Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sawchestra Outfit

A couple of Saturdays ago Claire and I went to see my friend Foz's Sawchestra, which is an orchestra of musical saw players. They play along to silent films, that day we went to see The Adventures of Prince Achmed which was a fantastic old animation made from shadow puppets or silhouettes or something. 
Foz is probably the most amazing person I will ever meet.  He's the guitar player for my second favourite band in all the world, David Devant and his Spirit Wife. He plays just about every stringed instrument under the sun as well as the melodica, saw and various toy instruments. He likes all good things like puppets and art and magic and everything I like too. He's also an amazing graphic artist, he designed the Pop Idol logo! Despite being busy and cool and doing fantastic exciting things he always has time for me and is the sweetest, kindest man. His whole family are amazing too, his wife writes for various theatre magazines and teaches dancing and his sons make films and study circus skills! I want to live with them in their lovely house in Brighton!

Anyway here's what I looked like. These photos were taken after I got home so the makeup is several hours old. 

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02, Mac Wonder Woman blush in Mighty Aphrodite
Eyes: High Voltage Cosmetics Brow powder in Redhead, Mac Vex eyeshadow, Sugarpill Tako Pressed Eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, black mascara
Lips: Mac Dame Edna lipstick in Kanga-Rouge

And here's my outfit, once again situated right near the bin: 

The pom-pom headband and dress are from Asos
Tights are from urban Outfitters (and featured in today's tights post at my other blog :) ) 

And behind the cut I pull some Funny Faces!:

I'm the most beautiful girl in all of Puppetland!


  1. That dress is fantastic!!!

  2. Robyn:
    Thank you! I got it in the sale in both colours, it's only £15 :)

  3. I love your outfit! Also, it doesnt look like your makeup is several hours old

  4. I have so much love for your hair and makeup! Not to mention your adorable outfits <3 xx

  5. Your taste in clothes is awesome. Every time I see one of your outfit post I want to rip open my closet and look for a pair of printed or textured tights :)
    And I love how you always post those "funny" faces, it's really something different than whta yous ee every day in the beauty blogger community!

  6. Mighty Aphrodite and Kanga-Rouge look so beautiful on you! I love that dress, too.

  7. Oh man, I want to go see musical saws! It sounds like it'd be really cute and weird.

    Your makeup is lovely as usual, you always look like a little porcelain doll! And I LOL'd at "once again situated right near the bin" XD

  8. I'm jealous of your outing! Sounds perfect!

    I love the classic colours of your outfit/look, very sweet, the matching dots look great! and the little pom pom- so vintage!

    your eyes look incredible in the second funny pic, I just tried it out lol, never seen myself look so manic (though I'm sure others have), one popping eye ahhhh!!

  9. sepia_raven:
    Thank you!

    Cheers :)

    Thanks! You're right, it's mostly good but my lipstick needed reapplying :P

    Aww you're so sweet! I'm very flattered :)

    Awww thank you, that's such a lovely compliment! I really just own too many clothes and often shove them together in random combinations :P
    And what can I say, funny face by name ;D
    I just feel my face can look too bizarre to not share it with everyone!

    Thank you! Kanga-Rouge is possibly my all-time favourite lipstick and Mighty Aphrodite is fast becoming my go-to blush!

    It's lovely! I adore the sound of saws and you get to play along with percussion instruments too! I had an amazing whistle thing.
    It's annoying, in the day we can take photos in my pretty garden but at night the only place in my whole house that has good enough lighting for photos is right next to that horrible bin!

    It was very nice, though I got a bit panicky at times :/

    Thank you, I thought it was a nice outfit, all matchy-matchy :)
    And that's my go-to funny face to pull! :P

  10. Cute dress! I think a Sawchestra sounds really neat, I'd love to see that someday.


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