Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Eccentric Cosmetics swatches and review

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review. However all thoughts are my own, this is a completely honest review.

I was sent these samples to review way back in the summer last year I feel absolutely terrible for not being able to write this sooner. Basically it's just been one thing after another! First of all I was trying out the products for a while. Then when I went to make swatches I discovered that the bag of samples had gone missing. When i eventually found it weeks later I took my photos, put them on the computer and in theory could write the post, it was the late autumn and, if anyone remembers, I sort of disappeared in then, only posting a few times a month (if that), not commenting on others blogs and so on. Then when I finally got my act together and was up to posting, the computer died.
Excuses, excuses, I know. I genuinely feel terrible. But anyway, there's nothing I can do now, so let's get on with the review!

Honestly when Anna contacted me and asked if I would review her shadows I wasn't sure I wanted to. The colours on the listings looked, quite frankly, dull. The colours all seemed to have a slightly dusty look about them. But I realised that i didn't actually have any of these neutral,  dusky colours, so i decided to give them a shot.
And again when my samples arrived (packaged nicely in a bubble mailer with handwritten note, candies and a lovely lipgloss as a present) they didn't really excite me. They all do just look a little drab in their baggies. But bizarrely when you swatch them something magical happens! The colours look much, much prettier on the skin! More complex, brighter, less grungy. For instance the colour 'Autumnal Crush' looks like a quite boring, matteish pale brown in the bag. In fact it looks like a flat brown oxide. But when you wear it it becomes a lovely dark, orangey gold colour with shimmer.
Now don't get any ideas, these aren't eye-searing bright colours, they are definately (for the most part) neutrals, but they're all really pretty and a lot less 'dusty' looking that the Etsy pictures or baggies appear.

Anyway here's swatches:

Dry and Dusty, Ted, Humanitarianism, Dawn Night, Hard Sun
Paradise Circus,  Rain Song, Heart Beats, Marble House, Love Generation

Wrecked Metal, Acid Drops, Tar Heart, Wolf

Heroine, Autumnal Crush, Weathered Stone, Geology, Magic of Metals

Here are the samples in their baggies:
Can anyone see what I mean about them looking 'flatter' in their bags than in the swatches.

As you can see, these shadows are not super complex, no multichromes for instance, but they're still lovely. I love complex colours of course, but that doesn't mean more 'simple colours' are bad in any way. Having said that, it would be nice to see some different finishes to the shadows. All of them had the same lightly shimmering finish, so it would have been nice to see some matte for instance.
These colours are most definately not repackaged.

My favourites are Wrecked Metal - a lovely aqua,  Hard Sun - a shimmery peachy, coraly, goldy colour and Dry and Dusty, Weathered Stone and Autumnal Crush - all goldish, sandy colours that make a fantastic Pin-up look when worn with black winged eyeliner.

I tested these for a while and found that I really liked the formula. They're smooth as butter to apply, blend beautifully and last for a really long time! I wore these all day once, without primer (I never remember to wear primer even though I own a few and know how much difference they can make!) and they lasted about 5 hours without fading, creasing etc. After 8 hours (when I went to take off my makeup) they had creased where my eyelid crease is, and faded a little, but it still looked alright. Very impressive. When I came to take them off the removed easily with makeup wipes.
Each sample is a 1/4 of a teaspoon (which is quite a lot, will last for many applications), in a small zip-lock bag with the name and ingredients.

So in conclusion I really liked these eyeshadows. While generally I prefer brightly coloured shadows, these are really lovely and make a lovely wash of colour, they're easy to apply and blend well. The only negatives I can think of are that they all have the same finish and it would be nice to have some brighter colours in with the neutrals.

You might have noticed that I'm using the word 'neutrals' very widely in this review. I can't think of a proper term for it. I mean they are not brights, but all the words that are antonyms have negative connotations like 'dull'. They're not dull, they're just... not bright!

I have just checked and I don't know what is happening but Eccentric Cosmetics has no items for sale in their etsy shop. I really hope this is just a temporary thing as they were really good products and she really didn't deserve to fail. And more selfishly, because I want full sizes of some of the products!
Because of this I can't tell you prices/sizes or information like that. Hopefully the shop will reopen and I'll keep you informed if possible.


  1. I was one of the few who bought samples off her as I was really excited to support an Australian shop. I too really loved the soft but original and hope she is only on a short hiatus. I was worried things would be hard due to shipping times from Australia to America where the large portion of consumers of etsy are.

  2. The shop's been down a few months, I think she just closed up :( Bummer because I liked them too.

  3. wolf and Magic of Metals are really pretty.

  4. these shadows look quite pigmented and the colors are nice too! thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. I must admit none of the colours reeeeally appealed to me, but like Kira said I was SO excited to finally see an Aussie cosmetics shop. If she has closed permanently I will be quite sad. I'm sure I would have bought something eventually!

  6. Kira:
    Yeah I can imagine it would be great having a place in Australia, especially seeing as lots of Makeup is more expensive over there :/ Hope they come back!

    Dreams That Glitter xoxo:
    Some of them are really beautiful!

    Heather / Eyeconic:
    Rubbish :( Now I feel more guilty!

    They are! Really lovely.

    Fruity Lashes:
    They are really nice. You're welcome!

    Jade Carver:
    None of the colours really appealed to me from the shop either, but the colours are so much more pretty in real life! I really hope she hasn't shut up for good, it would be a real shame. Sadly I imagine that's what happened :(

  7. Her shop is back! I actually just received some samples from her so I can do a review. I wonder why she stopped selling?


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