Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dear Anonymous Lime Crime lover:

Well i wanted to answer your question directly in it's own post, so anyone who was also wondering the same thing could see the answer.
So your question is:
'Anonymous said...
I don't get you, a while ago you said that Xenia apologised to you for insulting your mum and that you accepted her apologies but still you keep dragging the accident up again and again, did you accept her apologies or not? And do you know what that means? Please behave like a grown up! I think you keep talking about Xenia and Lime Crime because somehow you feel at the centre of all the drama being involved because one time, centuries ago, your mum bought some shit off of her ... got a life much?'
Which you wrote in response to this post:
Firstly i'm confused as i only mentioned my Mum's experience in that post once, in a very fleeting comment also chronicalling Limey's other scams, so i'm guessing you're just asking in general why i am still bothered by Lime Crime scamming people when she has apologised to me. Also you claim i am dragging up an 'accident'. Well while the dress being hemmed with gaffa tape might be an accident, insulting my Mum wasn't. How do you accidentally call someone an asshole?
I have always said i am still biased. While she did offer me a very basic apology, it was about 5 years after the original comment was made. When she made the comment she sent me an email, which i have never posted until now (i'm just posting a little bit of it as some of it was bizarrely confessional and private and i don't want to embarrass her any more than she embarrases herself. This is the only bit that actually pertains to the duct tape dress and her comments):
'Hi. I figured I'd email you directly instead of commenting in your journal. First of all, I am sorry you didn't like the dress. Heck knows why I didn't fix it up. Maybe my sewing machine was broken that week, or maybe I just didn't know how to do it at the time. Or maybe I was just broke and desperate to sell it in as-is condition. I really can't remember.'
It then just goes on and on about the pressure on her to be the world's greatest fashion designer, and how people would commit suicide if they found out she was quitting fashion (seriously).
Do you see any hint of an apology for calling my Mum an asshole? I don't, i see an apology for selling a faulty dress, feebly excused by her saying she was probably just in a rush and needed money. In fact she doesn't even say she's sorry she did it, just she was sorry i didn't like it.
So after that point i stopped being a fan of hers (i was, even through recieving the duct-tape dress, right up until she called my poor mum an asshole) and shut up about her for years. Even through her charity scandal, up until about a year after she started selling her makeup.
When Lime Crime first started i had no idea her products (the eyeshadows, glitters and blushes) were just repackaged TKB as at the time i was completely ignorant about mineral makeup. I thought they were quite pretty but, because of my bad experience, wouldn't buy. But i didn't say anything about it, right up until i was actually tempted to buy her lipsticks, when i just told my story and asked my followers what they would do in my situation. I was then told about the repackaging, and decided to check it out and was shocked by what i found.
And yes, she did offer me an apology, as i said only after years had passed and she had accused me (and anyone else with any problem of her company) of being a jealous liar, and at the time i was rather happy that i at least finally got one. But then i was contacted by someone who had asked Xenia about the duct-tape/asshole incident to which she replied that it had never happened and i was lying. So not only is she again lying about me, but her apology was completely disingenuous.
Also, am i supposed to ignore everything else this woman does because she apologised once about what she said about my mum? She has lied and cheated almost consistently since her makeup company launched (as well as before), offered crappy products and threatened people who post bad reviews. Even if i had completely forgiven her for insulting my Mum, i'm not going to forgive her for these other things.
Even if she hadn't done anything else remotely shady, if her products had consistently been good, if she had amazing customer service and had responded reasonably to negative comments, even if she hadn't lied and changed things on her blog to claim she used her own brand, claimed her products were vegan when some are not, even then i would not be able to forgive her because, well maybe you don't care so much if people insults your mother but i do.  People can insult me and i'll shrug it off, but my Mum is different, insult her and i'll want to scratch your eyes out. This is the woman who gave me life and has nurtured me into adulthood. She is also one of my best friends. And furthermore the insult was completely unjustified, my Mum gave this woman money and didn't complain when she found what she bought was faulty. And then Xenia calls her an asshole because she was stupid enough to buy from her. Now maybe you would disagree, but i must say the small apology i did get wasn't really enough for me to get over what she did, let alone ignore all the other appalling things she's done.
And i do have a life, it's just a very small part of it finds her hilarious, shocking and appalling, so i like to chronicle it in my blog. Judging by the fact i had 42 comments on my last post about her (all apart from yours, mr/mrs anonymous, agreeing with me) people rather enjoy reading about this joke of a woman, so i'm not going to stop until she stops giving me fodder. I'm not the only person writing about Lime Crime, and i never write posts that are just bitchilly going on about how much i hate her and how noone should buy from her (in fact i've stated repeatedly that if you don't care about what she does then i'm not going to resent or dislike anyone just because we have a difference of opinion), instead i only post about her when she has done something new. That just sadly happens very often. If i knew of other brands doing such rediculous things i would write about them here too (and in fact i have). This is a blog about makeup and makeup brands. There are many more than Lime Crime that i don't like or have problems with and i have discussed them here too (Eyeko, Mac, the many etsy shops that sell repackaged mica, etc) it's just none are so shady, or at least are better at hiding it. The majority of my posts have nothing to do with her.
If you don't want to read about her then just don't, go and buy more of her crappy products and keep on closing your eyes, putting your fingers in your ears and chanting 'la la la' whenever some new awful thing she's done comes  to light, which at this rate should be sometime next week.


