Monday, 31 January 2011

Hullo everyone

I've had a rough few days. On friday we went to visit my Grandma, for a few hours everything was ok and then my Grandma asked me if I'd hoover upstairs for her. So I did and after a while my Mum came up all upset. While I was vacuuming Grandma had started crying and shaking and told my Mum that something really horrible had happened the day before. Grandma had been taking a nap while waiting from my Great Aunt to come home from her day care center. The doorbell rang and woke her up, usually she would check through the window and not answer if she didn't know the person but because she'd just woken up she was a bit dazed, assumed it was Auntie Pat and opened the door. There was a bloke there who said he'd just bought a house down the road (one that Grandma knew had just been sold) and there was something wrong with the drains. He said he was going door to door checking all the neighbours drains and was friendly and chatty so Grandma let him in. He went into the garden to look and the drains, came in and said it was hers that had a problem and asked for £45. Grandma said she wouldn't give him all that then, so he asked for £20 which she gave him. He then said he wanted to go upstairs and flush they loo to check the cystern and went up for a while, but grandma didn't hear the flush. As she started to go up he appeared on the landing, came down and said that he would have to take the other £25. Grandma had realised something was wrong by then and figured she should just give him the money and hope he would leave so she went to get her purse. When she had it he just grabbed it off her, splitting some of her fingernails and ran out of the house, stealing about £70.
Luckilly she wasn't hurt and they didn't have any valuables upstairs (he was clearly looking around when he said he was checking in the bathroom) but my poor Grandma was so afraid she couldn't sleep. But my Mum called the police, who sent a really lovely policewoman around to take a statement. She reassured my Grandma he wouldn't come back and when she left Grandma felt a lot better and wasn't so shaken up anymore.
It was so so upsetting for me just to hear about I can't imagine how my poor Grandma felt. What kind of horrible scum prays on little old ladies? £70 is a lot of money when you're living off a pension and he could of hurt her when he snatched her purse. It's just so so despicable. The policewoman also said he probably saw my Grandma napping through a window, so he was purposefully targeting someone old and weak who wouldn't fight back. It makes me sick with anger thinking about it.

Then I spent the majority of Saturday night in tears for reasons I won't go into. And yesterday I was feeling better after seeing Tron Legacy (it's awesome!) but when we came home we found that my Mum's Guinea Pig had died. We think it was just old age, so he wasn't in pain or suffering for a long time. But he was such a sweet, lovely little fellow that I feel very very sad.

Oh and I've got some sort of horrible carbuncle on my face! Well it's not really a carbuncle, I don't know what it is! It's a big red patch of intense pain, it feels like a spot but won't come to a head, it's just lurking around under my skin being a little boil bitch!

Posting may be a little sporadic this week as I'm doing a lot of art and preparing swatches for posts to come. You can check in the box on my sidebar to see what's coming up soon, and if there's something you'd like to see first leave a comment!

Also I'd like to do a little poll. I don't have much money at the moment but really want to try some new indie companies. So are there any that you'd particularly like to see swatches/review of? Or if not just help me make a decision anyway! The ones I'm thinking of are at the moment:
Brazen cosmetics
Suds n Sass
Epically Epic
More Fyrinnae
Morgana Cryptoria new lipsticks
Venemous cosmetics
or any suggestions?

I think I'm going to do another blog sale soon (or might just make a new sale blog so i don't bug people who don't want to see) because I need money! In the next 3 months I have to buy presents for Valentines Day, Mothers day, 6 birthdays (actually possibly more, I may have forgotten a couple!) , Easter and... uhh ... I'm sure there's something else! And I'm still getting over the Christmas financial crisis! D:


  1. I'm interested in Shiro - especially the blue and cinnamon lipsticks they make and Morgana Cryptoria. Sorry about all the suckage in your life recently!

  2. Hope your Nan's feeeling a bit better now. Something similar happened to my Nan with some evil dodgy git pretending to be from the gas company. My Nan had dementia and got easily confused at the best of times but it was days before anybody realised what had happened. Luckily (I guess) the git only got about a fiver because she didn't have any money in the house. I'm all angry just thinking about it now!!! I hope the sod who did that to your Nan gets some serious bad karma back!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your mom's GP as well! :(

    On a positive note....Shiro would be excellent! Just placed an order for some of the new lip products and I'm completely obsessed with anything from them now!

  3. I would love to see more information about Shiro cosmetics. I fancy their kawaii shadows set...

    Poor Grammy :(

  4. I'm so sorry for your grandma! :/
    I hope she will get better soon.

    I definitelyn suggest ohwto and fyrinnae :) I love their products.

