Sunday, 20 February 2011

Swatcharama - Models Own lip Products

Dammit I don't want to like these but I can't help it! They're really, really good and it pisses me off! (for reasons why I don't want to like Models Own see here)
They're all  affordable at £5 each (and often on 3 for 2 at Boots) and they just work. The lipsticks are creamy and truly opaque in one swipe, the lip glosses are pretty pigmented and really glossy and the balms... Oh the balms! I need to write a full review on these products because they really deserve it. Godammit, stop being good, I want to hate you! :(

Anyway here be swatches:


Coral Pink:

More under the cut :)

Hot Pink:

Deep Fuschia (I know, horrible application!):



Red Hot

Fuschia Full


Fuschia Full (this may be discontinued, it's not on the website):

Red Hot:

I couldn't get a really accurate photo of this one. It's a sort of coral colour. Not orange as the name suggests. It's a little lighter and more orange than it looks here though. It looks like the Tangerine gloss pictured above, but deeper and more opaque.

And I really need to bleach my moustache :P


  1. Wow - they look so good, really pigmented. I really like their polishes, will deffo try some of their lip products next :)

  2. Oh wow, they are really bold and bright! I don't know why but I thought their lip products were all boring colors, I was definitely wrong! x

  3. I have been drooling over your blog lately, thanks for posting LIP swatches of LIP products! I love lip swatches, I don't want to see lip products on your arm! Also, you have fabulous taste in lip products my dear, keep the lip swatches coming!

  4. Rebecca:
    They really are great! The glosses are the least pigmented, but still they've got decent colour, they're not super sheer at all. I love their polishes too, they're just great!

    They have some other gorgeous ones too! I bought a couple from Asos once but had to send them back cause they were faulty, but one I tried, Plum, was amazing! It was like a deep deep fuschia with tiny blue glitter, so pretty! I need to get it again! I think they've got some more neutral and basic colours too.

    Aww thank you so much! And don't worry, there's tonnes more coming! :D

  5. Coral Pink, Hot Pink, Tangerine, and Fuchsia Full are all adorable!

  6. I've never tried any Models Own lippie or gloss before...only ever tried the nail polish! I was put off by the packaging a little bit but the two pink lipsticks look gorgeous! I'll have to skip down to Boots next time they have a 3 4 2 offer on!

    On another on earth to you manage to take such excellent lip swatch piccies, or is that a trade secret? ;) I spent about 7 hours trying to take pics of them new Shiro lip products and I ended up going almost insane! My neighbour actually asked why I was taking pictures of my mouth in the garden!! lol

  7. Yes to Red Hot. I have eyes only for OCC Lip Tars at the moment however....

  8. u dont seem to have vertical lines on lips...or do you????????
    anyway just wanna know do they settle in fine lines....
    while the lippies and glosses are great they look more good on you cos you got no lines and fuller lips...
    any suggestions to get your kind of lips?

  9. oh and whats the effect on pigmented lips?

  10. ! They seem to be super pigmented and I love the colors!

  11. They look really good. I've seen this brand in shops but never thought to try them. Do you know how long the different products last on your lips, and do the lipsticks crease or feather at all?

  12. Wow, those are pigmented! How sticky are the glosses?

  13. Phyrra:
    They really are all lovely. Coral Pink actually has a tiny bit of gold shimmer which is really lovely!

    Ms. Wedgie:
    Yeha I don't like the lipstick packaging either, but they're really pretty and high quality so I just have to cope with it :P
    I'm really not a good photographer, my secret is that I just take tonnes of photos of the same thing! Inevitably half my pictures are out of focus, so this way I can just filter out the bad ones. But anyway how I take a photo is to face a window (only way to get good light in my house!) and hold a mirror behind the camera so I can see what I'm taking.
    And poor you, that's hilarious! XD

    Mmmm I love Lip Tars I want mooooore!

    I do have some, but they're not that deep. You can see them in the red gloss picture. They settle a tiny bit in the gloss, but not terribly, but not at all really with the balm or lipsticks. But I don't know how they'd be on someone with deeper lines I'm afraid. To get rid of lines you could use a lip primer or plumper which fills them in. My lips aren't actually that full, it's just the shinyness of the lipsticks and things that makes them look that way.
    And I'm afraid I have really unpigmented lips so I can't tell how they would be. But the lipsticks are completely opaque so I assume they would cover fine, just maybe need more than one layer of product. The lip balms are basically opaque on me but with very dark lips they might not cover completely. And the glosses are sheerer but still have good colour, but they might not cover very very dark lips.
    I hope that could help at all!

    They're really lovely! The glosses are the least pigmented but they've still got good colour! :)

    I'm going to post full reviews on everything soon, I haven't actually tested them for longevity so I'm afraid I can't tell you how long they last. The lipsticks are really good though, most things feather on me but these don't really!

    It's really lovely! Would look great on you I'm sure :)

    The glosses are really nice actually, a bit sticky but not terrible! It's quite balmy in fact, but liquider... If that makes sense! I'll post a real review soon :)

  14. That colour looks fab!! I want it now. Didnt realise they did lipsticks - I have only seen the polishes in boots.

  15. Happy1234:
    They really are lovely! I think they only have the full range in larger Boots.


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