  1. Do you think your anonymous Lime Crime lover could actually be Xenia?
    She seems like a very strange and horrible person, I don't think I'd ever buy Lime Crime makeup and after Temptalia's reviews on her lipsticks I really can't understand what all the fuss is about.

  2. I love you Lillian! You are my hero!

  3. Dear Team Candy Futurette,

    Get your head of Xenia's unicorned butt much?

    How about you run back to Unicorn HQ and tell your heroine to stop lying and manipulating little sock puppets like yourself because, damn, you look stupid right about now.

    Lillian, you are a hero. You only call out the facts - facts which appear unpalatable to Xenia's fan girls.

  4. Oh come on anonymous... it WOULD be an anonymous commenter too... Xenia (and her company) is stupidly hilarious, why wouldn't you share the giggles? I like how they tell you to get a life- it's your blog, you can write about whatever the fuck you want. And everyone else loves it, so maybe this commenter should get a life as well and get off Xenia's dick... just saying.

  5. It is important that people have their say about products and the business behaviour of the people behind them. If you had been the only person with a Xenia horror story, it wouldn't have made much of an impact since it would look like one bad incident a few years ago but a lot of people are writing negative stuff about LC.

    If Xenia's fans want to do her a favour, they should stop sending stupid emails and comments to and about those whole dislike LC and start writing much more balanced and sensible reviews about the products etc. Much of the drama seems to be raked up after these comments as their antics do not allow the controversy to die.

  6. You go Lillian. Xenis never gave a real apology regarding your mum, and she keeps beating around the bush and giving excuses. WEAKPLZ.

    I *highly* dislike how she keeps bringing up how difficult her past was for her and thus that's why she's successful today. I'm not going to feel sorry for you just because you went through "poverty and being homeless" - if you're dishonest, you're dishonest, PERIOD.

  7. I'll have to admit, I kind of rolled my eyes at your last post about Xenis' latest middle finger to all her customers. It just felt like, "well, DUH. Are you surprised? Next."

    But reading your post, and reading the completely ignorant comments left by her diehard fans made me annoyed all over again. It's one thing to be in the dark about her scams and want to purchase her micas and chalky lipsticks. Hell, my sister just gave her gold earrings to Cash-4-Gold and only got $6 back, because she was too lazy to get online and discover that if you google "Cash-4-Gold" the first suggestion is "Cash-4-Gold Scam." It's another thing entirely to have the facts (yes, Futurettes, they're FACTS. Get over it. Xenis is a liar and a fraud, and she's been caught red handed way too many times for it to be coincidences.) yet still want to defend Xenis in hopes of getting in her good graces. And for what? A passing mention in her twitter? The chance to possibly spend the day with her in NY while she totally ignores you and awkwardly poses for Mark? The hope that she might give you a free orange lipstick that will make you look like you've been really hitting the instant mac n' cheese?

    The problem with Xenis is that she has no sense of accountability. Nothing is ever her fault. She repackages micas because she was a homeless russian refugee. She hemmed a dress with duct tape because selling half-assed home-ec projects that her mom sewed for her was soooo time consuming. Her lipsticks look drying and chalky on EVERYONE except her because Shrinkle paid off MUAs and bloggers to badmouth LC. Bright makeup didn't exist before she repackaged TKB because she never thought to look past that lone makeup aisle in Rite Aid. IT'S NEVER XENIS' FAULT. She's probably never said "I'm sorry" in her entire life without following it up with "but, *insert invented sob story here*." She's a puerile, narcissistic, megalomaniacal brat with a severe case of arrested development, and that will never change. Unless a unicorn flies in to her bedroom in the middle of the night and gives her the gift of compassion. Unless that happens, she will never realize she's doing anything wrong.

    It's ironic that her most steadfast cheerleaders always post anonymously, or under accounts that were made 5 minutes ago. Either it's Xenis herself, or no one wants to openly support her. Red flag, much?

  8. I think if someone as self-centered as Goat constantly acts like a clown, why not share it with others.

    I almost replied to the anynomous fu(ck)turette that she should learn to read (since the post was about Goat's newest fail) and also that s/he is a twat.

