Monday, 7 February 2011

ELF haul!

I haven't posted a haul in ages because I haven't had a proper haul in a while! I was super poor before Christmas and am still saving money because I have tonnes of birthdays and things coming up (boo hoo) but as I got money for christmas I've indulged my addiction a little, so expect other small hauls coming up :)

Sorry the photos aren't that great, the white table I usually take photos on was covered as paint and for some reason the light was awful! But I will be reviewing most things separately, so will have better photos then :)
I actually made two orders!
This was the first:
I got:
3 Nail polishes
Studio Brush Shampoo
2 Pencil sharperners
Tinted moisturiser in Ivory
Concealer brush
11 piece glitter Studio brush set
Studio Angled contour brush
Smudge Sponge
Shimmer Eyeliner in Precious Pink
Eye Widener
(I also got a few other bits for a giveaway, but you can't see them yet! :P)

Then about a week later they had a special on where you got free shipping over £10 and a free makeup setting spray, so I just bought a small amount of stuff:
I got:
'Theraputic conditioning balm in Blackberry Creme
Studio Lip Liner and blending brush
Nail Polish in coral
Studio Makeup setting spray
Studio blush in Peachy Keen

Ok, there are many reasons i LOVE ELF but this is the main one:
All this, including shipping and including the extra bits for the giveaway all came to less than £60. THE JOY!
And also, I haven't tried everything yet, but so far i really really like everything. There will be individual reviews of most things coming up soon (you don't need a review of pencil sharpeners though :P) if there's anything you'd like to see first let me know!

Also I've added a couple of new tabs at the top of my blog, have a look if you wish :)


  1. ooo! It all looks so interesting!!

  2. I like the look of that nail polish!

  3. Ooh, do a review of the Studio Brushes! I have a few of the face brushes that I use all the time, but I'd like to hear about the rest :) They're awesome, especially for the price. Glad you're loving ELF!

  4. I love elf, too! Especially since they're ALWAYS having some awesome offer/coupon thing going on. I got that studio brush set a few months ago and I love it, I use a lot of them on a daily basis.

  5. wow!
    I would like a review of the setting spray, as I'm really wondering if it makes the MU last longer :)
    Oh, and if the blushes are long lasting!

  6. When I read 'eye widener' I totally imagined some awful clamps to keep your eyes open XD

  7. I would love to read about the brushes, I'm waiting for this to come back into stock so it would be great to read about them before I decide to buy, thanks xx

  8. Love the new tabs, am off to check out your etsy art shop!

  9. The lippie in blackberry creme tastes like baby aspirin :( I really disliked it, although it does make my lips soft the taste makes me ill lol.

  10. Ooh I love ELF stuff! I'd love to know how you get on with the setting spray! xo

  11. I'm curious about the blackberry creme :) Nice haul!

  12. I love elf, you can get so much stuff for pretty cheap and it's really nice! I bought some stuff when the setting spray offer was on. I really like the spray, but it makes me jump every time I use it!

  13. Y:
    It is, I love getting a load of goodies!

    Yours Truly, Suki.XL :
    The coral one is particularly pretty!

    Will do! I really love them :)

    Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    Me too, I adore the studio brushes, I think they're just amazing, especially considering the price.

    Ok will do that for you! :)

    I thought the same thing when I first read it! Like in A Clockwork Orange or something XD

    Beautiful You Beauty Blog:
    Will review the brushes soon. But for now I'll just say I LOOOVE the brushes!

    Glowing Doll:
    Aww thank you! :)

    I think it tastes like american grape flavour. I don't like it, but it doesn't last too long so I don't mind.

    Will do a review of it soon :)

    Cheers! Will do a review of the lip creme for you :)

    I know it's great! Some bits aren't the best, but then it's only £1.50 (or even cheaper if you're in the US) so it doesn't matter that much :P I jump when I spray it in my face too!


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