  5. That's awful what happened to your grandma :( I hope she is ok and not too shook up.
    I hope things are more positive for you soon :)

    I'd love to see some Shiro, I've got my eye on so many things from Shiro including all of the lip products! :)

  6. Ugh. The story about your grandma makes me so angry! Who the hell do some poeple think they are? .. I hope that your grandma is ok and gets over this soon and they they catch the scumbag who did it.

  7. So sorry to hear about what happened to your grandma...Some people really are scum. *hugs*

  8. im sorry to hear that :\ it's so horrible that some people in this world would do things like that.

    If your looking for pops of colour try Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Etsy (though they are shut for a bit)

    Epically Epic is ace as well try the lip balm in Gummy Bear or Marshmallow

  9. Ugh that's such a disgusting story, things like that make me so had. At least she wasn't hurt :(. Hope everything is alright. xo

  10. Your poor nan! I hope the scumbag gets caught - one day he's going to mess with someone who has a big, beefy skinhead grandson that's going to find him and give him what he deserves! I hope she's okay :(

    As for make-up - more Fyrinnae is always good, and I love lip products so Morgana or Shiro!

  11. I'm still so sorry about your grandma :( We talked about it on Twitter but that is just shameful. That guy is just scum.
    I hope you feel better soon, keep your chin up!
    As for the reviews, I'd love to see everything honestly (I do love your reviews!)

  12. Your poor Grandma! I'm glad he didn't hurt her and that the policewoman that took her statement was kind.


  13. So sorry to hear about what happened to your nan, how awful.

    I'd love to hear about Shiro, I recently placed an order with them, so I'm keen to know all the bloggers thoughts :)

  14. I hope that asshole tries it again in a house with a big burly 7ft tall giant in the next room who will knock him on his ass.
    Where do these people think it's okay to do these type of things? I would be so embarassed to learn my kid was robbing defenceless older ladies.
    I'll wish bad bad things on him.

    I think you should give OHWTO a shot or Suds N Sass. I like both :D Although you would look awesome in Morgana's new pastel lippies. Yep, too hard a choice now lol

  15. I'm sorry about your grandma! Some people are just despicable. It sounds paranoid but this is why people have to be extra vigilant about checking for ID- not saying it's your grandma's fault at all of course. He probably took his chance knowing she'd be confused after sleeping.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! That's awful!

    My vote would be for Suds n' Sass or Fyrinnae :>

  17. What an horrible person who attacks old people! Thats so sad, hope your grandmother is ok now...

    About the vote, I would definitly love to see some of the new Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks and maybe a review of OHWTO :)

  18. Oh gosh, that is awful! your poor Gran. These kind of people make me soo angry, I can't stand that they take advantage of the elderly and good-natured. My mum got fleeced out of a substantial sum by an unscrupulous builder who took advantage of the fact that she was a widow with no men around to understand the work he was doing was cowboy stuff, then disappeared. My blood boils at the thought.

    Thank god your Gran wasn't too badly hurt. Sorry to hear about your mum's guinea pig too, it's so sad when pets pass on, and they are irreplaceable. Hugs my dear, hope things brighten soon x

  19. That makes me furious as well. My grandmother is very elderly and I can only imagine how awful that must've been. Thank goodness that it wasn't anything more extreme, what a creep. I'm relieved everything is okay.

    Sorry it has been so tough over these days.

    Is it around your nose, this carbuncle? (my impression of a concerned doctor) I had a really weird feeling like that under my nose and it was from having a few clogged pores, I really recommended the spot gel by nelsons (in the alternative therapy area in boots)- it has stuff like tea tree oil and calendula and I think it soothed it and, grossly, allowed stuff to be squeezed out. oh dear!

  20. I'm sorry about your grandma. I hope she is feeling well. Sorry about your mom's guinea pig too. I still miss my cousin's pet guinea pig.
    Sometimes I get painful swollen like bumps on my head from what seems like stress. It could be the stress that caused the red patch of intense pain. I always just have to wait for the bump to go away on it's own :(
    I am curious about the Morgana new lipstick shades. I've been wanting them.
    Maggie L

  21. I'm so sorry about your nan. :( I think people who do that are just sick. I'm glad that all he took was the money and didn't hurt her! I hope they catch the tosser.

  22. Thank you everyone for your lovely thoughts about my Grandma. She's fine now and the police have been great :)


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