Friday, 15 October 2010

Illamasqua contest entry 3 - The Spirit Wife

When i saw the cast of characters that had gathered for the other-worldly banquet i was surprised at something. There are a lot of classic supernatural beasts, a fairy, an angel, a werewolf-type creature and a vampire, but no ghosty! So i thought i'd come up with a ghost character. The inspiration for the story comes from a hideously nerdish source. One of my favourite bands is David Devant and his Spirit Wife, who are a band who (at least used to) run under the concept of the lead singer being the spiritual vessel for David Devant, arguably Britain's greatest ever magician. And umm.. well I never really understood the spirit wife part of the story. In old gigs Madame Devant (AKA a nighty on a stick) would appear but i never heard what her story was. So anyway my story was based on his idea. Makeup wise the inspiration just came from just trying to look a bit ghostly and dead :)

When she was alive the Spirit Wife deeply loved her husband, one of the greatest magicians of the age. They did everything together and she even served as his assistant. One day they displayed their famous bullet catch trick they had performed it together hundreds of times but unfortunately by some freak co-incidence it went wrong somehow and she was killed. Husband and wife both pined for the other on the different plains. Finally she managed to find a way to appear before her love but he was terrified to see her in her undead state. So she now searches for a way to return her life to her so she can return to her love.


Couple more under the cut :)


First i put on foundation and then powdered heavily with a translucent white face powder to try to look a little paler. I then used Illamasqua Possessed blusher, which is a yellow colour, all over my face but concentrated mainly on my cheekbones. I then used Sugarpill Bulletproof shadow under my cheekbones  and very lightly down to my jawline to contour and lightly all around my eye socket to mimic a skulls hollows. I then added a little more black shadow to my upper lid and red powder blush (Mac Frankly Scarlet) and more Possessed under my eye. Finally i blocked out my lips with foundation and lightly patted a red lipstick (NYX black cherry) just at the centre of my mouth.

Please forgive my pyjamas and unstyled hair! XD


  1. very very nice, even for Halloween
    your blending is so precise!
    PS the new header is genious!

  2. Thats a powerful look, great blending, the eyes look so deep.

  3. Fab - thanks for entry number three! xxx

  4. Very spooky :) and LOL @ "AKA a nighty on a stick"


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