Monday, 8 August 2011


 Last week I decided to leave the house on my own (apart from to walk the dogs or go to my sisters house) for the first time in about 5 months (probably, I cant remember). Scary! I was all shaky and very anxious and didn't stay out long at all, but I did it! Hooray. Go me. So I treated myself to a haul, which I shall now share.

Firstly I got these awesome huge headphones from TK Maxx

And they also had this Color Club Starry Temptress set for a bargainous £8. I'd seen these on blogs and was thinking of getting them from t'internet because they are both neon + glittery! :)

Then I got some bits from Superdrug.

MUA Professional quake polishes in Quiver and Shiver
Sleek True Colour lipstick in Mystic
Sleek Pout Paints in Peek-a-bloo, Cloud 9, Lava, Milkshake and Mauve Over

But now the most exciting thing....

Oh how I have longed for this day! They're just how I remember only made with no animal bits. Oh frabjous day!

I also got some boring bits and bobs and some CP things. Woo! Leaving the house! Woo!


  1. Nice haul! those sleek pout paints look intersting :)

    woo hoo for leaving the house on your own! I totally get what a huge achievement that is. I suffer from Vasovagal syncope and have only just got my confidence back to go out in my chair by myself, just to the local shop but it's a start! :)

  2. Ah, veggie Percy Pigs! I have some people to go and make happy...

  3. Aww well done on going out, hope it gives you a bit more confidence :) And your Sleek haul is awesome, you're gonna love that stuff :)

  4. veggie percy pigs so excited need to get myself some of those so I can see what the fuss is about at long last :) Love the color club polishes may have to hunt them down :)

  5. I'm so proud of you! You can do it Lilian! You are amazingly strong and I admire you for that. And good for you for shopping. Positive reinforcement is always awesome. And I have no idea what a Percy Pig is, but yay! I'm glad you're happy! haha

  6. I really want to get some Pout Paints but all the ones I can find feel all crunchy!

  7. Go you!!! And that's one way to treat yourself and give yourself incentive to go out: a little shopping trip. (Or a not-so-little one. Depending on how many pretties you see that you've coveted :) )

  8. Those gummies are so cute! I'll admit, I don't stick veg with my gummy snacks. I am partial to the Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks and those most definitely have gelatine in them.

  9. Go Lillian! That is definitely something worth treating yourself over. Those fruit snacks look super delicious. It's SO hard to find good gelatine free gummies :[

  10. haha vegetarian percy pigs! That is exciting!
    Why use animals when you don't need to? You must have missed them!

    Well done Lillian! It must've been a bit of a relief to have done it and you found some really cool stuff! Those earphones are amazing! I can imagine them looking really cute with your hair (as awkwardly complimenting as that sounds!)

  11. AH I know how it feels to have social phobia/social anxiety disorder have it myself all though it's not as bad as it was! Keep doing it bit by bit and I'm sure you'll find that part of your brain will go " you know it's not all THAT bad" But well done!!

    Also got some Sleek Pout Paints myself yesterday can't wait to try them!

  12. I feel like I'm missing something. What are Percy pigs? And why am I jealous that you have them and I don't?

  13. Sweet haul!!! I think some lip swatches are in order...

  14. Yay Pout Paints! And I'm very proud of you ^__^

  15. Yay, Lillian! I'm so proud of you, too - and I must say, that's a brilliant idea, to reward yourself with a haul (or use it as incentive). I may have to try that for myself. Also, nice haul! Love a bit of houndstooth!


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