Thursday, 7 July 2011


So sometime between last night and now I got my 700th and 701st followers!
All I can say is, well, wow! Thank you so so much. It absolutely amazes me that so many people could possibly be interested in my little witterings.

I know this may sound super silly but it really makes me feel wonderful to know that there are people who like my blog and what I have to say. At the moment I'm very isolated, I have few friends and I'm too anxious to see the ones I do have very often and so being able to talk to people over the internet really means a lot. Keeping this blog has helped my confidence in ways I can't really describe.

Hopefully soon I'll have the finances or find some other way to do a giveaway so I can give something back to you, but for now I'll just say that I am so grateful and I just hope I can keep entertaining you!



  1. congratulations - it's so great that you have so many people supporting your blog, I really do feel like you deserve it.. I've been following you for a while and really love how your so down to earth and real. You seem to give your all when blogging and are such an inspiration to my blog. I have only just started out really and am trying to get my blog out there. I'm normally too shy to comment on peoples blogs and am scared people will get angry at me for trying to promote it on theirs. But it would be lovely if you could check my blog out.

    lots of love and congratulations again Natalie xxx

  2. Aww congrats! You so deserve it and I hope it helps give you even a tiny bit more confidence :)

  3. Congratulations Lillian! You are one of my favorite people I have met through this whole blogging adventure. You're beautiful, unique, and funny as hell. It genuinely makes me feel good reading what you have to say and seeing your pictures. I hope those dumb people approve your appeal or I may just have to fly over there and kick some butts!

  4. You deserve every one and more. This is reeeeeeeeeally lame of me to say, but I've followed your blog for a long time and when you started to follow me I was so happy, ha ha! Big wet sloppy kiss :)

  5. Natalie:
    Thank you so much! I really do love blogging, I find it really fun. I'm following you now :) personally I don't mind at all if people want to share their blog links but some people do. If you comment people often will look at your blog without you needing to leave a link so maybe that's best?

    Thank you. I feel a lot less anxious about posting or commenting on other peoples blogs now. It's also just nice to know that I'm making some sort of impact on the world as at the moment my life seems a little bit pointless. x

    Thank you!

    Jessi M :
    Wow, I don't even know what to say to that. Thank you so much.
    I'm not getting my hopes up about my appeal but I'm getting a lot of evidence that I'm genuinely sick (3 different doctors having diagnosed me with the same problem and saying it's very severe, character references etc) so I'm hopeful. Even if I lose I'm not feeling too terrible anymore as I've realised that with the secret shop Claire and I are going to open I can claim return to work credits, which hopefully will be enough to keep me going. Thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot.

    Aww thank you so much! You're so sweet. And that's not lame, thats ridiculously flattering! I feel all smug :P

  6. Congratulations. (:
    You really do deserve it.

  7. lordy that is a lot! I almost didn't want to comment because right now you have 7 comments, but I'm sure the spell would be broken soon because we're all very fond of you!

  8. I guess the date is mystical enough!

  9. I'm one of your new followers, I've really enjoyed reading your posts and have great empathy on your current situation regarding the DWP, being in a VERY similar position myself. The thing about the DWP medical is that it is still greatly based on physical problems as opposed to mental health issues. I fought for ages before my appeal was won, and most appeals ARE won simply because they know their initial decision is wrong and are relying on most people being too scared or too uneducated to know they can appeal, which is sadly too often the case. Fight for your rights sweetie, I know the Scottish system is different from the English, but if there's anything I can do to help please let me know!


  10. Congrats Lillian, you totes deserve it <3

  11. Congrats!
    BTW, I tagged you in an award on my blog :)


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