Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Modern Retro look

Ugh see, my attempts at creative names for my looks are cringe-worthy! The title came from the fact that  this look somehow reminded me of the 50s. I think it's the minty green and orangey-red, the combination is just invocative of 50s design. Or also it's a bit like something an old victorian whore might wear :P pale face, bright red lips, shoddily applied bright green eyeshadow, rouged cheeks...See what I mean? :P And it's modern because of the contrasting sparkle in the shadow and the glossiness of the lips. Or something.

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02, Barry M blusher in no 5 Apricot
Eyes: Venomous Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Fairy Godmother, black mascara
Lips: Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Dazed

I really liked this makeup and think I could have looked quite pretty if I didn't have hideous unwashed hair and dirty pyjamas on :P


  1. I like the Victorian-era reference, as you do have a bit of a Victorian-esque beauty with the fair skin, the gorgeous russet colored hair and your beautiful eyes!

    This would not pull of well on me but it looks great on you!

  2. Very Dior! Awesome colour combo.

  3. That blush looks incredible on you!

  4. This really reminds me of the old MAC advert for the Dolled Up collection, that aqua color is so so pretty!

  5. Love this look! The shadow is such a pretty color!

  6. Dazed is so pretty! It looks really nice with the tealy-aqua green color of your eyeshadow. ;D

  7. GAHHHH I need Dazed. <3 Such a lovely color combo.

  8. You remind me of a doll more than a whore, but I definitely get the Victorian reference, haha. I love the colors together!

  9. I love that lip color on you, you're rockin' it! x

  10. I love this makeup look!! Reminds me a little of PJ Harvey in the 90s : ) awesome colour combination

  11. lmao your reasoning for the description had me cracking up.....festive victorian whore! wooohooo! bwahahah ;) looks good on you


  12. I am head over heels for the lippie...Love that color. You did an awesome job with the retro look. I'm gonna have to try that.

  13. Are you kidding?!
    You totally dressed up those PJ's ;)

    WOO HOO!!

  14. yeah, really nice colours! Its interesting also because I think the 50's were so influenced by the victorians.
    Modern retro look - so groovy, so happening! hehe <33

  15. Hm, I was around in the 50s and I think this is actually 80s. VERY 80s. Not that labels matter. Tbh I think YOU transcend 'looks' and 'trends'. Your style is uniquely you.

  16. Mandy:
    Aww you're too kind! Thanks so much <3

    One day I'll do a proper avant garde Dior style look. I looove those!

    Thank you! It looks bright orange in the pan but it's more coraly on.

    I don't remember that collection but I will take it as a big compliment! :D

    The Peach:
    Thank you! It's even prettier in real life, you can't really see the pink sparkle in my photos.

    Thank you! I really like the colour combination. Despite having about 10 million red lippies I actually don't think I have a dupe of Dazed!

    I know it's the perfect tomato colour!

    Jessi M:
    Ha ha thank you! It reminds me of a whore because in those days the only women who would wear bright makeup would be prostitutes. Or so I've read :P

  17. Rocaille:
    Thank you, I really love that lippie!

    Thank you, you;re too kind! :)

    Thank you! I think it's a pretty accurate description :P

    Thank you so much! The lippie is dead cheap, you should get it, I bet it would look great on you :)

    Snarky P:
    Ha ha oh yeah, I'm so hooottt :P

    :D Thank you! I love old slang, I like using it and disgusting people with my uncoolness :P

    Really? I thought I'd need more blush to look 80s :P I know the makeup isn't very 50s but the colours sort of reminded me red formica tabletops and diner wallpaper and other kitschy fake 50s nostalgia I've seen from tv. Thank you though!

  18. haha! what are your current favourites?

  19. Hnggggg I need Dazed in my life. Also LMFAO @ old Victorian whore, you should've titled the post that for the lulz XD

  20. I adore the name you chose for this, and I think it DOES look very modern retro! I agree, it does have a 50's vibe to it because of the colours, but it's modern because a 50's lady might WEAR these colours but not in her makeup! Cool look!

  21. Love this look! You pull it off beautifully, and I kind of think your hair looks a bit Victorian in the last pic, anyway. Kind of mussed Victorian, rather than perfectly-coiffed Victorian, but still. Awesome.


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