Thursday, 28 July 2011

Harry Potter face!

Last thursday I went to see Harry P and the Hallows of D at the Imax. It was fantastic! I'm a super Har Poz nerd so was basically vibrating with excitement the whole week before I saw it and haven't been able to stop talking about it since. I'm sad it's all over though. 

Here is my face:



Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02, ELF Studio pink passion blush, High Voltage Cosmetics Brow Powder in Redhead, Avon Supershock gel eyeliner pencil in Silver, Makeup Store glitter eyeliner in silver hologram.
Lips: Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Dazed

I couldn't wear any mascara as I knew I was going to cry. And I did. A lot. Ridiculously.
And then to add even more stupidity to my look: 

Oh boy am I the coolest!

By the way thank you to everyone who sent my Mum birthday wishes or good luck to Neil with his eye operation. Annoyingly the op was put off for the second time so everyone's a bit fed up! It's a serious operation and it being moved back is very stressful. Especially for poor Neil.

Anyone here Harry Potter fans? If so who's your favourite? Currently mine is Neville because I just want to marry him and have lots of lovely fictional rufty.


  1. Snape. Has been since the beginning. You people doubted Snape, but I knew. I KNEW!!!


    Sucks about the operation being put off! I hate it when docs pull that crap :/

  2. I love Neville. My favorite character's always been Hagrid, though. He was the first kindness young Harry ever knew and was a friend right through to the end. Love him. Love the glasses, BTW!

  3. You're adorable and I am kidnapping you.

    I saw that with my dad the other day (only right - he took me to the first movie when I was but a wee kitten). I was like "YOU CAN'T KILL SNAPE. HE'S ALAN RICKMAN. YOU JUST CAN'T KILL HIM. BECAUSE HE'S BRITISH AND WELL YOU'RE NOT".

    Do you know how upset i was over weasley death and tonks and lupin death? BEST CHARACTERS. Y U DIE. But it was okay, because the head werewolf guy? hot. @-@

    Also techinically neville was the hero. Neville saved the day. It was all neville.

  4. I'm too old for Potter. But not too old to LOVE your look.

    JK should write you into a book. Then you could be in the film! I don't see why Hogwarts shouldn't have an Instructor in the Art of Beauty Bewitchery.

  5. PLEASE WEAR THOSE GLASSES EVERY DAY. I know just what you mean about 'basically vibrating with excitement,' I get all jittery when I'm excited... and sometimes squealy, too. In the books, Harry, Sirius and Luna are my faves, though I do really like Lupin too, and my favourite 'baddy' is Kreacher.

    I *did* wear mascara to the film.... stupid. We saw the first DH at like 9.00 and then the new film at midnight and my face was ruined before the new one even started!

  6. Neville was always my favorite character, he went from adorably clumsy to freaking bad ass! More character development then anyone else in the series.
    The twins were a close second though they always got the best lines.

  7. Ahh mah gawd, those glasses! Those are so awesome! I've always liked Harry Potter, but never obsessed over it. My brother is obsessed, however. He is known for his stoicism and after much cajoling on my part he admitted to me that he cried a little when the movie was over.

    And poor Neil! I hope everything works out for him and they are able to fix his eye.

  8. Haha that is awesome :D When we went to see it my bf dressed up as HP lol! And we went to an over 18 showing. Although a girl there was dressed up as Luna too: so jealous I didn't!

  9. Those glasses are amazing, the silver lightning bolt adds a fabulously nerdy twist. :D

  10. I like your silver lightning bolt!

  11. Oh, I'm a HUGE Hermione fan! I can relate to her attitude toward magical creatures and to how logical she is--she really won me over in the 3rd book with her reaction to divination!
    I didn't think I would like Harry Potter before I started reading the books, but I was just so pleasantly surprised by what a great writer J. K. Rowling is! It must have been great for fans of a certain age to grow up with the stories. I mean, the stories get increasingly mature and I think that is such a nice thing for kids who started with book 1.

  12. Sirius was my favorite. I cried bucketloads when he died. And I always had a soft spot for Hedwig, even though she's not really a "big" character, I loved her anyway.

  13. LOL you are too damn cute! I love that you didn't wear mascara, hahaha.

    NGL I love Draco, and I didn't love Luna until the movies.

  14. I went to see it opening night and I wish I had thought about doing some Slytherin-inspired makeup, like a sparkly emerald green with sparkly silver and some black eyeliner. I love your version of the scar, its so cool and would not have thought about doing that myself!

    Snape is my favorite, he was just so cool and severe, I love him! I also like Lucius (okay more of a crush) and Draco (although he's a coward in disguise), and pretty much the dark wizards, and of course Hermione because she's intelligent and brave, unlike most major female characters (although she was really annoying with "S.P.E.W." in the fourth book). Aside from Snape, I really liked Lupin and it was so sad that he died, especially when they actually show him lying on the ground. I like him because he was a wise and noble character that never seemed to have ulterior motives at all, he's just awesome.

    It was so sad that Fred Weasley died too, it was so unnecessary!

  15. Ohgod those glasses and you are adorable! Aaaah I saw it too, and I'm sad it's finally reached its conclusion. I can't really peg my favorite character in the Harry Potter series, though. I really like Snape and Luna in particular.

  16. YOu look too cute!! I am a HUGE HP geek!!! My favorites characters are Snape and the Twins <3 I am so sad that its over!!! T_T

  17. You look WAY too cute with the glasses on! I love the little glittery bolt on your forehead too!


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