Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sugarpill swatches

I'm so so excited that Sugarpill has just released a whole new bunch of new Chroma-lusts (Claire is a bit obsessed with Sugarpill and is planning on buying them all!), they look beautiful. But i realised that i never posted swatches of our second Sugarpill haul (actually just Claire's haul but she bought them for us to share because she is lovely).

I was trying to show just how full the pots are in this photo. I failed. Anyway as I've probably said before, Sugarpill Chromalusts' are measured by weight, being 5g (of product, not jars) each, and as there's different ingredients that means in some the jars are more full than others as they take up more space. Anyway you cannot see but Royal Sugar was absolutely full to the top, i mean the absolute brim. And that's great as it's my favourite colour! Hysteric had the least in the pot, but god knows you still get enough!

Blah my swatches look rubbiush! In real life they are so so much brighter and the contrasting coloured sparkles are more pronounced. Blah, maybe i'll do some better ones.
Anyway left to right:
Absinthe, Hysteric, Royal Sugar, Junebug, Lumi, Starling, Decora

The only one i've actually used so far (i have way way too much makeup) is Royal Sugar (you can see a look using it here) which is absolutely amazing. But the others are so beautiful as well. Hysteric and Decora have green sparkles, which instantly makes them awesome.

(here is my previous sugarpill post with swatches)


  1. 1) YOUR BANNER IS AWESOME! It looks totally cute, just like you! It also shows how lovely and fun your blog is! :D

    2) Aww.... someday I'll order from them! Someday!!

  2. Wow, I love the banner, it looks great!

    Sugarpill is another brand I need to buy from, their red shadow Love+ looks cool. Its hard to find a true red eyeshadow.

  3. longtime lurker, rare commenter.

    LOVE the banner, it's freakin' adorable and hilarious.

  4. :0 The new banner.... I love it!!!

  5. I really want to get Magentric and Tipsy from the new release, and I want Absinthe and Asylum from the original release :D I already have Lumi and Goldilux and they're EPIC

  6. Wow! I only now noticed the new layout (am I late?) and it looks absolutely stunning! The banner is super cute and so you :)

    Sugarpill as always has got amazing colors! :)

  7. Your swatches are lovely, hush! And I love the banner :)

  8. Oooo that looks so cute! I love it!

  9. They are lovely! Not as bright as I might have liked, but then maybe it's just the picture. :p I'm about to buy some Sugarpill pretty soon. :)

  10. Hey lady! I recently reformulated the Birthday Girl and Paperdoll eyeshadows to give them a silkier texture that's easier to apply and blend. I'm pretty sure Claire bought the original versions that first came out. I wanna send you guys the new ones cuz I'm waaaaaaaaaaay happier with the way version 2.0 came out. Is her address still the same? :-)


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