Saturday, 13 August 2011

Style Icons - Gary Le Strange

When asked what 'style' or 'look' I have I'm always a bit confused as to how to describe it. I'm very eclectic, from day to day I will dress in completely different ways and mix and match styles so I really don't know what I would be considered in terms of fashion subcultures. There's always an overriding sense of bright, patterned, messiness to my look though, so i've taken to describing my fashion sense as the offspring of a clown, an 80s pop star and a scarecrow.

Well suddenly yesterday it dawned on me. I'm just a female Gary Le Strange! 

Gary is a character created by the comedian Waen Shepherd (who you may have seen playing a paedophile in The Inbetweeners). Like the love child of David Bowie, Steve Strange, Adam Ant and basically every other 80s New Romantic but without the same levels of talent and intelligence. He's a ludicrous, childish wannabe Art Pop Star, every thought of his is crammed full of pretention and crazy arty bollocks and confusion.


His songs are meant to be silly and shallow and they are, however they're really fun and beautifully written. I think it takes a lot of talent to write something so deliberately poor without it being too obviously a parody. 

With his fluffy dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair, poorly applied over-the-top makeup and clothes a bit like Lady Gaga but without the budget he really could be my twin. Also we kind of have the same figure.

You may be thinking 'Oh Lillian you so self deprecating!' but no. Yesterday when I was looking for pictures for this post my girlfriend (without knowing what I was planning on writing) pointed at Gary and said 'You see that? That's you that is!' so it's clearly not just in my head.

And to be honest I'm quite pleased. If I'm going to be compared to someone I'm quite happy for it to be Gary. There's a charming naivety about him and his determination to be as uncommercial as possible while still longing to be loved by everyone. I like the way he dresses, he has a lot of the same inspirations as me, he just takes things a step further (well a step further than I do now, I used to go around in a tricorn hat and frock coat pretending to be Adam Ant) and has more confidence and less self deprecation. Gary thinks he is the greatest and everyone who disagrees is a moron but please don't come and have a go because he is not hard enough.

So long live the Byronic Lord of Pop!


  1. He has a look of Heath Ledger about him.

    You certainly have far better skin! And better everything else.....

  2. I think you are more attractive, especially in the bosom area, but yes, I do see the link :D

  3. I have never heard of this person. =O

  4. "well i suppose silver's ok, but that's still grey in a shiny sort of way"

    ahhahahaha. new favourite.

  5. Well, maybe you two are similar, but your make-up is definitely better :)

  6. definately think you're prettier lol

  7. LOL he sounds and looks amazing XD

  8. I love your style my dear! I also love the song you posted! SWEET!

  9. jaljen:
    Heath Ledger? Really?
    I don't have better fluffy baby chick hair! :P

    Ha ha well it's good to know I have better tits than a middle aged man! XD

    He's not very famous, I think the only thing he's done that would be available in the US would be the Inbetweeners and even then he's only in two episodes.

    He's a genius :D

    I'm not so sure about that heh heh :P

    Radiant Make Up:
    Aww poor Gary :P

    I know, he's my hero!

    Thank you! He's amazing, the first two albums he did (including the one I posted) were made entirely using some rubbish music-making game on a Playstation :P

    I love him! I met him once and he was lovely :)


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