Friday, 10 September 2010

Outfit from long long ago

This was from agggeesss ago! I can't even remember where i was going. It was somewhere though, a rare occasion where i left the house!

I love this outfit, the Dodo playsuit (which Claire made, including designing the fabric <3) is just beautiful. However looking at these photos all i can see is the fold of fabric emanating from my crotch :P

Cardi: was a present years ago
playsuit: made by Claire
tights: dunno, they're just blue though so probably widely available.
Shoes: Ancient from Office


I can't remember my makeup, which is annoying as i actually wore eyeshadow and proper stuff for once! I'm pretty sure my lipstick is by Inglot, but i don't know what it's name was and i THINK my eyeshadow is from Hi Fi's Labyrinth collection but i don't know which one. Slugs and snails perhaps? 

Tomorrow i'm going to my first bloggers event for Illamasqua's Art of Darkness collection. I'm very excited but absolutely terrified. I'm worried i will chicken out of going. A sneaky vodka before i leave may be neccessary (drinking at 3 in the afternoon? I'm a winner!).
After that I'm going to see Glam Chops, which is a 70s style glam-rock band with my friend Mikey from DDAHSW and Eddie Argos from Art Brut (who i adore but am too scared to say hello too).
So i need to find 2 absolutely fantastic outfits! This might be hard because i'm a bit fat for everything at the moment :(

And because i thought i looked quite beautiful in these photos (this probably sounds super vain, but i generally think i look rubbish so it balances it out) heres some more of my big ol' face:

yep, so beautiful.


  1. haha at those last few pics! I adore your style, everything about you is gorgeously unique! xx

  2. Those silly pictures are hilarious. XD In all honesty though, you really are stunning.

  3. You should go to Illamasqua!!!

    Does Claire sell her playsuits? Because if she doesn't she really should!

  4. Have fun at the event! you totally deserve to be there and I really think Claire should sell her playsuits and things, everything I've seen that she's made for you and the fabrics she sells are beautiful!


  5. The playsuit looks fab, see should really sell them! Love your red lips, it suits you so well! :)
    Have fun at Illamasqua/Glam chops! I really wanted to see them, but my funds are low :( Would love to here how it was though! :) xx

  6. OMG i love the playsuit! It's so cute! The pattern is also so cute

  7. I love the new banner for your blog, it's so cute :D Did you make it?

  8. Love the playsuit!! I'm with the commenter above in wondering if your gf sells those? It's amazing!! I hope you went and had a fab time sweetie!


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