Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tangle Teezer Review

 (apologies for my absence, back to normal hopefully now :) )

I bought the Tangle Teezer on a whim one day when they was some sort of promotion in Boots where you got extra Advantage points if you bought a certain amount (i love me them points! Will i ever use them?).  I'd heard the claims it makes before but had laughed it off, especially after i got it out of the pack and saw it for myself. Not only does the ergonomic design look more like something used to groom horses than a human hair brush (though a horses hair is probably in better condition to mine...) but the bristles don't look special at all! It's hard to get a picture that will really show it (so i haven't even bothered to try and show you) but it just looks like a regular set of plastic bristles with a shorter set in between each row, really nothing special. So while i needed a new hairbrush and was sure it would work well I didn't believe it would be all that spectacular or different from a regular brush.

Oh how wrong i was! This probably will sound like I'm being paid by Tangle Teezer (I am not, bought it myself and have never been in contact with anyone vaguely related to the company as far as i know) but i can honestly say it is head and shoulders above any hairbrush or comb i have ever used.

If you can't tell from photos, my hair is a sort of straw-like, Scarecrow-esque, brittly, frizzy lump on my head (though going ginger has calmed it a little) and that's the way i like it... most of the time. I abuse it quite a bit, backcombing and hairspraying it to death and of course it had previously been bleached to almost white. Anyway because of this combing or brushing my hair was to be avoided at all costs if i didn't want to be reduced to tears and possibly break the comb. My hair was so full of tangles it could take me a good 1/4 of an hour to just comb out the tangles, which of course damaged my hair more. But this thing, this miraculous lump of plastic is a complete Godsend.

As i said before i wasn't really expecting much from it when i first used it. And to be honest the first try i wasn't that impressed, it got through all the knots and tangles well, but i had actually forgotten how hard it was to usually comb my hair. The next time i used a regular comb and after a while of pulling and wincing i decided to give the Tangle Teezer another go. To my amazement it just glided through my hair, somehow detangling effortlessly and leaving my hair all sleek and knot-free! Usually when i combed my hair i would end up actually pulling out a big knot of hair, but this thing actually seems to be able to detangle it completely, so i end up losing a lot less hair.

As a result of this my hair is sleeker and a lot easier to style. It also claims to help with split ends and to encourage growth, i haven't really seen any evidence of this yet but i haven't been using it for long enough to really see any benefits yet (if there are any). To be honest I think any powers it might have on a normal scalp will be negated by my zombie hair. But still i am so so happy that i can finally brush my hair easily and with little to no pain. It just makes life easier!
Tangle Teezer costs around a tenner and you can get it online, at Asos or at Boots and possibly other places. Personally while at first I was a little dubious that a hairbrush could be worth 10 quid (i know you can get much more expensive hairbrushes, but to me that's just crazy) but now i think it's a fine price to pay and I couldn't really cope without one. In fact I'm going to buy a back-up because i tend to lose things so often :P
If you don't have any problems with your hair tangling then I can't say if it's worth it, but if you have any tangles or knots then i think it's well worth it!


  1. Oooh, that sounds good! My hair is pretty long and fine and that plus wind = ouchies. I might have to check this out!

  2. Welcome back, I've missed you! My hair's almost waist-length now and the ends are a bloody nightmare, I think I might have to give this a go. Thanks for the review, and so glad you're back! you brighten up my Google Reader :) x

  3. Lovely to have you back! You were missed. x

  4. wow, sounds great! Thanks for the review

  5. Hi i'm a new follower on your site. awesome review! in fact I think i'm going to get this for myself.

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  6. I neeeed to find this! I have hair down to my ass, and sometimes it tries to almost-curl. Anything to gently untangle so I can cut down on damage & trims would be aweeesome. =-)

  7. Nice to see you back!

    I might get this for the gf for Christmas. Great review :-)

  8. Ooo! I need to get my hands on one of these! When I wake up in the morning the back of my head is always a tangled mess from where I've been tossing and turning during my sleep.
    Its such a pain to have to brush the knots out every's even more annoying that my BF has hair a little longer than me but he NEVER wakes up with knots!!
    I am going to look for this next time I'm in Boots! xxx

  9. I need one of these. It sounds fab :)

  10. Yay! You're back!
    I might have to get one of those for my sister if I can find it; she has lot of fine hair (makes her hair look ridiculously thick) so it knots and tangles like crazy. Thanks for sharing the review!

  11. I was sceptical about this brush, but it sounds great, I hate untangling my knotty hair! Thanks for the review! :)



    - Tiffany

  13. Oh I'm glad I saw this review! I've been getting persistent rat's nests in my hair (particularly the part closest to the nape of my neck) and I've been trying to figure out how what I can use/do in order not to rip out fistfuls of hand every time I detangle my hair. Thank you! :D

  14. Just happened on your blog and wanted to let your readers know the TT can be puchased at Sallys Beauty supply and their online store as well as amazon or the TT website...also you are absolutely right, it is an AMAZING styling tool and had replaced everything I've ever used and I'm a black woman with long thick super curly hair so I know it works for EVERYONE.


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