Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Evil Shades Swatches

Hullo everyone.
Since my last Evil Shades post I've had two small (practically all sample) hauls. So in this post I have swatches for:
9 Deviant lipstick colours,
4 blushes,
 11 eyeshadows,
 6 Spectrum Pots (these were free samples)
7 Hardcore Lips glosses
Also (this isn't photographed because I forgot to :P) Andrea was lovely and sent me a pot containing all she had left of her indulgent cuticle cream. I had a sample of it before and looooved it but was sadly it was discontinued. I'll be reviewing this too sometime soon. It's my favourite ever cuticle cream and I'm dreading the pot running out!

Here's swatches of everything. There's a review on the way for the spectrum pots, if you'd like a review of anything else then just ask :)

First here are swatches of all the deviant lipstick colours I got:

Fateful - black with a small amount of purple glitter:

Lots more after the cut!

 Corruption - brownish purplish shade with a silvery sheen

Corset - dark blood red


 Silk Stockings - nude with a blue shift

 Fearless - bright bright almost neon pink


 Mage - slightly metallic green


Cyanide - awesome really cold blue with a tiny bit of a grey tone that doesn't show in my picture


Dark Princess - perfect royal purple

Those were all samples, I did get one full size lipstick. Here is the current lipstick packaging. It's a skinny lipbalm style tube. I like it better than the old packaging, I find it easier to apply a lip balm style lipstick when it's thinner. And the label is so cute!

More Synth is a limited edition glitter lipstick. It's sheer with multi coloured glitter.

And here it is over Mac Russian Red:

Now have some blushes:


Left: Ceylon- a peachy pink with a stong gold duochrome and a tiny hint of green.
Right: Twizted. Amazing blue with pink duochrome! Ok most people probably wouldn't wear blue blusher but I would! During my teenage punk years I used to wear neon lime green eyeshadow with gold glitter as a blush. Oh boy I was the coolest XD

Left: China Doll - peachy pinky colour with a silver sheen
Right: Atomic - fantastic bright bright orange with a pinky-violet duochrome

And some eyeshadows:


Left: Filigree -  reddish copper with golden shimmerm
Middle: Polestar - metallic midnight blue with a lighter blue/pink duochromish sheen and silver glitter <3
Right: Cranberry Champagne - shimmering brownish dark brick red with golden glitter
(these 3 are from the Auld Lang Syne collection)


Left - right: Beach Party, Beach Party over white eyeliner, Beach Party over black eyeliner.  
My swatches don't show this off at all. Over white it looks pink, over black it looks blue and on it's own it's a sheer white. It also has coppery-pinky sparkle. SO COOL!
(This is from the Summer Lights collection)

Left: Faerie Dreams - slightly blue based shimmering green
Middle: Faeries Song - shimmering dusky purple
Right:  Faerie Dance - shimmering cobalt lye (this was my favourite and guess what? My bad dog ate it! X/)
These were from the Faerie collection

Left: Illusive - matte mauve, slightly chalky
Right: Morose - matte blue with a tiny bit of glitter, slightly chalky


Left: Sweater Girl - matte neonish yellow. A little chalky.
Right: Wiggle Dress - fantastic black matte with big red glitter (don't worry it's eyesafe) my stupid camera couldn't pick up the glitter :(
These were from the Pin Up collection

The new Spectrum pots:

Left - right: Photonic Green, Nano Yellow, Pink Prysm, Copper Reflection, Gamut Blue, Visible Violet
I won't describe these as I have a full review coming up :)
And finally the Hardcore Lip Glosses 
Samples of these have just become available because previously Andrea didn't have any packaging that could work for them. But she found these absolutely adorable little pots! 

Anastasia - Shimmering slightly purple navy blue with brighter blue sheen

Not Your Barbie - Bright bright barbie pink with no shimmer (my favourite)


Scream - Shimmery yellow toned orange with a green sheen (that my camera couldn't capture)


Dragons Wing - shimmering green with silver and turquoise sheen

Astraels Embrace - shimmering dark dark purple with blue sparkle.

This colour was previously available as a 'liquid sin' gloss which was more sheer but had more obvious blue glitter. Here it is:

And finally a while ago I bought a full size of Just Like Candy Hardcore lips and found it was sheerer than I have expected. Andrea contacted me a while later and said that she thought I might have got some from a bad batch (her supplier mislabelled some mica) and so she would send me a new one.

Swatched you can see a big difference:

Top: New batch
Bottom: Old batch

But on my lips I found they were pretty much identical:

Just Like Candy (new)


Just Like Candy (old)

These were probably my favourite ever hauls from Evil Shades. The lipsticks I got are absolutely amazing colours and I'll be buying a lot of full sizes. I even found a nude I absolutely love in Silk Stockings! While some of the eyeshadows didn't 'wow' me I absolutely love the Auld Lang Syne collection and Wiggle Dress is just so so cool! And I've only just realised how much I adore all of the blushes I have from Evil Shades, I think they have some of the most unique blush colours ever. I'm very pleased and will be making a big order whenever I get some funds :)


  1. Ooooh, crud, I need More Synth! I wasn't going to get it because I wasn't sure if it would layer well - physically, I mean - but it looks good!

  2. Corset looks very different on you than it does me!

  3. Loving the look of the summer lights collection, there's something about pastels that can't be resisted. Silk Stockings looks fabulous too! Makes me wish I didn't bite my lippy off. :P

  4. I love silk stockings! I didn't like the look of the glitter lipstick though :(

  5. Love your lip swatches!

  6. Evil Shades is by far one of my favorite companies! I've had nothing but good experiences with Andrea and her products! Not Your Barbie and Fearless are pretty pink lippies! Can't wait for your review of the Spectrum Pots. I have the violet one and really like it! Thanks for all the swatches!

  7. Oh, how did you find the glosses? I got Dragon's Wing recently, and it was damn beautiful, but I don't know if the texture was always like that or if it'd just separated a bit in the boiling mailbox.

  8. I MUST have Dark Princess! Wow! I've never tried Evil Shades before, clearly I am missing out.

  9. Silk Stockings look great. It looks perfectly nude. :)

  10. PLEASE do a look with Twizted! I am so curious about how a blue blush would work.

  11. Sometimes the colors look very startling when applied and is easy to create a very attractive and one in a crowd look.

  12. Oh dear. Corruption, Silk Stalkings, and Fearless need to jump into my lippie drawer RIGHT NOW!

  13. Silk Stockings is the only nude I wear. Love Evil Shades, it's so awesome to see them go from strength to strength.

  14. Oh dear, I need everything you swatched D: particularly Not Your Barbie, Corset, Cyanide, Dark Princess and More Synth. You are evil, woman! :D

  15. I only tried Evil Shades recently, but I love the blushes and Deviant lipsticks, fearless is my favourite and it look gorgeous on you, aparently it's meant to glow under UV light, but I haven't tested this yet, would be awesome though! :)
    Not Your Barbie is fantastic, it's like super neon goo! xx

  16. I collect purple lipsticks and recently ordered Dark Princess. Now that I've seen a great shot of it on someone's lips, I'm even more excited for the package to arrive. It may be the perfect true purple!

  17. Awesome lip swatches!!! I really need to place an order with Evil Shades, I want so many of these.

  18. You have such beautiful lips :) !

    I love the pinks - Fearless and Not Your Barbie ^_^ .

  19. The colors are GORGEOUS indeed, but I've recently purchased a sample of the Hardcore lipglosses and the color was awesome...but it tasted horribly :S

    Maybe mine was like that or maybe is the regular scent they used idk


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