Thursday, 10 February 2011

Swatcharama - Barry M Lip Paint swatches

I've decided that as it would appear I own all the lipsticks in the entire world I should swatch them all. First I will list them by brand, so if you're interested in, for instance, Nyx lipsticks, you can look at all the colours I have. Then I'm going to organise them all into colours, so if you are looking for an orange lipstick you can see swatches of all the different ones I own and decide if there's any you like :)
For starters here are my Barry M Lipstick swatches (some of these and some of the writing comes from an old post)

The swatches were done quickly, with no lipliner, lip primer and applied from the bullet (no lip brush) so if they're messy I apologise. Also some might be a little blurry, I've chosen the ones that show the colour the most accurately and in some cased out of focus shots I took were more accurate.
Actually some of them still aren't great, the camera I usually use is out of battery and we can't find the charger. I used my Mum's which, despite being much more expe nsive and in theory better, just completely sucks! Maybe I'll redo some of them when we find the good camera's charger.

I love Barry M and particularly their lipsticks. They're £4.49 each, come in over 30 colours ranging from the sillier ones like green, blue and black to more conventional reds, pinks and nudes. The formulas are mostly creamy and smooth, but there are some exceptions. Some of the more matte colours can be a bit dry (in my collection no. 147 Peachy Pink is the worst for this) and some of the others apply patchy. They're very long lasting and (generally) very true to colour and opaque. To me they don't seem to have any scent at all. I love them and suggest you pick up a few if there are colours that excite you!

Anyway on with the swatches!

No 37 - Black

More under the cut:

 No 52 - Shocking Pink

No 53 - Coral 

No 54 - Peach (this swatch is bad, it's a little less orange in real life)

No 107 - Pink Glitter (looks rubbish on it's own but beautiful over others)

No 117 - Orange (may have been discontinued, I can't see it on the website)

No 121 - Pillar Box Red

No 129 - Palest Lavender (this one is sheerer than most and applies a bit funny)

No 132 - Pinkie Gold Sparkle (this one is a bit sheer but applies beautifully)

No 140 - Pink sparkle (this one is a little sheer and applies a bit funny)

No 143 - Lavender (this is slightly more purple in real life. Applies a little patchy)

No 144 - Cerise Pink

No 145 - Punky Pink (in real life this is very very similar to 144. If you have one you probably don't need the other)

No 146 - Dolly Pink

No 147 - Peachy Pink

No 148 - Robot Blue (this applied very patchy, which is a shame as the colour is unique and beautiful. I've never actually worn it before, so I'm hoping it was patchy because my lips were dry form all the swatching!) 

No 149 - Green

I know I have no 62 somewhere but can't find it :/ Hope this was helpful! If there are any colours you are interested in and the swatch isn't good enough please tell me and I'll try and replace it for you :)


  1. Wow Thanks for all the swatches - I like quite a few of them - Shocking Pink and Pillar Box Red I think I've fallen in love with....oh and Orange!!! x

  2. You know I love #52, but I actually like Punky Pink as well! I have Palest Lavendar but haven't worn it yet (I've swatched it). I really love 53, and Pillar Box Red will be on my doorstep soon and I can't waaaaitttt

  3. Pinkie Gold Sparkle (wtf kind of name is that?!) looks gooorgeous! Must check it out when I'm next in Boots :)

  4. Loving the swatches. Just ordered some Lip Tars so am looking forward to playing with them. But could mix some Barry Ms in there somewhere maybe...

  5. I love the shade of peachy pink but it applies rubblishly on my lips... it drives me crazy!

  6. I love the orange and green!! I wish Barry M was in Canada.

  7. Pinkie Gold Sparkle is so pretty! I love all of these - Punky Pink and Lavender are my faves. I need to get me some more Barry M, I only have a couple.

  8. I only have one of their lippies, but I really like the color range. some of them are great. thank you so much for this post. I'm sharing it on my blog's facebook page. it will be very helpful when placing an online order

  9. Joanna Louise:
    You're welcome! Those 3 are some of my favourites as well :)

    Punky pink is really gorgeous, it's bright but... darker than normal. Hard to explain! The red is actually one of my favourite reds, it's so bright!

    Beauty's Bad Habit:
    ha ha yeah it is a stupid name! It's really really pretty, but i very rarely wear sheerer colours like that :/

    Oooh lip tars are just great!

    It is a bit hard to apply, it's so dry. I don't find it drying on me though.

    They're both really pretty! If you ever want a custom purchase email me :)

    It's prettier in real life too, less orange.

    Yes get more, they're great! :P

    Thanks so much for sharing! They're really great lippies :)

  10. Shocking Pink is cool! And the pink glitter one looks soooo neat @_@

  11. Thanks for doing the swatches. I really love the Orange and Coral. I do like the Blue one, let me know if you try it again and if applies better next time.

  12. great swatches!!
    Can't wait to see the nyx one :)

  13. Aww, yay! I'm glad you did lipstick swatches ON YOUR LIPS :D. It's so hard to tell what a lipstick will look like when someone swatches it on their arm. I don't mind at all that you applied the color "straight from the bullet," as I never bother with a lip brush, and anyway, it gives a more accurate representation of how smooth the finish is.

    So many lipsticks! I only have 3 :-O. Your post is making me want to try out orange lipstick now.

  14. Such a great post! I can never pick a colour when I just see the tubes, seeing them on your lips really shows what they will be like :)
    I love the cerise pink on you x

  15. Thanks for swatching them! I really want Pinkie Gold Sparkle and Cerise Pink. Lovely!

  16. do you have vibrant pink shade? would love to see the difference of that with shocking pink. your blog was so helpful in choosing shades i want to buy. aimee from the philippines (

  17. I love the look of robot blue and green looks reall cool!

  18. Thank you so much for this! Very helpful as I have lots of the moisturising ones but only one of these. Going to try out the black, blue and green something different to add to the make up collection! <3

  19. I've been in various medical institutions since June 2015, due to a serious illness, so I'm rebuilding my makeup collection, particularly lipsticks.
    I'd relied heavily on MAC for lipstick(I had 100+ of the little black bullets!), but since they're no longer cruelty-free, they're off of my radar.
    I'm turning instead to brands like Barry M.
    I have Pillar Box Red on the way, and now I think I may "need" Cerise Pink, to name only one.
    Thanks, enabler! :D


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