Monday, 4 July 2011

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Wow haven't I been good? I've posted every day for a whole week! I think that might be a first in the whole history of this blog :O I feel really good about it, It's been fun! Hopefully I'll keep this up as long as possible, though I ain't promisin' nothin' :P I shouldn't be too proud anyway as today's post is just a sort of round-up as I've been both busy and ill today.

Firstly I wanted to say thank you so so much to everyone who is now following my hosiery blog, I'm very touched that so many people are interested in seeing picture after picture of my legs and read me wittering on about tights.

People are beginning to get their second videos up over at The Makeup Heroes so check them out! I'm not sure when I'll even get to film mine though as I lost my voice over the weekend. It's back now but I'm very croaky and incomprehensible :(

I've realised that I forgot to describe how the Intertubes wear on me in the Shiro review so have added something in now if you're interested.

I'm sorry I'm taking forever to reply to some comments, I've been busy working on the secret project, being poorly and finding things for my blog sale, but I'll have them done in the next couple of days I swear!
Speaking of the blog sale, I'm been quite ruthless and so I have a lot more to sell than I expected. I reckon I should have it all ready by the weekend. Once I've got it ready I'll tell you and schedule it for a couple of days later (so possibly sunday) so you all know when it will start. I've got lots of good stuff including Illamasqua, Mac, Philosophy, Barry M, Sleek and Models Own :)

I made the first of my series of looks at the weekend, complete with a (probably quite rubbish) photo tutorial. I'll give you a little clue as to what the looks are based on: poooonnniiieeeesss!

And now because a post with no pictures is no fun, look at this tiny baby froglet I found in my garden!

(he's under the cut because I know some people are squeamish about amphibians. I don't understand how, he's soooo cute!)

Look at his grumpy little face!

Poor guy, he doesn't want to be so close to my giant face!

He's brand new! :O


  1. Cute,I love froggies,especially little baby ones!

  2. He is so tiny and cute! That's awesome that you are going to have a blog sale. I don't even know how that works.

  3. He is too cute!
    The blog sale interests me, but I've never taken part in one and don't really understand how it would work.

  4. Cute frog! I'm going to head over to the Makeup Heros and check out the next round of videos! I've been enjoying learning a bit more about my favorite bloggers! Can't wait to see what else is in store!

  5. MEGASQUEE, I love frogs! And also your legs/tights!

  6. The frog is gorgeous! Really looking forward to this blog sale.

  7. Angela:
    Babies are always the best :P

    I know, he's too cute to be real!
    Whats gonna happen with my blog sale is I'll list all the products with photos and descriptions (how much i've used them if at all etc) and the price I want and I'll leave my email up. So if you want anything you email me telling me what you want, once I get the email I'll say the item is 'pending' so other people don't try and buy it and send you a paypal invoice. Then when you've paid that I'll say it's sold and get it ready to ship to you. That's basically it, but they'll be a full list of rules on the sale post when it's up :)

    I know, I want him to be my froggy boyfriend!
    I replied to Pang just above you about the blog sale :)

    The Peach:
    Cheers! I hope you enjoy all the videos! Mine should be up in the next few days :)

    I know, so so tiny :O

    ME TOO!!! :P

    Thank you, I hope the sale lives up to your expectations!

  8. Aww that froggie is cute! Also excited for the blog saaaale :D

  9. internationallyspicy:
    I want him to stay in our garden forever! And yay, hope you like it!

  10. kathyeffingjacobs:
    I know! I';ve seen smaller though, once I held one the size of my little fingernail <3

  11. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW the froggie is too cute!


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