Sunday, 13 February 2011


I absolutely love my nails at the moment. I decided to use my Barry M Nail Effects for the first time and absolutely love it! Now I want crackle varnish in every colour of the rainbow. I neeeed the China Glaze ones but am poor :(
Anyway here they are:

I used Sinful Colors Let's Meet which is a shimmery yellow with a tiny hint of pink to it's pearl, then the Nail Effects.
I Loooove watching the Nail Effects crack, it's so cool, I could watch it forever! It hypnotises me. 

I actually preferred it without the top coat because then the black shatter is matte which, against the contrasting shimmery glossy polish underneath, looks amazing. But I wanted it to last a long time so i put on a shiny top coat. It still looks great.
Here's a picture of it sans top coat:

I love this. The black crackle look both classy and grungy at the same time and looks a bit like leopard print from a distance. Not only that but it covers up any problems in the application of the base coat (if you look very closely you can see some air bubbles in the yellow) :P

But of course now I want to get rid of it to have a valentines mani! But as it's still perfect I won't.

What you wearing on your nails at the moment? What are your feelings on shatter/crackle polish?


  1. wow, I've been a bit skeptical about the idea of it for a couple of reasons but the appeal is really cool- having a bit of pizzaz at the stroke of a brush- nice. I want to try it now!

    Well my pottery nails (i have some pictures on my blog) lasted for ages, and I often leave chips malingering haha but then I took it off and used some sparkly pink from claires, claires polish is pretty good!

  2. Nails look wicked! Love it.

  3. I like the crackle with the yellow! Neat!

  4. Effects is the business. And rescues any dodgy mani.

    I have contacted Barry M about introducing new crackle colours (which they said they WOULD if the black were a success) but no reply. You got any clout with BM, Lillian? You tell 'em!

  5. I love the crackle, it looks great with the yellow :)
    I was worried that the crackle would chip off with topcoat, but the polish underneath it chips on me before the crackle does, it's pretty hardcore! So fun to watch it crack!

  6. Crackle polish is fun! Am wearing black-on-magenta at the moment!

  7. I wasn't into crackle polish when I first saw it, but lately I am totally digging it. I really like this combo, too, because it does look a bit leopardish.

  8. Maya:
    It really is fun and SO easy. You just shove a layer on and watch is crack so satisfyingly :P
    And I had a look at your pottery nails, they were fabulous! I need to get more Claire's polish, they do such pretty colours!

    Maggie L:
    Thank you! :)

    Cheers lovely! I think they go together very well myself :)

    Ha ha yes! I have a feeling I'll be using it to disguise problems a lot, I'm not the best at painting my nails :P
    I've got no connections with Barry M but might contact them about it anyway, the more people that do the more likely they are to do it! The nail effects is sold out a lot, so hopefully it's popular enough to justify it to them :)

    Yeah I had no problems with it chipping off at all! It hung on really well! And yeah, I get mesmerised watching it crackle :D

    ooooh nice! I love magenta :D

    Thank you! I like it's leopardish qualities too :D


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