Monday, 25 July 2011

Blog Sale - clothing

Da Rules:

Paypal only please.

Please email me at with what you want and I will invoice you as soon as possible.

After I recieve your email the item will be put on 'pending'. After I send the invoice you have 2 days to pay me otherwise it will be put back up for sale. However if you know you won't be able to pay that soon for some reason if you tell me beforehand I will keep it for you for up to a week.

Shipping within the UK will be £2.50 for most clothes or £2 for the tutus. I will combine shipping if you buy several items so please email me what you want, I will weigh everything together and find the shipping cost. If you're outside the UK the shipping will cost more so please ask me in a comment or tell me in your email and I'll get a shipping price to you.

If you want recorded delivery it will cost more, otherwise i can't be held responsible if anything happens once i've sent the package. I will get proof of postage with every parcel. I've described the items well and honestly so i'm afraid there's no refunds. Everything will be well wrapped so again I can't be held responsible if anything happens during shipping.

Products will be shipped ASAP after payment but I am unable to take it to the post office myself so am relying on my pack mule, Claire. I can't load her up too heavilly so it may take a day or two, I'll tell you as soon as it has been sent.
I think i've made fair prices (on quite a few i am only asking the postage costs) but feel free to make me an offer.

if you want any more photos or have any questions please just comment or email and ask.

Follow the cut for the goods :)

 Measurements were taken as accurately as possible but should be treated as approximate.


Topshop Scribble cherry dress. Has 2 patches of tiny blue marks on the bottom, one front one back. They're on the bottom of the skirt so get hidden among the pleats. They're very faint (you can see the back patch in the last photo and the front patch is lighter) and may come out in the wash.
Size Petite 14
38 inch bust
32 inch waist
Free hips
26 inches long

Asos matte black sequin dress.  Size 14 (but stretchy so can fit bigger) Measurements:
36 inches at the bust, 38 inches at the bottom but can stretch to at least 46 inches at the top and 48 at the bottom.
Never worn, only tried on. New with tags (however it may be missing a few sequins as I've never found a sequin item that doesn't shed them!) 

Handmade polka dot dress. Measures:
Bust: 36 inches 
Waist: 30 inches
Hips: Free
Length: 30 inches

Handmade poodle dress. Measures:
Bust: 36 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Hips: Free
Length: 28 inches


  1. Love the poodle dress! Tempted if the sun comes out again! x

  2. I just have to say Great info. I like how you have presented your information in excellent detail....


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