Sunday, 31 July 2011

Eyelashes from KKCenterHK

A few months ago the lovely people from KKCenterHK sent me some false eyelashes to review. Unfortunately I appear to have lost my favourite eyelash glue (Duo surgical adhesive, the best stuff ever!) so I spent ages trying to find a suitable replacement because the stuff that comes with most eyelashes is just rubbish. Eventually I discovered that the glue that came with some pricier Eyelure lashes worked almost as well as Duo so I was able to finally use what I was sent!

KKCenterHK sell wigs, nail accessories and some clothing and makeup but seem to specialise in false eyelashes. They've got all sorts from natural to really wild and accessories such as adhesives and applicators as well. The site has a bit of an Engrish vibe but it seems comprehensible and easy to navigate to me. The prices are generally very cheap but more elaborate styles are of course pricier.

I was sent 'ES Natural Cross Short To Long Fake Lashes' which you can find by searching their item number which is 'A399'. These are criss-crossed medium-long length black lashes and cost $6.50 for a pack of 10 pairs of the lashes.

They arrived to me quite quickly after I was told they were despatched (probably a week and a half). They were packed in an ordinary brown envelope (not a bubblemailer) and the box did seem to have been a little bit bashed about when I recieved it.

But the lashes inside were completely unharmed so I guess it doesn't really matter :P
Inside the box you can see the 10 pairs of eyelashes. They are simply slotted into a piece of cardboard so there is little protection. However like I said, even with the box getting a bit squashed all the lashes were fine.

To keep them in place the lashes slot into the cardboard through little holes. They have extra little 'wings' on the sides of the base to allow this. Before you apply you have to snip these off. I also cut mine down just a little to fit my eyes better.

So for reference here is my eyes with just mascara. On one eye I have eyeliner and the other is bare to show how the eyelashes look with or without liner.  

And now with the lashes.

They look a lot better with the eyeliner on but I find that's true of all false eyelashes, especially as I'm not the best at applying them.

I absolutely love the look they give me. They're sort of natural-ish because they're quite thin and fluttery and the criss-cross shape seems more natural to me but they're so long and dark they're still really glamourous.

Compared to more expensive lashes... well to be honest I didn't see any difference. They were no better but no worse. I found them difficult to apply but I find ALL false eyelashes difficult to apply. Oh and considering the price I actually think they're really good in terms of quality. Because I am so rubbish at putting them on I probably used one pair at least 6 times before I got them on well enough to leave them alone. Despite this and not being the gentlest person with my handling of them, they are still absolutely fine, I could wear them again with no problems. For about 40p a pair I think they're pretty wonderful to be honest!  Perhaps with more elaborate lashes there would be a difference in quality between cheap lashes from sites like this and pricier products but for simple lash styles like these they seem pretty much the same as brand name lashes. The only difference I can see is the less glamourous and protective packaging, lack of free adhesive and the fact you have to cut a tiny bit off them before you wear. It's actually quite difficult to review false eyelashes because... well they all seem pretty much the same to me! The fact it got bashed in the post and had little in the way of protection might be a bit of a problem though. While my lashes were fine other items might not be so lucky.

I would definately recommend this site if you were looking for false eyelashes. I could imagine it would be great for makeup artists because you get so many pairs for so little money you could dispose of a pair with no worries about cost, so that would be good for hygiene reasons. Wearing these has made me determined to teach myself to properly apply and wear false eyelashes again (I used to be a lot better at it but am out of practice) because I loved the way they looked on me. I'd be interested to try some different products from the site.

*I recieved these in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Wow. I've never worn false lashes before, so I was wondering how to get a bunch of pairs that I could just toss if I screwed them up. AND THIS POST HAD THE ANSWER! Woohoo! =]

  2. I've never tried false eyelashes because I know I would be terrible with them. These would be a good set to practice with and I actually really like the way they look. And it looks like you did a great job applying them!

  3. These look so lovely and natural on you. I may have to check these out, been wanting some 'natural' falsies for a hot minute.

  4. I have a good few of these 10x boxed lashymajigs, and I love them! I tend to pull my falsies off drunk after a night out so they get lost, or I use them on shoots as they're much cheaper for me, especially if people wander off with them!

  5. VijiiS:
    I'm glad it helped! :D I definately think it's a good place to start, you can cut them up to make the right size for your eyes and it won't matter so much if you screw up a pair!

    Jessi M:
    Yep exactly, very good for practicing and cheap!

    Thank you! They look weird on their own but they definately look nice with the liner, I need to start wearing them more often :P

    Thank you! <3

    Ahh yes I can imagine they'd be good for nights out. I've lost tonnes of lashes tearing them off on the night bus and just shoving them in my bag :P

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