Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Wonky face!
Eyes: Mac Gesso and Vex, Illamasqua Sophie medium pencil, white eyeliner, black mascara
Lips: Illamasqua itense lipgloss in Hermetic.
Can't remember what was on my cheeks.

I can't do anything with my hair at the moment. I've cut about an inch off since this photo was taken, but I don't know what to do with it. The ginger hair dye sticks to my roots beautifully but washes off the bleached parts (the majority of my hair) very quickly. I like being ginger but I miss being blonde. And then I'm tempted to go black or bright red or pink or some fun colour. Who knows what to do with the damaged zombie hair?


  1. pretty!

    I was thinking it looked nice! tie mini mini ribbons in it! or plait it

  2. Love the look!
    What to do with really damaged hair? Cut them off as I did :P I have the same problems with orange as you do :/

    I suggest a nice fuchsia color! :))

  3. Maya:
    It's not really long enough to plait :/

    I used to like my hair short but at the moment I'm sort of insecure and think I'd feel a bit unfeminine with it all cut off :/ Maybe I'll just grow it out.
    But fuchsia sounds lovely!

  4. I thought you looked amazing blonde, but you look good with red hair too! Id say you could pull off any hair colour under the sun so go for it:) Also can I ask who did your banner? It really looks like you and its so cute!

  5. hermetic looks gorgeous on you!
    I love this fotd! Miss your posts!

  6. The lipgloss looks fab on you! :)
    I think you looked great blonde, but you really suit the ginger too! Crazy colours are great, but a nightmare to maintain. I have purple streaks which are now pink and streaky due to my laziness. My bath is still purple, but it won't stay in my hair! :P xxxx

  7. I agree, Hermetic suits you so well. I'm coping with a similar hair problem. I've decided to grow mine out and I'm having my hair trimmed as often as I can afford it.

  8. You pull off dark lipshades so nicely! You look like a Tim Burton character :D.

    It took years, but I slowly grew out and chopped off all the damaged, bleached parts of my hair. When I lived on the West Coast, my hair was unnaturally healthy and could withstand tons of abuse. Moving to a dry, midwestern climate wreaked havoc on it and I could no longer dye it often. This lead to coarse, UGLY hair that was a hideous shade of green from trying to dye the bleached bits black. I love green, but not the shade my hair turned in to. I wish someone back then had told me about hemp oil and argan oil, because honestly, those are the 2 things that have brought my hair back to its shiny healthy pantene-looking state. I use a shampoo and conditioner that contain hemp oil, and I comb the tinies amount of argan oil (sometimes called Moroccan oil) through the ends after I shower. Also, my hair products are all alcohol and sulfate-free now, so that when I do color it, the color isn't stripped out right away.

  9. Chop, chop and chop again. Have you ever gone really short? You have a fem face so you could totally do it. I can colour mine anything and everything.

  10. Honestly, the only thing to do with damaged hair is to chop, stay away from chemicals, conditioner and leave in treatment. I used to have really fried hair because I was always dyeing it. Also, it helps if you don't wash it everyday. I love your lip color!

  11. I reckon darker hair would look great on you. It would hide the damage a bit too and make your hair look more healthy

  12. So vampy and lovely! Hermetic looks fantastic on you. I don't really have any advice on the hair front - when I've fried mine, I've chopped it off. Maybe tons of conditioning, and not much shampooing?

  13. I dyed my hair bright pink this summer and it was my favorite thing that I ever did to my hair. Here's a pic of it.!/photo.php?fbid=1586266653773&set=a.1586264813727.211419.1148995248&pid=1702333&id=1148995248 I highly suggest dying your hair a crazy color!

  14. Aoife:
    Thank you! I just can't decide! D: And thank you again, my girlfriend Claire made the banner :)

    Thank you, it's a lovely lip gloss :) I'm back to posting semi-regularly now x

    Oh yeah I hate how quickly crazy colours tend to wash out. My hair still goes a tiny bit orange :P

    Thank you! I might cut mine shorter so I can get it all properkly ginger, then I can bleach and damage it afterwards if I want to :P

    Aww thank you! Your hair routine sounds very sensible, I am way way too lazy (and also poor) to bother with any of that, I just cope with my zombie hair :P

    I've been short before (In face I've had a shaved head) but it doesn't look very good on me, I've got a very bad double chin and need hair to disguise it i think :P

    Hmm you're right. But too much effort, I think I'll stick with my friend hair :P Oh and no need to worry about me washing it to often, I promise :P

    I am tempted to dye my hair black, I had it once before and it looked nice but there's no going back :/

    Thank you! And thanks, I will just keep conditioning it :)

    Can't see the picture I'm afraid. I love pink hair though! I've had my hair most colours in the past, I just can't decide what to do!


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