Saturday, 16 July 2011

Born Pretty nails

A while ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Born Pretty who asked me to choose a product from their website to review. I asked for a surprise as there was so much to choose from I couldn't decide.
So I was sent this Laushine cracking polish in L022 which is a very blue toned purple (or blurple, if you will :P). I know tonnes of people are bored of crackle polishes, but I love them so I was very happy.
Now call me a cynic but I didn't expect this no-name brand polish to be much good but I was very happily surprised! It gave me a nice even crackle effect that looked basically the same on each nail (sometimes I have problems where the nails will all look different because each nail will have a slightly lighter or heavier coat of crackle polish), it dried really quickly and the effect is quite chunky, which I prefer to some crackles that give you just little 'fault lines' of shattering. I actually liked the formula of this polish better than the china glaze and models own crackle polishes I've tried, and it was as good as the Barry M Nail Effects which I love. I was really impressed.

So I tried it out over a few different base coats to see how nicely it would contrast with various colours. 

Over (left to right):
Illamasqua Rare, Models Own 24 Karat, Color Club Screaming Tangerine, Nubar Marble Tower

And over Rimmel Black Pearl. It's less shattered here as I accidentally did a ridiculously thick coat :P

I really liked it over the gold polish and it was pretty over Screaming Tangerine but I wonder if you can guess what I went for for my full mani? :P

Ahh yes, Rare by Illamasqua. It's a fantastic colour, a real eye-searing neon yellow but it applies a bit patchy. To get it looking nice I have to use at least 3 coats and then it gets a bit thick looking. The crackle disguises that a little and also makes for the most 80s looking nails ever! :D

I've been wearing this for about 4 days now, without a top coat. It's hard for me to discuss wear in comparison with my usual manicures as I nearly always wear a top coat but for this I wanted to keep it matte because it looked so cool. But anyway at the moment I've had a tiny bit of tip wear of both polishes but no chipping so I'm very happy.

After trying this I am looking forward to actually ordering from Born Pretty. They have some other unusual coloured crackle polishes from the same brand as well as some bizarre looking glitter polishes, nail art pens and other equipment. They also sell some random cosmetics and false eyelashes. The prices are very fair, if I had paid for it this polish would have cost me $4.91 which I think is very fair. They also ship for free worldwide.

I was told it would take 2-3 weeks to arrive but actually took about 1 week, if not less! I can't say if thats true for actual orders but considering I was told 2-3 weeks, which is what I'd imagine most parcels from Singapore to the UK might take, I can assume it might be a similar delivery time.

They were also kind enough to give me a coupon code for all my followers to use :)

It expires on 31/12/2011 so you've got plenty of time to use it!

*I was sent this product for review but all my thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Wow, I think this is the best crackle effect I have seen yet. I hate when they don't crackle enough, too. Even the thumb that you put a thick coat on looks really nice.

    Oh and do you pick on your fingers, too? I've done it my whole life. It's a terrible habit and not sure why I do it, but I always used to go around with scabby, infected fingers. It's better now that I paint my nails but I still do it. :(

  2. Oooh I like blue crackle over neon yellow, going to try out this combination (a similar blue crackle, my barry m perriwinkle).

  3. loved your blog and I'm following you, you follow me too

  4. I've still not tried a crackle nail varnish, but this one looks particularly good which isn't something which I can say for them all. It really is glorious over the yellow.


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