Sunday, 28 August 2011


In the last few days I've found a tonne of emails about my blogsale in my junk folder. I've replied to all the ones I've found but it's possible I've missed some. If you've sent an email about the sale and not had a reply please resend it. Very sorry for any inconvinience!

I've also been utterly rubbish at replying to comments recently, I'm about to go on a huge commenting binge now so if you've left me anything I should have a response up soon. Again I'm very sorry!  

I've got quite a few indie reviews coming up, including Geek Chic cosmetics, Linnaeus cosmetics, and some Evil Shades product reviews. I've also started buying bits and pieces from time to time for a giveaway, I hope by the time I get to 800 followers I'll have collected enough for a good prize :)

Thank you for reading! x


I love comments and try to reply to every one i get.