Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A real pet hate of mine

You see that orangey blob on my arm? The one that's not really anywhere close to my skintone?
Well that is Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation. It claims to 'Adapt to skin tone & texture. Perfectly flawless finish. SMART-TONE TM technology adapts to the colour and texture of skin.'
Hmm... Yeah, that's really adapted to my skin tone well! I would also like to point out that i tried Ivory, the lightest shade this is available in. So it wasn't like I tried a really dark foundation and expected it to adapt.

The annoying this is that if this sort of worked it would be amazing. It's really hard to find foundation in my shade (a problem I'm sure a lot of people have) so this gimmick would be amazing. But i have never ever found one that worked. And i have tried a lot! I guess it's just not possible for foundation to actually adapt to the colour of the skin it's on, but so many claim to!


  1. Argh, that really is annoying. It really is just a gimmick, it would seem...

    Every drugstore brand foundation turns orange on me. Even MAC turns orange on me. >:(

  2. Wow, yeah, that's awful! So many people are 'orange.' Yuck. Sucks that it doesn't match. I have that foundation problem.

  3. Gawd aren't they full of it!!! Imagine putting it on your face yikes0_0

  4. I've always had the same problem with drugstore makeup, even the high end ones. Planning to test Lumene's Natural Code fairest soon.

  5. All this true match stuff is bollocks. Do you remember that Almay one which was white and supposedly 'matched' to your skin when you applied it? It was the wierdest orangey-grey stuff. Pretty rank.

  6. I had the Revlon one which promised similar stuff, it was white but changed to your skintone.

    It just made me look orange (hard to do for Indian skin)and it was so hard to blend in.

    I just wish companies would stop with gimmicks and maybe extend the shade range on foundations they already have.

  7. aw its such a shame - I really like that foundation but my skin is a little darker than yours the ones I hate are the lip colours that change to suit your skin tone they always look bright pink on my

  8. argg it is so annoying. i am super pale too and find it very hard to get a good foundation. i have just recently had good luck with quo.. in their palest shade. maybe you could try that?

  9. Have you tried the Dainty Doll range? They do some really pale colours. It's the range from Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud)

    Also, I find L'oreal foundations to be really light. I have the infallable (i'm sure it's porcelain) and it is WHITE. Too pale even for me!

  10. Have you tried Clarins foundations? I have yellow undertones so I use 01 Linen and 103 in Everlasting, but there are other pale shades with pink undertones as well (called something "Rosee")

    L'Oreal Infallible lightest shade oxidized on me and turned too dark

    But all foundations on the other hand look somewhat orange against my wrist, but natural when spread on the face and powdered, though I think my face is a bit darker than my wrist.

  11. Hmm, haven't tried those. Foundation shopping is a frustrating experience that I try to avoid. Everything has too much pink in it for me, and if I get a shade "meant" for olive skintones, it makes me look like I have a really bad tan. I'm not sure if you got this advert in the UK, but there was one foundation that had two different shades in one bottle, and you could turn a dial in two opposite directions to get *your* perfect shade. For me it either made me too orange, or too pasty, and if I tried to just pour it in to a pan to mix myself... BLAH! I just never wear foundation, and if I need extra coverage, I mix a little of my MUFE concealer with some moisturizer. However, Grey did tell me to try out Meow Cosmetic's mineral foundations, so I might start doing that too :)

  12. You should try Meow. :)

    Honestly? I never believe any color-adapt thing... I mean.. how can they predict your skin-tone? There are so many skintones!!O.o

  13. I have the exact same problem!

    I often find people who don't suggest things like 'have you thought about some fake tan', or 'maybe you should get out in the sun more'. I have no desire to do either of those things, thankyou!

    I use Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in 00-alabaster, the lightest one they do and its just right :o)

    Lancome, Clinique, Chanel, Mac, YSL(I could go on) plus all drugstore foundations I've swatched thus far - are shades and shades too dark for me. I'm not sure why brands don't recognize this - we cannot be the only pale skinned make up buyers?!

    I recommend trying the Bobbi Brown at a counter, if you can


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