Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cookie Monster!

Last week I went to a friends Birthday meal. It was at a really fancy restaurant where sadly there wasn't really anything I could eat (being both vegetarian and very very picky). Also while I knew the majority of people there were a couple of people I'd only met once or twice before, so I basically said nothing all night :P Still Philly (birthday girl) had a great time and it was nice to see everyone.

I wore a new dress:

The best place to take photos is in our utility room (has the best light) but it is horribly squalid! That's my sister's dig Pippa lurking around behind. We were looking after her for a few weeks.

I LOVE it! I look like the above mentioned muppet :D It's a fantastic bright cobalt blue and completely covered in little loops of fabric. It's from Asos you can see it here :)

I also wore my new (possibly) favourite necklace. It was from my Mum for Christmas:

It's Peter and the Wolf! So cool.

And here's my face:

I was wearing Black eyeliner with Barry M Black glittery liquid eyeliner and Mac Kanga-Rouge lipstick. Can't remember my cheeks or face.

Also if you haven't seen, I've added a little poll on my sidebar :)


  1. You look great :) I love that dress! Ooo do you know where she got the knecklace? That's awesome :D

  2. Your makeup is so pretty! The Peter & the Wolf necklace is really neat.

  3. Love the entire look! Cute necklace, too.

  4. I love your necklace and tights!

  5. Love the whole outfit, and the necklace is to die for! x

  6. Oh that necklace is so beautiful!
    The blue of the dress really suits you well, love it :)
    So you didn't eat at all at this restaurant?

  7. Great dress! Love the necklace too!

  8. That dress is amaaazing! It looks way better than the mink one!

  9. what a great dress! The duck's in the wolf! >___<

  10. That dress is so cute!! Hi Pippa!

  11. Oh that dress is amazing! Being addicted to biscuits I heart Cookie Monster, I have a Japanese Cookie Monster hoodie I wear at night and I'm always trying to identify cookies that might be the ones Cookie Monster munches on (they look like the munchiest cookies ever!) Monsterpiece Theatre has to be one of funniest skits in a kids' show, ever.

    And I love love love that necklace, so whimsical and wonderful! What a lovely mum you have x

  12. That dress is so fun! I want pants like that. o.o

  13. Love it :). I love that your Mum got you a necklace that totally suits your sensibilities!

  14. Beautiful :) I love the dress, such a lovely colour and your necklace is so cool! xx

  15. I think I've told you that already, but you've got one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen!
    Your necklace is amazing, too! :D

  16. That necklace is so pretty, and unusual. Very nice.

  17. Ugh that lipstick. SO PRETTY. <3 I want your lips!

  18. XxClockworksxDollxX:
    Thank you so much! I'm not sure where she got it, will try and find out :)

    Thank you! And yes it really is :)

    Thank you <3

    Thank you! Those tights have served me well, I wear them all the time. They're lovely and warm :P

    Thank you! it was one of my best presents I got :)

    Thanks so much! It's a very nice blue :) I had a small bowl of very overpriced chips :P


    It is! And yeah the blue kicks the minks arse :P

  19. Maya:
    I know, the duck breaks my heart! D:

    Thank you! Poor Pippa, she's so nervous and slinky.

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    The cookie monster is my favourite on sesame street, possibly cause I'm a huge greedy fat kid :P And yes, his cookies always look amazing, they crumble so pleasingly! And Monsterpiece was my favourite too! Sesame Street was so great and clever!

    Thank you, Mum is pretty damn great :)

    It is great, the loops swing when you move! :D

    Thank you! And yeah, Mum knows me well :)

    Thank you :) It is a great colour, I didn't have any clothes in that blue before.

    Aww shucks, you're so sweet! Thank you so much <3 And yeah it's an amazing necklace, I love it!

    Thank you!

    SilhouetteScreams :
    Well you cannot have them! :P

  20. the coolest dress i have ever seen! i love texture with clothing, i dont have many textured clothes except sequin and faux fur, but i want to venture into different textures.

    i love the name Pippa alot! its such a beautiful name, i kind of wanted to name my kid (if i ever had one) Pippa. i think i heard the name in a book, i just can't remember which one it was. your sister's dog is very cute.

    check me out!

  21. love love the dress where did you get it

  22. OMG! Sorry to use such a silly idiotic internet abbreviation but I LOVE KANGA ROUGE on you! Just had to throw that out there.

  23. Your sister's pippa looks a lot like MY sister's pippa! Although my pip would never stay still long enough for non blurred photo :D
    Love the whole outfit!

  24. Paolina of Calur Villade:
    Thank you! I love textured clothing too, i LOVE fringe, and this is like a weird take on fringe :P

    Pippa is a very nice name, and she's a very sweet dog :)

    I got it from Asos, there's a link to it in the post :)

    Thank you! it's one of my very favourite red lipsticks :)

    Ha ha! What a coincidence! This Pippa is very old and slightly creaky, she slinks around the place :P

  25. That necklace is marvelous! I also really like that red lipstick on you- you wear it very well!


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