Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Things I want but can't afford number 2

Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes! 

A year or two ago if anyone asked me whether I would ever consider spending £16 on a nail polish I would have fallen about laughing. Oh how I wish I could go back to those days! It's all evil nail blogs fault  I never would have known about this brand if I didn't follow them! Now I'm longing for these so much I'm feebly trying to justify the cost. Some of them are just so cool and unique. I mean look at this, Funky Chunky:

(photo nicked from Vampy Varnish)
It's just... SO COOL! Huge black sequin chunks all covered in a black creme like tar or something.

While the creme and shimmer polishes don't really thrill me to much I love basically all the glitter polishes. Bad Romance, Glitter in the Air, Across the Universe, Marquee Moon and most especially Happy Birthday! 

Ohh Happy Birthday. It's called a 'party in a bottle' which is just the perfect way to  describe it. The bright, multicoloured, different shaped and sized glitters remind me so much of being a small child at a birthday party. Or well the aftermath anyway! Floors strewn with confetti, streamers, party hats and so on. And those thoughts give me happy memories of jelly and icecream and musical chairs and party bags.

While there are some very, very similar polishes around (Milani Gems which I own, Wet N Wild Party of 5 Glitters, Ulta Pinyata-Yada-yada) none are complete exact dupe as none of those have the tiny square shaped glitters. 

Now I had decided to just give up on my high end dreams and collect more of the cheaper dupes came along but then I saw this:

This is a new collection for Nordstrum in the US that should be coming out any day now. It contains Happy Birthday and two very similar polishes but with sheer pink and black bases. SO SO AWESOME!
And my little evil brain is going 'hmmm well it's $42 for 3 polishes, that's only $14 a bottle. That's about £9 and they sell for £14 -£18 over here. I'D BASICALLY BE MAKING MONEY!'

Somebody stop me before I shop again! D:


  1. Oh I know your pain! There's so many of them that I want, Funky Chunky being high on that list!

  2. My Happy Birthday is on its way to me now and I am so so so excited. IN fact I need to do my nails tonight, but I almost don't want to until my amazing new purchase comes

  3. I love Debora Lippmann. I desperately want "Some Enchanted Evening" I feel that my life won't be complete without it!

  4. "And my little evil brain is going 'hmmm well it's $42 for 3 polishes, that's only $14 a bottle. That's about £9 and they sell for £14 -£18 over here. I'D BASICALLY BE MAKING MONEY!'"

    I do that too. Glad I'm not the only one who's a little sick in the head that way. =P

  5. Omgggggg! I love the party in a bottle!

  6. I'm with you, I think I need that Happy Birthday set and I'm just trying to justify the cost. But these are just so unique I think it would worth it. Sorry to be an enabler but you should totally buy it!

  7. D:
    Now why did you have to go and show me these!?

    I am addicted to glitter polish and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get high-end brands at an actual store as I live in the land nail polish forgot. I can't even begin to imagine the shipping costs.

  8. I love the look of the pink one!

  9. Don't worry, I justify everything that way as well. I think I need Funky Chunky in my life :D

  10. I want Glitter in the Air but I'm not BUYING it. I am stronger than that!

  11. I know your pain! I was thinking of frankening something similar to glitter in the air. Too many times I have come close to buying these... so expensive! pretty! xx

  12. Aoife:
    There's no way I can ever forget all the ones I want, which is why I'm focussing on just the Happy Birthday trio and Funky Chunky!

    OH LUCKY!!! I hate you now :P

    Ha ha, that's how I feel about Happy Birthday! I NEEED it!

    Oh I'm glad I'm not alone too! :P

    I know, it really is a party in a bottle!!

    Jessi M:
    Ha ha, don't worry, I don;'t even need an enabler, I've basically decided to buy it if I can find someone in the US to CP it for me :P

    I'm so so sorry! I know, the pain is immense! Maybe you could get a CP with a lot of bottles of polish or other makeup :)

    They're all beautiful!

    I'm not even sure Funky Chunky is still available which I think is a very good thing :P

    I hope I can have your will power!

    I know, they're evil! £16 for a polish is just ridiculous, but... but they're so pretty! D: If you manage to franken anything similar then you've got to show me!

  13. I love the Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes! I know £16 is pricey, but they are so special! :D x

  14. Gemx:
    £16 is not just pricey, it's mental! But still I need them :P

  15. So not stopping you - probably going to join you! *nailpolishlust*

  16. I too know your pain, I find myself drooling over every blog post about these, they're just gorgeous!

  17. I'd love to try a couple of these polishes since I'm such a polish addict.

  18. oh I use those on polyvore! I love the colours and the shape of the bottle.

    that chunky stuff and the happy birthday are brilliant, sparkling jewels =) nail varnish is fun stuff isn't it? but still, try and hold yourself back, think of barry m crackle- isn't that just as fun?! :-p

  19. I want Bad Romance and Across the Universe SO BAD D:


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