Saturday, 12 February 2011

Swatcharama - Barry M Lip Liners and Lip Lacquer Crayon Swatches

Today I have some swatches of Barry M lip pencils for you :)

Firstly the lip liners. These are your regular common or garden lip liner pencils, they last very well, they're very dry because they're all pigment and wax and very little oil, so if you were to wear these alone I'd highly suggest using a balm underneath, or a lip gloss on top. They apply quite nice and smoothly if you take the time. I did not :P  They cost £2.99

No 13 - Baby Pink

More under the cut :)

No 2 - Dark Pink

No 11 - Plum (this one is in old packaging, so it's possible the colour has changed slightly. They look the same though)

No 12 - Fuchsia This one is even brighter in real life, nearly neon!

Now the Lip Lacquer Crayons! These are basically a lipstick in pencil form. They have a gorgeous glossy finish and a sort of opal effect that reminds me of flakie nail polish, absolutely beautiful. They're opaque and long lasting and just lovely! I read some reviews and other people find them quite drying but I don't at all. They cost £4.99

No 1 - Scarlet
No 2 - Cherry Red

No 3 - Mandarin

No 4 - Party Pink


  1. these swatches are awesome! loving mandarin!

  2. Party Pink. My next purchase.

  3. I love the Dark Pink and the Plum liners. Gorgeous!

  4. :O I love Party Pink and the plum liner. I picked up Mandarin a while ago and I love it!

  5. I love dark pink! And Party Pink!

  6. They all look so nicee! Your lips look so smooth as well =)

  7. Fantastic swatches! I definitely want to try the Lip Lacquer Crayons.

  8. I love the lip laquer crayons. Wanted to get Party Pink the other day but the stand was decimated in Superdrug :/

    Barry M lip products are two for £6.99 in Superdrug at the moment if anyone was thinking of picking anything up from Lillian's swatches!

  9. Wow, party pink is gorgeous! When you do one of these posts my shopping list gets longer :P x

  10. Thanks so much for swatching all these lipsticks/glosses/liners for us, Lillian. I know it must be time consuming and tedious!

    Also, you have amazing, enviable lips--just by the way :p I used to bite and chew on my lips to the point of bleeding when I was younger, so mine are a bit battle-scarred. Stupid younger me!

  11. I looove Party Pink on you, and the Plum liner! Mandarin is pretty too!


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