Thursday, 14 October 2010

Stupid dog!

My puppy, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar is in disgrace.
He has a habit of chewing cardboard. Often he'll find my nice high-end-makeup-cardboard-boxes and chew them up but i don't mind so much because i usually end up just throwing them away. However today he found the box of my new Illamasqua liquid eyeliner and chewed it up. Unfortunately the eyeliner was still inside and his sharp little doggy fangs broke through :(
At the moment it's still useable as the stuff that seeped out of the hole has stuck to the cardboard so i can still get some, but i think it will evaporate soon.
I only got to use it once and it was so so great! It was the 'Alchemy' colour which is basically liquid gold and it was so long lasting and great. GRAGH! I got it from Asos where it was on sale for £10 for ust one or two days, now it's back at full price.
Stupid dog! It's time for a weenie roast!
Grumble grumble.


  1. aww! thats too bad! I hope that you dog didnt accidentally eat some of the eyeliner! that would be horrible

  2. I don't think he did, it was just a puncture hold through the cardboard. And it was quite early and he's absolutely fine. So i can be annoyed at him without fear of him being poorly :P

  3. Oh no! Maybe you can cut it open and try to depot it into something else. That way it's not a total loss. Is Sir Digby still on time-out?

  4. Haha @ weenie roast.

    My dog got his nose stuck in some dough before and we had to shave the area around his mouth becuase the dough was stuck there..goatee dog got all the bitches..literally.

  5. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar!! Best dog name...EVER!!! Do the two of you go on secret missions together? :)

    Ahhh, I tried but I can't resist a little quote..."As usual, Ginger and I are engaged on our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible."

    I'm going to have the theme tune stuck in my head all day now! lol

  6. AHHH Sir Digby Chicken Caesar! What a great name. Mitchell and Webb FTW.

    That sucks though :( When we first got my puppy she chewed up all my dolls that I paid for with my allowance.

  7. What do you call your dog to get him to come to you- do you say the whole thing? :-P I've been curious about this for a while!


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