  9. I'm not a futurette or one of Xenia's minions like you would like to believe, go on believing that if it makes you feel better!
    The reason I left the comments is simply because in a video Lillian said she had accepted her apologies but here she is dragging the duck tape dress and the insult to her mum up again, and now she says "It wasn't a real apology" then you should have told her to fuck off there and then!
    That's what annoyed me about her post, by any means you can write what you like on your blog, make it all about Xenia if you so
    And no, I'm not Xenia either!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story, Lillian.

    I can't believe Xenia called your mom an a**hole. Sometimes she mentions about her mom on her blog. Probably they have a strong relationship. If someone pissed her mom off like she did to your mom, she would be furious. I'm sorry she didn't show a respect to your mom as she does to her mom.

  11. You've been nothing but completely fair in everything you've said about Xenia, and said nothing against her that isn't backed up with evidence and / or personal experience. In my opinion you've been far nicer than you needed to be, the fact that Xenia's never directly addressed any of the accusations against her speaks for itself.

    Yours is the fairest, most balanced account of this whole drama that I've read so far (and I'll admit, I've read quite a lot - I love a good bit of Internet drama!)

  12. Oh Anonymous. Why do you care if Lillian has accepted the apology or not? Who cares? It's not going to change the fact that was Xenia did to her was shitty, because she is a shitty businesswoman. Lillian "should" have done whatever the fuck she wanted to.

  13. I think the anonymous commenter totally missed the point of your post. lol

  14. Anonymous, i did explain that i had been happy with the apology but then she started telling other people i had made up the story, so her apology was entirely false and so now i don't accept it because it seems to me that she was just trying to shut me up and didn't actually feel sorry at all.
    Also again i'm confused as to why you didn't like the post you originally commented on as i didn't mention the dress/asshole thing apart from very briefly in passing.

  15. I like to think of it as 'Dress/Asshole Gate.' Bwahahaha.

    Xenia is full of lols. I think she is a gorgeous chick with a great aesthetic and I find the bullshit hilarious as she's got something she could sell so easily if she wanted to put the time into decent products. Also she makes me vom a little sometimes:

  16. i love your blog! you're a no bullshit, lovely girl. thank you for keeping it real.

  17. Bravo Lillian.

    If I were you, I probably would be bringing up the dress incident, as it's just another example of Xenia's many shady deeds. If those are the excuses she offered you, they're very feeble. And no, they don't even touch on the fact that she also insulted your Mom, which is absolutely unforgivable and I don't think I would even begin to accept an apology from someone over something like that unless they could give me a very good reason why they said it. Unfortunately for Xenia, calling someone a stupid asshole because they trusted you as a seller isn't the kind of thing that can be explained away very well. Oops!

    Besides, she showed that her 'apology' wasn't genuine at all if she told somebody else on the side that you were lying. If she really wanted to apologise to you she should have done so in public once she realised that the whole blogosphere was becoming aware of what she'd done. But of course she wouldn't do that.

    And at the end of the day, she's still engaging in dishonest tactics, so I probably wouldn't accept an apology from her in the first place. 'Sorry' coming from someone like that only ever means 'I'm sorry you started telling everyone about it'.

  18. BTW, why don't you post the pictures of the duct tape dress here? You can still see them on someone's livejournal page. Actually, I saw it few weeks ago. Shall I link it?

  19. I dont get that if this 'Anonymous' person is "not a futurette or one of Xenia's minions" or Xenia herself then why the hell do they care so much!? GAH! Some people!

    OH HAI Lillian - new here, well not so much actually been lurking for some time now :)

  20. I actually discovered your blog researching the Lime Crime drama, and am so happy I did. You have a wonderful blog and I went crazy for the Illamasqua swatches. I discovered another great beauty blog this way too, so much good has come out of it for me :)

  21. I think she called you an asshole, though? she said 'i sold a shoddy dress, and someone brought it, who's the asshole'? not 'your mum is an asshole'? bear in mind this happened on thread (meanest bastard) where xenia was constantly being attacked for stupid things like her weight, she probably thought she was coming under attack, because of the context, and attacked back. Meanest Bastard livejournal members have said horrible things to her, and maybe she didn't realise that you weren't a part of all that and attacked the wrong person

    BUT, I agree, she has been a VERY poor business women for the most part. Or at least from what i've heard. I too am bias because she's always been so good to me

  22. You know what bothers me most, Lillian? The fact that you can bother to delve deep into the Lime Crime drama, but can't bother to look up a few simple terms. "Gaffer's Tape" is a very common name for duct tape. I'm not saying that it should be used for hemming, but to be honest, it was your party that bought the dress. You admitted to reading that it had been hemmed with Gaffer's Tape in a previous post, and didn't think to look it up before you (or your mother) purchased? Your "duct tape dress" drama began because you assumed a product was something it was not. Get over it.


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