Monday, 1 August 2011

Swatcharama - OCC Lip Tars

 I've written an indepth, gushing review of these before and I still really like them but I've discovered they do have a couple of faults. They feather madly (though I do have very feathery lips), can be slightly drying and if you leave them without using them for a while the oil and pigments separate. You have to shake and mush the tubes for a while to get them to mix again. If you apply them without mixing properly they're not as opaque as they should be and even runnier than usual. I think I had that problem in some of these swatches. That being said I still love these things, the colours are great, they wear really well and they're just a cool product. You can get them for about £9 each.

  Interlace - a light nudey peach colour. Usually I hate nudes but this one is really peachy and bright and I actually like it on me!


More under the cut

Analog - pooey brown. Sorry but it totally is! :P However when I was swatching this I decided to do a look and it was actually quite cool. I think if I added a tiny bit of red it would be even nicer.

Anime - bright bright bright pink

Botanical - Darkish green

Feathered - white

Grandma - lightish coral

Hoochie - gorgeous magentaish purple

Katricia - slightly greyed purple

Lo Fi - Light lime green

NSFW - Bright bold slightly blue toned red

Pageant - bright warmish pink

RX - cyan blue

Safety Orange - bright orange

Tarred - black

Traffic - Bright primary yellow

Vapid - light lilac


  1. I've never heard anyone say that they feather before. Wow. I do like the shade selection, though.

  2. Oo, there is a bit of feathering.

    How about the upcoming Sleek Pout Paints? Not sure there are any wacky colours but I am WAAAAY interested.

  3. Ouch yeah I've heard about them feathering, maybe the Sleek Pout Paints will be a better alternative.

  4. some really pretty shades!

  5. Love the colours! I have Sleek pout paints and they are pretty similar. Just wished they had the same range of shades as well.

  6. Did you try using a lip liner? I'm curious if that would keep them from feathering. I have been wanting these forever but I really want to use them for mixing, so I'm having trouble narrowing my list down to a manageable size (price!)
    I suppose I should try one of the shades to see if I like the formula before going all-out!

  7. I get feathering with Anime too :| I like em but it's a pain

  8. Some of these colors are "GAWWW-JUSSS"!!!

    I'm surprised that they feather though- I haven't tried these yet, but all I've heard is raves. It's good to see that they're not absolutely perfect-behaving on everyone :D

    They're still fabulous colors!!

  9. This is the first time I've heard anyone talk about them feathering but I do see what you mean, in the pinks. Such a shame since the pigmentation is so beautiful. I love Anime (who doesn't?) and NSFW!

  10. By "in the pinks" I meant to type "in the pictures"... whoops!

  11. Wow Botanical looks so much darker on you than it does on me - Gorgeous shade. I started doing a little series of my lip tars and didn't get past the second one doh! My current fave has been Stalker - Looking forward to the Sleek Pout Paints this week. They seemed a similar consistency but without the peppermint....

  12. Oh and ment to say I use an Urban Retreat Non Bleed lip pencil - usually drawn round my lips AFTER as I tend to forget. Takes a little care not to smudge but does help with the feathering. That and using the smallest amount of lip tar you can. xx

  13. That sucks about the feathering, but these really do look great on you. I'm curious to hear what you think about the Sleek pout paints also!

  14. Love them all! I only have NSFW and it feathers on me too... I've never had feathering from anything else that I can remember.

  15. NSFW looks amazing on you. I haven't had trouble with feathering yet, but I get like NO wear time with mine. I do lip liner and have tried every amount of lip tar and they just don't last on me. Then again I haven't yet met a lip product that does.

  16. I've heard of them feathering too, though I haven't used my Demure enough to see if it does (or worn it without lipliner). Argh I want all of these now, especially Interlace, Anime, Grandma, Pageant and Hoochie.

  17. Hoochie and Anime would be my favorite of the bunch. I am concerned about the feathering though. Thanks for the awesome swatches

  18. Does putting a white base or primer make any difference in the color pay off?

  19. Great swatches! They DO feather quite badly on myself. I have a clear lip liner that I use around my lips when I wear them but this still doesn't completely get rid of the problem.


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