Saturday, 10 April 2010

FOTD (From last week)

Hooray Claire found the camera lead! Now i can bombard you with posts whether you like it or not mwa ha ha (much evil laughter).

This was a look i  did when i was waiting to hear if i was going out or not, so it started off sort of sensible but neon and 80s and then just went super over the top and silly.

Behold how i use blusher to pretend to have cheekbones!

Not a great photo, but it shows the amazing colour of the eyeshadow properly. This is how it looks in real life. So neon <3

I was wearing: 
Face: Can't actually remember the foundation or things, but my guess (because i've been wearing them a lot recently) would be that i'm wearing ELF concealer and highlighter, GOSH foundation in Porcelain and Avon powder. My blush is Sleek Flamingo.
Eyes:  Sleek Acid palette (just wearing the white on my browbone and the neon pink) and Mac brow pencil in Fling (cant remember what mascara i used)
Lips: Mac Violette and Neon Orange.

Ok i've bitched about MAC before and i stand buy what i said, but i do adore their lipsticks. Probably my favourite ever brand for lipsticks (at least the amplified creams and Mattes anyway, i dont think i've tried any other finishes) they're creamy and super pigmented and just lovely. So good on you Mac, but i still won't be buying as many from you anymore.


  1. i LOVE your two toned lips! I think that your looks are extremely daring and possibly too daring for me! LOL

  2. I love this!!! You are so cute!! The neon pink is AMAZING! It looks so good with your pale skin! >.< Gah I can't handle your cuteness.

  3. I think this is adorable and only you are able to pull off a look so fun and colorful!

  4. I love this look, especially the lips!

  5. Wow, this look is amazing! I love everything about it. You always have the best makeup looks. :D

  6. That neon pink is fantastic. I cannot wait for that palette (and my fiance) to get here lol!

    This is so fun!

  7. I love the two different lips! And of course you know I love neon pikn lids :>

  8. That is one intense pink! Siiigh I so want a Sleek palette, haha. Is the bottom lip color like a true orange shade? Sorry, I know basically NOTHING about lipsticks. :D

  9. I love this! The look is fun and vibrant, and I like how sort of cyberpunk it looks.

    I too love MAC lippies (Lustre, mostly) but they don't call to me like they used to. Except some LE stuff from time to time.

  10. Love it! Sleek Acid Pink is awsome and the 2 tone lips look amazing. x

  11. LOOOOOOVE the two toned lips, you're the only person I've seen so far who has rocked it irl :)

  12. Yay for silly faces! Your eyeshadow is super vibrant! Awesome look. :-D

  13. I love hot pink on you, it looks amazing. I haven't used the pink from the Acid palette yet, now I might do it tomorrow *_* I love your lashes, they always look soooo long.

  14. Y:
    Aww thank you! I don't really know about being daring, i just do things i think are fun or pretty, other people might not agree but i don't care :P

    Awww!!! :D Thank you so much, so sweet! The neon pink is really amazing, i think it's probably the brightest eyeshadow i've tried, go Sleek!

    Evil Angel:
    Awww you're so lovely, thank you!

    Thanks! The lips were fun to do.

    Lemon Bunny:
    You're really too kind :)

    It really is fantastic, all the neon shades are just SO neon :D

    Thanks Phyrra :) Pink eyes are great, pink eye is not :P

    Sleek ship internationally now, but i think the shipping prices are quite high. *whispers* keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway of mine ;D
    And yes, it's a proper orange. It's called 'neon orange' but it isn't actually neon, it's very bright though :)

    Thank you!
    I haven't been wearing them so much recently either, but i think that's because i just have soo many lipsticks, not because i like them any less :P

    Sparklz and Shine:
    Thank you!

    Awww cheers! I haven't seen many people wearing it in real life so i'll take your compliment! :D

    Eden Bue:
    Thank you!

    I love making silly faces :P Thank you.

    Oooh you should it's soooo bright! Thank you, they are quite long but also it's very good mascara.

  15. I love the look - but I was disappointed by my MAC lipstick. I wanted the nude lip look, and the one I have just goes on like a gloss :(

  16. Messycarla:
    What 'finish' is it? The ones i like are all matte or amplified cremes which are opaque but there are others (i think lustres, frosts and... something else) which are sheer.


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