Monday, 18 July 2011

Some High Voltage Cosmetics Lip swatches and Amped Up Gloss Review

About a month ago High Voltage had a little sale where you could get 5 lip products for $20 and as their lip products are some of my favourites in the whole world I had to indulge myself :)

So I got: 

3 lip candies in Neostyle, Orestea and Ultra Violet
A lip whip in She's got the Look
and an Amp'd Up Gloss in Jukebox


Since I made my last order the products have all changed appearance. The lip candies used to be in clear pots, now they are black and the lip whips briefly changed into the tubes you can see above but are now back in the squeezy tubes (which personally I prefer). Both the Amped up Gloss and Lip Whip have new labels which look really awesome but have some problems. While personally I don't pay much attention to my makeups ingredients I know it's very important to a lot of people.  Unfortunately the silver writing on black is very hard to read, parts of the list is cut off on the round label and the ink comes off the rectangle label very easily. If this can be sorted out then the new labels would be brilliant, they look really cool and professional. But at the moment the old lip candy labels are better for clarity.

Amp'd Up Gloss lid

Lip Whip label


Lip Candy label (this is on the bottom of the pots, the tops are plain)


The Lip Whip in She's Got The Look is a lovely pale, slightly muted, coral peachy colour.  


This is about as close as I come to nude lips and I really like it. It's not bright and brash like most of my lip colours but it's not dull or drab either and I don't feel naked wearing it. I didn't like the new lip gloss style packaging as much as the old squeezy tubes but it was perfectly adequate and it's a moot point now as Jasmine has reverted back to the old packaging :P

Now here are the three Lip Candies.

Orestea. This is a cool slightly blue toned mint green. On the website it looks like a proper turquoise colour and is described as a teal-green but while it's got a hint of blue it's definately a minty green. 

Ultra Violet is a fantastic slightly metallic pale-ish purple (less blue than it looks in my photo)

Neostyle is an amazing colour. It's a bright cyan blue with a gorgeous violet shimmer which of course I couldn't capture at all in the photo. 

It was a limited edition colour from a sci-fi future themed collection (the name of which I have forgotten). While it's gorgeous it has a completely different formular from all the other lip candies. It's very... liquidy and thin. It's also sheerer and wears off quicker than the usual lip candies. It's beautifully glossy though!
Here it is after about 2 hours: 

The wear certainly isn't bad but it's not as good as the usual lip candies which are just amazing. 

Finally I tried my first Amp'd Up Gloss. This is Juke Box which is probably my perfect purple. The Amp'd Up Gloss formula is good but personally I prefer the lip candies and lip whips. It's a very thick gloss texture and is opaque, which is great! You can apply just a light layer and it's sheerer but still beautifully pigmented. It's also very comfortable, it feels like I'm wearing a nice moisturising lipstick instead of a sticky gloss. However I find that it wears off quite fast. I've seen other reviews which say these last like lipsticks or leave a stain which I didn't find at all, so perhaps I got a dodgy one? Also if I apply it heavilly so it's opaque I can see little gritty bits. I can't feel them at all and they wear off after a while but it looks a bit weird at first. 

Here's a light application: 


And here's an opaque application:


And here it is after about two hours:  

So, yeah, I think it's a good gloss but I'm not sure if I would buy more because I prefer High Voltages other lip products. If I could get this colour in the Lip Candy formula I would be a very very happy bunny :)

 Well worth my 20 bucks!:D


  1. SO Cute! I love the colors

  2. I like the lip whip you got. I'm into colors like that lately...I like to think they make my lips look bigger. :P

  3. Gorgeous. I love Orestea, it's gorgeous! I'll check my Juke Box for you if you like and see if mine is similar to yours - I know purples can be a bit funny.

  4. I really need to not look at High Voltage swatches. I. WANT.

  5. I love High Voltage lip stuff!
    I have Amp'd Up Gloss in Devious, it is my favorite lip ANYTHING seriously it's so good!

  6. cool! The blues are really interesting, I can imagine them worn with rococo style clothing!
    neo style is probably my favourite.

  7. Holy god, Ultra Violet is perfection on you, actually all of them are! Even Orestea suits. I think you can pull off any color (and you should be a lip model, for serious)

  8. Juke Box is gorgeous, such a lovely purple! I have She's Got The Look in the tube with the doe foot packaging, it's a lovely pale peachy colour, but I think I'm going to try and put it in another container, it's slightly too thick and sticks to the edges where I can't reach it! Glad she decided to go back to the squeezy tubes :)
    The lip powders are quite fun too, they transform my more boring lipsticks into more fun ones :) xx

  9. Bloody hell I need all of these, especially Ultraviolet and Juke Box! She's Got The Look is sooooo much nicer on you than me, on me it's too light and pink and I look like an awful stripper :(

  10. Where can I purchase high voltage cosmetics? I have been searching with no luck. I would really appreciate it if you can send me the link. Thanks so much.


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