter liner too!
    And thank you for the cute bunny, poor thing though, it looks like he's having a shocker! :D

    Evil Angel:
    Thank you sweetheart! I like showing the outtakes, it impresses me just how odd I can look!

    Thanks lovelie :)

    Jessi M:
    He is a big cutie, though he's also really gross! It really is a great liner for only £1! But then you guys get a load of great brands we don't so everyone has to miss out on something :P

    Maybe I should be a teapot in all my photos :D And thankyou, I hope I do feel bbetter soon, I've lost my voice today :/

    Thank you, dogs are great! :D

    Thank you so much!

  14. Awwh doggy! ^___^ He looks so cute in the DERP photo, haha. Your top is adorbz.

  15. o_O I just can't pass by this post and not gush for just a moment! You look absolutely stunning! the up close face shots are so very flattering! you really are so stunning, I don't think you give yourself enough credit Lillian! honestly.. I so wish that my skin looked as flawless as yours. I really adore the glitter liner and MUA is FAB-tastic! I live in the states so obviously MUA is quite hard to come by.. I did luck out, however, and I was sent a mascara and a beautiful pink lipstick from MUA when they were offering free products to the first 100 ppl to "like" their FaceBook page... and once I received I was HOOKED! Their products are such lovely quality and so unique. I only wish that this wonderful line of cosmetics was available here in the US. :(

    anyway, I am a rather new reader of your blog, and I am so very glad to have stumbled upon it! Our style is VERY similar, but I think that you pull it off much nicer than I do.. but that is probably bc you still have a youthful glow.. I am 31 and have to say that with age I find it much harder to pull off unique looks without looking looney.. but I still try my best to hold what little youthfulness I have left.




  16. D'awww the bunnies are SO cute and so is Digby! Also the purple glitter liner suits perfectly.

  17. SilhouetteScreams:
    Thank you! He's a very derpy doggy :P

    The Makeup Pixie:
    Wow, thank you so much. You're really too kind! I agree I have quite nice skin but I think I give myself the correct lever of credit, I'm not some great beauty but I'm not hideous either. I love the liner a whole lot, MUA is great. If you'd ever like some more I could do a CP for you :)
    I'm so glad you like my blog so much! I think you pull off your style perfectly and looking at you there's no way I would have guessed you were 31!

    Thank you! I love that glitter liner so much, I think it looks nice with my eyes :)

  18. I love your style! Always so wonderful! And Sir Digby Chicken Caesar is adorable (and has a fantastic name).

  19. I LOVE:
    1) Your sparkly purple eyeliner!
    2) Those sweet sunglasses
    3) Sir Digby Chicken Caesar's name :)


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