Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sugarpill reformulated Chromalusts

Claire is a huuuge Sugarpill fan (as am I) and basically as soon as Amy releases anything new she will buy it. So when Sugarpill brought out some new Chromalust colours late last year (I believe, it's been a while...) Claire instantly grabbed them. Then a while later 2 of the colours were reformulated because Amy wasn't quite happy with them and because she is great and wondrous she offered to send Claire replacements with the new formula. So when they arrived I nicked them so I could compare the new formula to the old one. And then of course I procrastinated for months and months until finally this week I decided to get off my big lazy bum and do it!

Firstly Paperdoll.

Paperdoll is a gorgeous light lilacy purple colour with tonnes of silver sparkle. In each of the 3 photos below the new formula is on the left hand side.

You can see that in the pot the new version looks slightly sparklier but when swatched they're pretty much identical. 

Then I applied them. The left eye (with the brown beauty spot) has the new formula, the right has the old.

Wearing them I found that the new formula was slightly more pigmented, while the old is ever so slightly chalkier. Still it's not bad at all. You can see from the photo with both eyes in shot they look the same unless you're really close up.

So then I decided to see if there was any difference in how they would wear. I wore them for about 5/6 hours without any primer. Here's what happened after that time:

You can see that the second eye with the old formula has faded slightly more but neither has really creased and there isn't much difference between them.

Now Birthday Girl. This is a lovely light pink with sparkle (which looks sort of pinky/bronzey to me). Again the new formula is on the left.

And as with Paperdoll, the new formula looks a bit sparklier in the pot but there's no real difference when they're swatched.

Again it seems to me that the new formula (again where the beauty mark is) is slightly more pigmented and I found the old formula slightly harder to apply but they're basically the same.

With this colour I decided to give it a real run for it's money and wore it for 12 hours without any primer. Here's what I was left with:

You can see that this is where the old formula falls down. While both have faded considerably (really what can you expect after 12 hours with no primer?) the new formula is noticeably more pigmented and hasn't really creased while the old formula is nearly gone and has a huge crease.

So basically what I've realised from my experiment is that Amy is a bloody perfectionist :P 
No seriously, the new formula is better but the old formula certainly wasn't bad! The new is slightly more pigmented, applied slightly easier and wore slightly better for up to 5 hours but there wasn't really much difference. The only real big contrast is that after I'd worn it for a long, long time the old formula had faded and creased a lot more. However as I've said I tested them both without a primer, I'm sure with one both the old and new versions would last longer. So the new formula is better but if you bought the colours when they first came out I wouldn't bother buying the new as replacements. 

*I didn't purchase these myself. The old versions were bought by Claire and the new versions were sent to her as a gift by Amy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)


  1. It inspires a lot of confidence in the brand that they are diligent enough to reformulate even just to make a small difference. The colours are beautiful, I have never tried Sugarpill, but I may well have to...

  2. Such gorgeous colors, I really love Birthday Girl on you, it looks great with your pretty eye colour! :) xx

  3. I freaking love the pink! The new formula definitely looks better

  4. Thanks for the comparison. I guess I didn't realize she came out with a new formula. Both of the formulas look great, but you can definitely see the difference in the two based on their wear.

  5. Dude, no creasing without primer?! Sign me up! I need to try these already. Great review.

  6. I love the color of birthday girl! Such a pretty pink

  7. Really enjoyed this! Been wanting to get my hands on some Paperdoll.The more swatches I see of it the more in love with it I fall.Great job on the wear tests.

  8. Great post! I swatched these at a con (yes, Sugarpill was at and con and omgitwasamazing) and I think they must have been the old formula because they were a bit patchy and chalky. Thanks for the comparisons :D


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