Sunday, 20 February 2011

Symmetry test

There's a famous theory (or fact, I'm unsure which) that the most beautiful or attractive people are those that have the most symmetrical faces. I've seen a few instances of this post floating around (see here and here for cool examples) and thought I'd do one myself! B
Basically I took a photo of myself as head-on as possible, then split it in half and doubled it. That way you can see how close one side of your face doubled is to your original face.
So let's have a look!

My normal face (eek, no makeup! D:) :

Left side doubled:

Right side doubled:

My face is a lot wider in one picture than the other because it is bloody hard to find the middle of your face! Also my picture wasn't perfectly face on to begin with. Still you can basically get the idea.

Hmm well from these I can deduce that when my face is perfectly symmetrical I look really really weird :P
But also it seems like my face is pretty symmertrical, just not perfect. And of course there's my super wonky brows :D I particularly like how the spot and freckle on the left side of my face gets doubled, so it looks like I've got 4 weird dots around my mouth. Well seeing as I'm not super even I guess I'm not a great beauty after all XD


  1. What a fun idea for a post! I just played around with some of my pictures and got a good LOL out of it.

  2. Now I'm curious what my face would look like...
    I mentioned you in a blog award,

  3. Actually I've seen a documentary or something about this topic. It's true. In theory the more symmetrical your face, the prettier you are, but the test (in the documentary) showed that those who we call beautiful have really unsymmetrical faces, while the not so pretty ones have symmetrical faces. Ah well...
    I thin the original you looks really pretty :)

  4. I'll take genuine anytime! These studies may be true but if the person with the pretty face is also a shallow, vain, humourless g!t then pffffffft...

  5. LOL i love your face as it is! I feel like when a person's face is TOO symmetrical, then they look like a robot ><

  6. The symmetry/attractiveness stuff is quite well researched and seems to be true, but they don't really know why. It could be that symmetry is linked to good health/genes or that symmetry (or close enough to it) is normal (two eyes and a nose below it, that kind of thing) and we dislike things that arn't normal. It's quite interesting in a geeky way! :)

    It's really weird to see that faces arn't as symmetrical as you think they would be! You still look nice and pretty in yours, I tried this and I wouldn't dare post it! x

  7. This a great post, lol. Now I'm curious about my face, I may post about this, as well. :)

  8. What a wonderful post! In all 3 pictures you look beautiful. I think we can safely conclude both sides of your face are doing you well :)

    We had to do a similar project back in grade school art where we doubled specific parts of our face. For example, in one picture, it'd be our normal face, but we copied just our left eye brow... it was very amusing to see how different (and at times, how normal) your face looks by altering just one feature. I quickly realized how uneven my eyebrows were haha

  9. aw, you're so beautiful even without makeup! lovely! this is a very interesting post, too.

  10. I've seen stuff like this a couple times, and I find I tend to like slightly asymmetrical faces better than super symmetrical ones. I'm not sure why, though. I do think it's a neat experiment, though!

  11. I'm curious about how wonky my face is, now! Fun post :)

  12. Heather:
    :D They're really weird aren't they! My right side doesn't look so bad, just a bit cross-eyed, but my left seems to have gotten a bit stretched out!

    It's fun to do! And thank you so much, I must remember to post it, I usually forget because I'm scatterbrained!


    How odd! So the theory is correct, but in practice people don't really take too much notice I guess? And thank you :)

    True indeed! :)

    Thank you! Well the ones i did certainly look weird! However one of the girls I linked too has an incredibly symmetrical face and she's very beautiful!

    It's so weird that they don't know why! Very interesting too! And what you said about wanting 'normalness' in a partner makes a lot of sense genetically!

    And I'm sure your face is fine! We did it for my girlfriend and it wasn't the best photo but she looked a little peculiar :P

  13. Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    Look forward to seeing it if you do it! :)

    Linnaeus Cosmetics:
    Awww thank you! You're very sweet!
    That sounds like a fun project! My eyebrows are completely wonky, it's very annoying! One is a completely different shape so I can't pluck them even or anything :P

    Aww thank you! I've usually got good skin, but I'm dead spotty at the moment :P

    I think I'm the same too. I've never seen them doubled of course but most of the blokes I fancy appear to have quite wonky faces :P I guess it's just a general thing.

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

  14. This is so cool and funny! I'm a bit scared to try it on myself though XD

  15. SilhouetteScreams:
    You should try! It's a bit distressing but fun! XD

  16. hey can u tell me what site or software you used to this. Please and thank you. It's for my pre-cal hw.


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