Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lillian Loves... her Tangle Teezer!

 So this is going to be a new semi-regular feature, called Lillian Loves. I never get around to posting my  monthly (or even yearly :/) favourites posts, so this is sort of my alternative. I'll just be posting certain items that I've been loving recently and why.

So the first item is the glorious Tangle Teezer. Sure it may feel incredibly light and cheap and look like something you'd use to groom a horse with, but it is the best darn hairbrush I have ever used!

I've sung the praises of this thing before but only recently have I realised just how much I've come to depend on it. My hair is a bit on the thick side, curly and naturally forms tangles and even huge dreadlock-like matts if left to it's own devices (by which I mean if it's not combed, I do wash my hair... on ocassion :P). And for the last few weeks I've been leaving it to it's own evil devices. Why? Well because Claire and I managed to lose both our  Tangle Teezers a few months ago. At first I tried to keep my hair in check with other brushes and combs but it hurt too much and I couldn't work through my tangles at all because I'd just end up ripping out the tangles and huge chunks of my hair along with them. Luckily I found some styling mousse that stops the tangling a bit and makes my hair into big chunky curls so I gave up trying to brush it and just used that. But today I discovered that Claire had bought a new holy-of-holies! 

Using it was just great. When it runs through my normal hair it's just fab, it easily, quickly and painlessly gets rid of small tangles and the rest of my insane frizz. After washing my hair this morning I was left with three huge matts that I thought even the pink plastic beauty couldn't handle. And it took a little time, and a little wincing, but I got those matts detangled without pulling half my hair out!

Also back before I lost the first 2 and was using one religiously, I swear it made a difference to my hair's texture. It became much less prone to matting and just felt and looked a bit smoother and softer. I don't know how it happened, it could be a coincidence as my more recent hair growth hasn't been damaged by bleach like the ends have. But I do think that using the Tangle Teezer made at least a little difference. And even if it didn't I'd still love it because it's the only hairbrush I've ever found that is practically painless for me to use (it's painless unless I have a big matt)

(my family calls hair matts 'sheep knots', which I thought was normal but after googling it, it appears that noone else uses that expression! Bloody family slang)

Claire has also grown to love the Teezer. She wanted to weigh in with her opinions. It really sounds like a cheesy advert but it's what she thought!:

'Since bleaching about 8 years ago and not stopping to let my poor hair recover since, a particular section of my hair near my hairline on both sides of my head keeps breaking off and never gets longer than about 2inches long. Since I started using the Tangle Teezer, those little bits have actually started to grow, and look a lot less frizzy than they used to. And since I'm pretty horrible to my hair, if the Tangle Teezer can do that singlehandedly, I never want to be without one!'

So yeah, I love this guy.

*despite the ridiculous gushing this is all my own thoughts, I bought this myself and have recieved no form of compensation for writing this post. I just really love this!*


  1. I have long, wavy hair that tends to get poofy and tangles easily. After taking a shower I used to just pull on all the tangles with a regular brush and it caused a lot of breakage because I have zero patience. The Tangle Teezer gets out my tangles like nothing else and I have seen so much improvement in my hair.

    I was a little hesitant at first because it feel sort of cheap. But I'm with you, the tangle teezer is AWESOME. In all capital letters.

  2. I really want one of these! I regularly pull out clumps of hair because I get knots (lugs? do people say this? :p) when I try to comb it. Mine's the opposite of yours though, its really fine and a bit fragile so when I get knots my hair tends to break quite easily. So tempted to get a tangle teezer but I think they're a bit overpriced!

  3. LOL @ Family slang. A friend of mine used the word bugger entirely the wrong way because of the way her mom used it.

    Imagine her face when I explained the actual meaning of the word as our mutual English friend laughed his butt off at her.

  4. I think I'll have to get one to try. My tangles/knots are legendary!

  5. I love this! It is such a saviour!

  6. Wowwww! I actually want to try this now :)

  7. gonna mention this to my sister! I don't really like to brush my hair as it gets rid of the curls too much but her hair is finer so I think this could be a gooden!
    sheep knots... that's quite sweet!

  8. Jessi M:
    Yay! I'm glad you love it too and how impressive that it actually improved your hair! Heh heh we both totally sound like adverts :P

    I thought it was super overpriced too before I bought it, then I loved it so much it seems a complete bargain! Also if you think about it most hairbrushes are about £6 and then poncy ones can be more than £20 so it's not sooo bad. I can imagine it would be good for fine hair too, it's very gentle and doesn't tug my hair at all.

    Ha ha! My family has a lot of slang, but I totally thought 'sheep knots' was a well know expression! What did she think bugger meant? :D

    You should give it a try if you can, it really is fab!

    It is! All hail the Teezer :D

    It is really great, if you have knotty hair then I really recommend it!

    I only really brush my hair when it's wet and I find that keeps my curls looking good. But yeah, you should tell her if she tends to get tangles. And glad you like sheep knots, it makes sense to me :P

  9. Yep, *totally* getting one of these for my husband. Thanks for sharing!


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