Saturday, 30 October 2010

Models Own Overall Review

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my photos for posts i was planning are on Claire's laptop which has died :( Hopefully will be fixed soon. I don't like using the desktop computer for the pathetic reason that the chair you sit at is hard and hurts my back. I've also been busy painting and watching rubbish/amazing films (Phantom of the Paradise and Can't Stop The Music are the latest ones) I've also been writing posts for my other blog ( so if you're interested in my rather rubbish musings on music, films and various other bits (for instance i'm writing a hideously long essay on the similarities between painting and magic for no apparent reason) you should take a look.

Anyway Models Own is a brand i have mixed feelings about. Why mixed? Well I really, really like all the products of theirs I've tried. But the brand have managed to piss me off on two occaisions. Firstly they have a facebook album where fans can send in photos to be shared and someone from the brand (I assume, why would someone not affiliated with the brand do it?) nicked some of my photos of my nail polish stash i posted and posted them without asking and without credit. Which left a bitter taste in my mouth. Taking photos from anywhere and reposting them without credit is a bit rubbish, however in this case i feel it was worse as they were basically using my photo to advertise their product, which was not what it was originally intended to do. Also as the photo doesn't show up if you google 'Models Own polish' or anything similar i assume they got it directly from my blog. In which case why not just drop me a line and ask permission? It just seemed unprofessional to me. They did however apologise and remove them after i bitched about it on twitter :P
The other reason is their recent 50% off sale. It was to celebrate them getting something like 10000 likes on facebook and ran for a week. Sounds great right? However throughout that week i tried repeatedly (at least once a day) to log on to place what would have been a very sizable order and each time i was unable to buy. I'd get to various stages, sometimes up to where i would pay and then the site would crash. Most of the time i just couldn't get onto the site in the first place. On the last day of the sale i was logging on every hour or so but never managed to make my order. And i was not alone, their facebook page was awash with complaints from people who could not log on, could not pay, had accidentally made 2 orders because they didn't think the first one had gone through. It just annoyed me a lot that nothing was done for the people who left out, except saying 'sorry, lots of people managed to get orders though'. I understand that sales have to end at some point, but when the reason people have been unable to partake is the fault of the company (in this case by not getting their website bandwidth or whatever it is ready for the obvious surge of customers) it seems unfair to me.

But as i said i do love their products. Their nail polishes in particular are pretty great. They come in about 15 million colours (ok actually 80) including some nice unsual ones like Disco Mix which is made of small purple, pink and blue glitter and lots of lovely glitters and shimmers and neons. I find they go on needing about 2-3 coats but dry really quickly and last nicely. The lipsticks are great, highly pigmented, long lasting and non-drying, they don't come in many colours but the ones they do have are refreshingly interesting, reds, neon pinks, dark purples and then nudes and pale colours as well. I really like the lipglosses too, the pigmentation depends on what colour you get, the 2 i have, Tangerine and Fuschia-Full are really pigmented, giving the same sort of look as a lipstick but shiney and wet-looking. They do feel sticky on my lips but not overly so and somehow it's sticky in a way that seems to help it stay on my lips, making it quite long lasting (for a gloss anyway). And i love their tinted lip balms, which have the same basic pigmentation as the lip glosses but feel silky and help moisturise my lips.Basically everything £5 which isn't exactly cheap but not at all expensive and besides there's always money off the nail polishes if you buy 3 or more on their website. They also do lots of products i haven't tried, false eyelashes, cheek and lip tint, brushes, powder and pressed eyeshadows. mascara, pencil eyeliners and blushers (which i've seen wonderful reviews of) and everything looks really good.

So... yeah this is an odd review. I really like all of their products that i've tried, they seem very high quality and are definately worth the price. But i don't really want to buy from them again, and i'm ok with that, which makes me think that nothing they make can be that special, or i'd be more upset about it.


  1. They really should have asked before taking pictures! I can understand why you don't want to continue to support a company that does that.

  2. The fact that they would steal pictures is completely unprofessional and pretty awful to me. Ug!

  3. I like models own polishes, they have so many colours and quite cheap esp when they have an offer on. I bought a few during the offer, it took hours to place the order!
    Taking your pictures without asking is a bit cheeky though, good for you calling them on it! :)

  4. Stealing pictures is wrong.It would have taken them a minute to email you.You know they really should send you a little goody parcel of products to make up for it.

    I had someone cut and paste sections of a post I did so that they could write an article about how sexist and non gay friendly they think I am.

    I left several comments for them to remove my writing and even emailed them but they feel they are within their legal rights and refuse.

    The perils of blogging!

  5. That's a little bit strange. No matter how good these polishes really are, I would still be wary about trying them because of this shady behaviour

  6. I know what you mean, especially with the 50% off thing Sleek makeup done the same recently and thats just bloody annoying. In general i do love their varnishes too. I like the idea of being able to get them from boots rather than online ordering. Too many brands are only online now and charge extortionate prices. but thats for another day! lol. x


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