Sunday, 2 January 2011

Enough drama for now, on to the required new year post! :D

Well it's a brand new year everyone! New Years is never that big a deal with me, I find the whole idea of the new year a bit weird because absolutely nothing happens, it's just another day. But anyway resolutions and such are fun to make, and it is nice to think of having a fresh start.
I don't have a New Years look because I spent my New Years Eve at home watching Father Ted in my pyjamas. Woooo! But I do have some pictures from Christmas I'll share soon. I LOVE seeing what everyone got for Christmas but I won't post mine yet because it's my birthday on tuesday so I'll show off my new goodies all together after that :)

But for now i have some resolutions to share.

  • Paint! Paint all the time!
  • Learn to do new craft things like knitting or felting.
  • Stop being so hard on myself
  • Do more with friends
  • Get my room tidy and keep it that way! (If you could see my room you'd understand that this is a very very difficult task)
  • Party Hard! :P
And now some shallow beauty ones :P
  • Lose weight (though this isn't a real New Years Resolution as I've been resolving to lose weight for about 2 years now :P)
  • Learn how to make my eyeliner wings even!
  • Wear false eyelashes more often and perfect putting them on.
  • Start a proper facial skincare routine at least once a day and stick to it.
  • Stop biting off the skin on my fingers.
  • At least once a week wear a more exciting makeup look than just mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.
And a few for my blog:

  • Post on the blog once a week at the very least

  • Start making videos again!

  • Catch up with replying to comments and emails! So sorry guys :(

    And I think that will do for now :) 2010 favourites coming up soon.

    1. I bite my fingers, too! I chew off the dead skin on the edges of my nail beds, near the tips of my fingers. They get really hard because my hands are in water all the time so they dry out and actually hurt a bit if I don't get rid of them.

      I don't wear false eyelashes because I wear glasses. It'd be nice if I could do contact lenses, but I have astigmatism and it's just not worth the constantly-blurring vision.

    2. At least you have an excuse then, for me it's just a nervous habit.I bite off my cuticles and all the skin around the nails. The worst is on my thumbs where i bite down to the joint.

      I love glasses, I have some clear lensed ones i wear :P False eyelashes look great but i always apply them so the ends either go above my lashline or poke into the inner corner of my eye :/

    3. I want to try to make my eyeliner wings more even too :) My skin is so soft and mooshy there that getting an even line is tricky. I am so jealous of people that can put eyeliner on without tugging their eyelids flat!

      Knitting is fun! I can't wait to see what you create.

    4. Nice resolutions, esp the painting one. I really liked the last pictures you put up :)
      One of my resolutions is also to learn to apply false lashes, I'm so awful at it. They are either wonky, or they fall off, neither a good look! :P

    5. Tea:
      Ha ha Mooshy is a fantastic word! My eyes seem to be a bit wonky. There's a little wrinkle in my crease that looks like an eyeliner wing so i usually follow that but it seems to be at a different angle for each eye. When i just try to do it freestyle it just goes horribly wrong too!

      I tried to learn to knit years ago. I could do a basic stitch but had no idea how to do anything else so i gave up and learned sewing instead. Sewing is so much fun I want to take up knitting again!
      Oh and by-the-way I just looked at your website, i LOVE your bee-hen drawing :)

      Thank you so much! You might like this painting:

      I ALWAYS apply them so the outer side ends up way abover my lashline, then i have to try and scrape it down my eyelid :P

    6. Thanks, Lillian :) I've been an admirer of your paintings for a while, so that means a lot to me.

    7. I do the finger thing too :( Especially when I get stressed. I was really good the last 2 weeks but I know work starts the day after tomorrow and I already took it out on my ring finger skin :(

    8. Oh god, I need to learn how to make my eyeliner wings even too >________<

    9. I saw on twitter that it's your birthday today, so Happy Birthday!!!!

    10. Thanks for the link, it's such a great picture! You even have the sparkles on the cat suit, amazing :D

    11. Tea:
      Thank you so much, you are really too kind :)

      Yeah it's stress related with me too, sometimes I can go weeks without doing it and my cuticles start looking and feeling really great and then something stressful will happen and I'll destroy them :( I'm trying very hard to be nice to them at the moment, feeding them lots of cuticle butter and hand cream :P

      Pff I've seen your eyeliner, you're great at it! :P

      Aww thank you. Mikey wanted me to put it in for a competition but it was too small. So I'm doing a bigger version :P


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