Monday, 1 August 2011


Here is the look I mentioned in my last post. Brown lips, so 90s! I probably won't be grabbing Analog every day but I thought it actually looked quite nice like that :)

Face: Nothing
Eyes: Collection 2000 Dazzle Me loose shadow in Paradise, Barry M dazzle dust in 77, black mascara (I'd just done my Applejack look and scrubbed off everything except the eyes :P)
Lips: OCC Lip Tar in Analog


  1. Different but very pretty! And you are right, very 90's!

  2. I really like you in brown lips. I've been looking for a lip product that color, and I think I'll try it out. Trouble is I'm not sure if it might match my lips to my skin and look concealer-y!

  3. I love 90s lips to be honest. I totally am glad they will be making a comeback this upcoming season. Break out the burgundy lipsticks!!

  4. LOL...that makes me feel so old....weren't the 90's, like, a few years ago?

  5. Wow, I'm not sure how you did, but you made brown lips look great! I could never pull it off. But I knew if anyone could do it, it would be you.

  6. That does look really nice actually. I don't think I could ever pull off poo brown lips! =P!

  7. The orange eyeshadows really make your eyes pop! The lip color also looks great on you.

  8. aww I love the colours with the tones in your hair and of course your blue eyes! I like brown lipstick =) That's an intriguing shade, quite unusual.

  9. I must be a true 90's girl, because I actually really like brown lipstick on lots of people! *waits to get pelted with cabbages* Your skin looks lovely, you lucky goose.

  10. I like this look. It looks very good on you. I'd probably try it on me too :)

  11. The Peach:
    Thank you, ahh I miss the 90s so much ;__;

    Thank you! From the looks of it and your skin tone I don't think it's similar enough to look concealer-ish. But I could be wrong :/ tricky!

    I love it too, it reminds me of my childhood. I didn't know they were coming into trend, yay! Still not sure about them on me though.

    Liber Vix:
    :D I wish I could time travel to be a teenager in the 90s, I wasted it being a child!

    Jessi M:
    Awww you are way too flattering! I'm still not sure about them in general but I thought it worked with that specific look. You never know if it could work for you until you try :)

    cheers baybeh

    Thank you! I don't think I'll be wearing it everyday but it's nice to know brown lips don't look totally gross on me.

    Thank you! Orange eyeshadow is great with blue eyes, more people should wear it!

    Thank you, it is an unusual shade. Most brown lippies are more red based. But maybe that's more flattering? hmm

    Robyn :
    Ha ha no I like it on other people! I think it looks good on classic 90s brit pop looking girls, like pale girls with dark straight bobs :D And thank you, my skin is rubbishly spotty at the moment though :/

    Thank you!

  12. YAY 90's look! I feel like I need to go listen to TLC or something now, lol!

  13. This look is really beautiful on you :D It compliments your red hair and nice blue eyes :)

  14. I love this look on you, especially the brown lip! It seems to emphasize your pale skin and your blue eyes beautifully.

  15. it's so 90s! i dig it, was in a 90s mood for whatever reason this week too, kept rocking janet jackson looks from the era ;) brown lipstick/gloss which is something i never wear



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