Saturday, 20 August 2011

Neon Nails

So in my little haul the other week I got a set of Starry Temptress Color Club polishes from TK Maxx.
These are all neons with glitter added, a fabulous idea that you'd think would have been done a long time ago!  Oh and a glittery top coat as well.  

I found the polishes to be very thick which meant application was a little difficult s they were kind of gloopy. However once on the thickness sort of helped and they were fully opaque in two coats. They also dried quickly nd looked smooth when they were dry. This is my first real taste of Color Club (I only have one other polish from the brand) and I don't know if the thickness is a trait, or if it's just this collection or if my set is just a bit old or something. I need to buy some polish thinner anyway so when I do I'll add a drop in these and see if it helps.

Firstly I did a manicure alternating my nails between the green (Glitter Envy) and the brighter, hotter pink (Ultra Astral)


In the bottles the glitter looks holographic, like theres all colours of glitter shimmering in there. However on the nail it all look sort of the same colour and not really... sparkly?  It's hard to desribe. The glitter in the green polish looks sort of gold and in the hot pink it looks blue. I would prefer it to look the way it does in the bottle but it's still kind of cool.

Then I added a layer of the top coat

Now it's more sparkly! :D The top coat is clear with multicoloured glitter, on the nail it looks mostly like a mix of blue and yellowy/orange glitters but every so often you see a little flash of a different colour as well.

I wore this a couple of days and then got a chip (I only got the one chip the whole time I wore this polish, about 4 days) on the tip of one of my index fingers so I decided to go super ridiculous.

Aww yeah. I added french tips using the bright orange (You Got Soul-ar) and blue (Otherworldly).
Super ludicrous and bright but due to both my terrible application and the thick polish the tips look super lumpy. 

I really like these. Again I would prefer them to have the glitter shine through on the nails as it does in the bottle, but the colours are still really cool and I've never seen a glittery neon creme before.

I'm really into nail polish at the moment. I get bored every few days and have to change whats on my tips regardless of how it's wearing. Do you do that or do you keep your polish on as long as it looks good?


  1. I adore what you've done here Lil - your nails look incredible and I want that same pack to play with!! I'm forever changing my nail paint - if I get a chip and I'm still enjoying the colour I'll just patch it up but I have so many colours that I usually take the whole lot off and redo while I'm watching a movie. xo

  2. That is so cool. I didn't know you guys could get Color Club there! I'm the same way with nail polish. I get tired of it quickly and change it every few days. I have so much nail polish it is the only way to ensure that I use them all, too!


  4. Love the neon polishes! Such a fun mani! I have the orange from this collection and love it!

  5. Green Envy is cooooooool! :D

  6. I have that green! Soooo goooooood. Wish I found stuff like that in TKMaxx. I ordereed online ;) xx

  7. Super cool! Your nails look great! :)

  8. What a find at TKMaxx! I love the manis you did.

  9. I love finding decent nail polish at TKMaxx, I keep finding lots of Nails Inc at my local one for bargain prices.

    Atm I am keeping my manis until they chip, but when I first started painting them it was every few days.

    Georgina xx
    Cupcake's Clothes

  10. Omg NEON AND GLITTER!!!! I must be dreaming! I love your nails in the second picture. They look so cute with the different colors at the tips.

  11. Pull Your Socks Up!:
    Thank you so much! I'm too lazy to ever repair chips, if I want to keep the polish colour I'll just leave it chipped. I = sloven :P

    Jessi M:
    I don't think we can easily get Color Club here, I think this was a one-off because it was TK Maxx. I wish we could get it more easily, some of the colours are just sooo pretty! That's how I justify my constant changing of nail colours too, it's still very doubtful I'll ever finish a whole bottle of polish but I'm at lease giving it a go :P

    I know, I love glitter so much, so this combination is just perfect for me :D

    The Peach:
    Thank you! I love how eyesearig they all are!

    It is, I like how the glitter looks sort of gold or white :)

    The green might be my favourite, it's just sooo bright! :D I've never found anything so good there before, now I am so tempted to haunt the place until I find something else as good!

    wait until the sunset:
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you! I hope they come up with some other goodies for me!

    Georgina Doull:
    It's actually the first time I've ever found something I like in TKMaxx! I'm the opposite, I used to leave them for ages until they looked ridiculously chipped and raggedy, now I get bored every 5 minutes and change them :P

    Thanks so much! I know, the combination of glitter + neon is just fabulous! :D

  12. I love neon polishes but all the ones I have are crap. These ones look like they go on really well!


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