Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sugarpill discount and Chromalust swatches

Hurry! It's Sugarpill's birthday and to celebrate they are offering 20% off everything today! Use code 'birthday' :) 

I would buy some stuff, but Claire already bought us everything they make. Seriously. I thought we didn't have one pair of the eyelashes, but I just found them in her stash. Jesus. We love us some Sugarpill!  

A while back now they released some new colours of their Chromalusts (loose shadows) and Claire snapped them up. Here are some swatches (if some of the cropping is weird it's because I have fat forearms and very skinny wrists :P):

Swatches from left to right:
Paperdoll, Weekender, Birthday Girl, Magentric, Tipsy, Darling, Stella

I just couldn't get a good photo of Weekender or the glittery sparks in Stella (they're multicoloured and it's super beautiful). Weekender is a sort of metallic, dark lavender with multicoloured sparkle, much less grey than it appears in the photos.

Oh also, the boxes Chromalusts came in now have the name and ingredients on the bottom, like so:

Left is a new box, right is an old version of the boxes.

Since we bought these Sugarpill have reformulated Birthday Girl and Paperdoll to give them a better texture. To me these apply fine already but I'd be interested to see how the new ones compare.

Here are some more Sugarpill swatches and a review :)


  1. I just made an order but PayPal was being a jerk. I sent an email to Amy's contact on the site. *hopes*

  2. I thought I had all the Sugarpill colors that I wanted, but every time someone posts a look with either Tako, Lumi, Bulletproof or Stella I get envy all over again. Amy should come out with liners! If I could get Bulletproof in liner form, I'd throw out all of my black eyeliners.

  3. Sigh - I just can't afford Sugarpill! Or rather I can't afford to get everything, which is what I want!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I haven't been able to decide which of the Chromalusts to get - or, rather, to start with, since I also want them all.

  5. So pretty!!!! I'm regretting the fact that I didn't buy Tipsy. Ergh!

  6. Skulda:
    I hope it went through ok! Stupid paypal!

    Heh heh sorry! Stella is amazing, I have quite a few blacks with multicoloured glitter, but there's just something special about Stella, it's super shimmery and the glitter is tiiiny! I've used bulletproof on my waterline before and it worked really well. It's totally the perfect matte black shadow.

    awww it's a shame! Hopefully one day soon you will be able to afford the sugary beauty!

    Heh heh it's a tricky decision! :P

    Oh no! Hopefully they'll be another sale soon :P
    Tipsy is really lovely, such a great grass colour!

  7. Its blogs like this that made me realize that I needed to buy Sugarpill rather than Lime Crime. Sugarpill delivers everything I hoped for in intense and fun shades. I wish they'd do lipsticks, but I'd rather have quality than a buncha of second rate products. ;)


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