Saturday, 26 February 2011

A couple of dullish FOTDs and What is this on my face??

I am super super lazy at the moment with my makeup. I don't want to be! Part of me longs to wear several shades of eyeshadow, perfect winged liner, contour and highlight my face and so on. But another part of me, the part that always wins goes 'meh, just chuck on some lippie and let's get going!'.
I still thought I'd share them because the lipsticks are nice :P

Here I am wearing:
Face: Nothing
Eyes: Black mascara
Lips: NYX round lipstick in Louisiana

Face: Avon tinted moisturiser all over, Gosh X-ceptional Wear foundation in Porcelain (used just as a concealer on some blemishes, under my eyes and on my cheeks), Laura Paige pressed translucent powder, Sleek blush in Flamingo.
Eyes: black mascara
Lips: Models Own lip balm in Tangerine

I've added a swatch of the Tangerine lip balm to my Models own swatch page :)

Also this morning I woke up and under my eyes, where usually I just have light bluish shadows, I saw these weird red spots! They weren't there the night before and I have no idea what they are. They're almost like tiny scabs. My guess is they're some sort of broken capillaries. It's bizarre that they all just popped up at once overnight.
This is the best phot I could get. You might not be able to see them properly, basically it's those tiny reddish looking dots under my eyesT;. hey're more pronounced than this in real life. Also I have a tiny spot there which is very annoying (and appeared at the same time). And yes, my eye is super bloodshot!
If anyone can tell me what they are and if I can get rid of them I'd be very grateful!


  1. 1, I love the look with the red lips, you look just like a doll!!

    2. I have no idea what the bump is but I just noticed I have one today too, under my right eye :(

    It could just be a zit trying to work it's way out. It's in an odd place, so maybe this is what they look like close to eyes?

  2. They look like skin irritation to me. I think they'll go away by themselves. In general your skin is lovely.

  3. Louisiana is lovely :)
    Shea butter is good for irritated skin, depending on the problem.

  4. I love it! You look so very pretty :)

  5. KittenMittens:
    Thank you! You're lovely! :D The red bump is a little spot. It sucks because I love squeezing my spots and can't because it's on delicate eye skin :/ around it there are these tiny red marks though, I have no idea what they are.
    I hope your one goes away soon!

    Thanks! I hope they do just disappear.

    I might have to get some shea butter then!
    Thanks for the tip :)

    Aww thank you!

    Thank you! It looks better than it is because of good lighting, but generally it's quite clear.

    Your skin is incredible! x

  6. Squeezing can create redness, and presumably broken capillaries...

  7. I'm jealous, you look so polished with just lipstick and mascara! I'd probably look like a swamp monster hahaha <3

    I have no idea about the bumps, sorry :(

  8. The "no fuss" mascara and lipstick look totally works for you! I feel like I need full makeup to warrant all the pretty shadows I own, but maybe you've encouraged me to just keep it simple every so often!

  9. I have tiny red dots like those on the inside of my elbow, they've been there for as long as I can remember and tend to disappear for a while and then come back for no reason. I've no idea what they are though or what causes them.

  10. Aoede:
    I know, I can't help doing it with spots though. But I'd never do it on the skin under my eyes, it's far too thin and delicate. So that doesn't explain what the weird red dots are :/

    Aww you're too kind! And I'm sure that isn't true, you've got a gorgeous face!

    R. M. Jackson:
    Aww thank you! I feel I need to play with all my pretty shadows more, but laziness seems to prevail.

    How annoying! At least they disappear. Hopefully these ones will too. And I guess I conceal under my eyes anyway, so it shouldn't make too much difference.

  11. Try Estee Lauder's advanced night repair eye. I've always had really dark eye circles and this product lighted them up lick 3 shades! It's killer stuff!

  12. Kate:
    hmm would it work with these things though? I don't have dark circles really, just these possible skin irritation things. Also I am poor :P

  13. From what I can tell in the photo it looks like you may have some broken capillaries...kinda hard to tell, but I believe so. Also, you could have millia under your eye. Are you using any new products lately? That could cause it. You could do a little bit of light exfoliation to help rid of it.

  14. Crystal:
    I think it might just be broken capillaries too, it's just so weird that they literally appeared overnight! No new products, will try exfoliating gently. Also I want to thank you a lot, I had no idea what milia was but now I've looked it up i see that that's what those weird white bumps I've had for ages are! Hopefully i'll be able to get rid of them now i know what they are :)

  15. No problem! Glad I could help!! I actually went to school for skincare and anytime I can help someone I'm more than willing! I know you can get rid of broken capillaries with laser treatments, but that is way expensive. I know dermatologists can prescribe a medicine to help reduce the appearance, but maybe you can check and find an over the counter medicine where you live for something that could help them?

  16. Crystal: hmm too be honest they don't bother me enough to bother with treatment, at the moment anyway, I'm too poor :P I will hope that they sort themselves out, I'm trying to moisturise more to see if that helps. Thanks so much for the help though :)


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