Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wot A Pic-cha!

(stick it in your fam'ly album)

The other day I went to Primark, which I have a serious love/hate relationship with. I love the prices and a lot of the stock but loathe the shop itself. For me it is like Hell on Earth! I got very panicky but had both Claire and my sister with me so managed to get through the shop and pick up some bits. I couldn't actually find any clothes I liked the look of (Claire and I had seen some lovely stuff from the A/W collection but I get it's not out yet, or at least the shop we were at didn't have any of it) but I picked up some knickers and tights and things. And also this fabulous straw boater for £2!

(here Claire is photobombing me X/ )

I really, really love it. However with the boater and my hair being a sandy-ish colour at the moment I sort of remind myself of Tommy Steele from Half a Sixpence:

Here's my face:

I love freckles. I have some myself but they're mainly solar-activated (seriously, they come out when I'm in the sun and then disappear) and light. When I wear foundation to covere up my redness and stuff it hides them even more. So I've taken to drawing them on. Does it look remotely realistic at all? :P

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation is 02, GOSH Long Lasting Eyebrow pen in Venetian Brown (used to draw on freckles)
Eyes: Black mascara, High Voltage Cosmetics Eyebrow powder in Red Head
Lips: some very old unlabelled lip stain, clear lip gloss

I'm a happy bunny at the moment :)


  1. I was wondering where all the freckles came from! They look very real to me! And super adorable.

  2. oh wow I didn't know you drew them on!

  3. Thats awesome you drew on your freckles! They look real to me! Love the hat, very cute!

  4. The freckles look ridiculously adorable.

  5. That's a really clever way of using the brow pen, and it looks so realistic! :)

  6. that hat = the most amazing thing that i've seen all day. hands down.

    xo Ash

  7. The freckles look very pretty. I have always wanted freckles. I have many many moles but that is not the same thing :( xx

  8. I love the freckles, they look very natural and cute. I've always loved those hats and it suits you really well! :D

  9. Ah the hat! The hat is so cute on you! I'd love to see it with a floral print dress. :)

  10. Jessi M:
    Oh good! I wanted them to look real :D <3

    Marvellous, I fooled you :P

    The Peach:
    Thank you! I'm very pleased with my £2 hat :D

    Jade Carver:
    I wish I had better freckles for reals!

    Thank you! I think I might get another colour too, having some colour variation will look even more realistic... Though owning 2 brow pens for the sole purpose of drawing on freckles is pretty pathetic :P

    Glitter Dreaming:
    Thank you so much! The hat thanks you too! :D

    Ah I have lots of moles too, though they're all pretty wussy moles.

    Thank you beautiful <3

    Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    Thank you! I think the hat suits me to, I need to think of some opportunities to wear it!

    You know I don't think I actually own a floral print dress :O

  11. I love the summery look, it goes very well with the hat! I think the freckle idea is great! It sucks how foundation can sometimes cover up TOO much!


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